Free Mechatronics project ideas for engineering students


As the world moves ahead, it is getting more dependent on science and technology. Most of us use autonomous devices at least once during the day. Studies predict that this number will increase in the years to come. So, what makes the creation of such systems and devices possible? Mechatronics is an emerging field in engineering that deals with such complex systems. It serves as an amalgamation of techniques from mechanical, electrical and computer science. Hence, rather than being a pure core concept, it combines the best from these fields to create something unique and special. With an increasing number of engineering requirements needing complex systems, this field is a great necessity. Mechatronics helps us create the systems we need for the future. So, how do we get introduced to this subject, and improve our skills in it? The best way to improve your skills in any engineering-related field is to work on projects on your own. To help you out, here are a few free mechatronic project ideas to help you get started.

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3. Robotic Arm

4. Biped Walking Robot

5. Hexapod

6. 2 Mechatronics Projects

7. Mechatronics Training & Internship

8. ROS for Engineers

9. Automation using PLC

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What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a field of engineering that brings together concepts from various streams. This includes techniques and theory from mechanical, engineering and computer science engineering. Such technology finds a lot of use in various technologies we see, find and use all around us. This is a modern technology that developed due to our need for more complex systems. Mechatronics is a step away from sticking to the same-old concepts. Instead, Mechatronics attempts to synergically combine concepts from different fields. Thus, systems built using Mechatronic concepts can handle more complex situations with ease.

Latest projects on Mechatronics

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Where do we see Mechatronics in our Daily Lives?

Design and maintenance of the following devices:

  1. Washing machines
  2. Robotic assembly lines
  3. Cameras
  4. Laser systems
  5. Printers
  6. Photocopiers
  7. Motor car
  8. Space research

Creating systems that need concepts from systems design, process control, robotics and instrumentation

Various opportunities in industries such as consumer electronics, automobile, manufacturing, mining and production.

While trouble-shooting problems faced by common systems

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Advantages of using Mechatronics Systems

  1. Cost-effective designs that can handle several different kinds of situations
  2. Useful in situations wherein prevalent solutions do not exactly do justice
  3. Allows for more flexibility when it comes to design and implementation
  4. Creates a more efficient system
  5. Easy maintenance and upkeep
  6. Update your available technology
  7. Useful in the automobile and manufacturing industry
  8. The multidisciplinary approach helps you solving problems from different fields
  9. Serves as a link between technicians, engineers and clients

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Scope of Mechatronics Systems

As per a study by Bloomberg, Mechatronics systems have improved in popularity by over 57.8% ever since 2014. This huge rise in the interest surrounding this sector may be attributed to the rising requirements for automation from all over the world. As various industries grow and develop, we require more systems to keep up with the growing need. Also, studies report that there is a large number of vacancies within the industry. Therefore, there are less qualified professionals to fill these positions within the industry. Hence, this might be a great field for you to enter as a young, fresh graduate. So, how do you make sure you can break into this industry?

How do I learn mechatronics?

  • Make sure you get your basics right, as the further concepts can get very tricky if you don’t.
  • Instead of going for a Bachelor’s in Mechatronics straight, the way few private colleges offer, choose a core field. While certain colleges do provide this super-specialised course, it may lead to you understanding fewer core concepts. To navigate through this issue, pick a core subject and then graduate in that field so that you have enough base on that subject to build further on it.
  • Make sure you brush up on your basics of electronics and process control so that you don’t face issues later on.
  • Try to find online certification courses in this field while you are pursuing your degree so that you know what you are getting yourselves into.
  • Look for online projects in the field of Mechatronics to help yourself gain some hands-on experience in this field.
  • Refer theory books on fields such as electronics, basic mechanics and robotics to get started.
  • Follow this up, by picking up some new programming languages.
  • Finally, bind it all together by investing your time in learning control systems so that you can build complex systems using your knowledge.

Free mechatronics project ideas for engineering students

1. Animatronic Hand


Animatronics is a science that allows you to create systems and devices which resemble humans in their manner of functioning. Such tools are inspired by humans and animals and can operate the way we do. In this Mechatronics project, you will learn to build machines which you can control plainly by moving your hands and facial muscles. This hand will copy the same movements of your actual hand by tracing its position and movements using flex sensors.

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2. Hexapod


A hexapod is any mechanical robotic device that has six pairs of wheels or feet. Thus, they resemble an insect in the way they move and locomote. Due to the added number of legs, they are able to move very stably across various different types of terrain. Thus, they are said to be extremely useful in military operations wherein the location is rocky or inaccessible. In this mechatronics project, you will get an opportunity to build your own Hexapod robot, which may be controlled using a Bluetooth controlled Android App.

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3. Automation using PLC


The industries of the future will be digital in nature. To keep up with the trends of tomorrow, most industries will have to go automatic. Automation using PLC will help make this dream a reality. This technology helps industries automate their manufacturing and production process effectively. In this Mechatronics project, students will get a chance to build a system that can pick and drop things onto a conveyor belt system. While working on this project, students will get introduced to key Mechatronics topics such as SMPS, PLC programming and motor mechanics.

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4. Biped Walking Robot


Bipeds are any devices, things or creatures that are capable of walking on two feet. Therefore, humans are the most popular types of bi-peds on earth. Walking on two legs upright, helps robots become more human and life-like. In this mechatronics project, students will build such a robot! A robot that senses its environment collects data regarding it, processes that data and then decides how to react to its surroundings.

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5. Robotic arm


Robotic arms are widely used in automation industries to perform the difficult task easy. In this mechatronics project, you will make a robotic arm which can able to move in 3 axes and can also be controlled via Bluetooth using a mobile phone.

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  1. Agricultural robot
  2. Electromagnetic braking system
  3. Vacuum cleaning robot
  4. Beetle bot
  5. Seed sowing robot
  6. High performance hovercraft
  7. Solar grass cutter
  8. Line follower robot
  9. Conveyor belt
  10. Fire fighting robot
  11. Gesture controlled robot
  12. E-bike mechatronics project
  13. Dishwasher with 20ltr capacity
  14. Pneumatic paper cup machine
  15. Window washing robot
  16. Night vision Spy robot
  17. Alcohol detector
  18. Garbage collector project
  19. Unmanned Ground vehicle

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Free Mechatronics project ideas for engineering students
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