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How to build simple projects using Raspberry Pi


With passing time technology has made the size of computers small, and complexity much higher. We can find many very small-sized computers now which enable our day to day devices to work even faster. One such small-sized computer that has brought an appreciable evolvement in the era of technology is Raspberry Pi.

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1. Surveillance Robot

2. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

This article mainly focuses its attention on what is Raspberry Pi and how you can build some simple projects by making use of it. In this article, you will find answers to questions like what is Raspberry Pi, what are its advantages, what all simple projects can be built using Raspberry Pi and other associated information.

These are some well-researched projects that have been scheduled keeping in mind all the constraints that you students might face whether financial or investment of time. It is thus expected that the student meets the guidelines and the instructions properly and choose the best possible project for themselves.

On scrolling further, you will get to learn about Raspberry pi in detail.

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What is Raspberry Pi?

What is Raspberry Pi?

In a simple language, Raspberry Pi is a miniature-sized computer that lets you perform all the desired functions similar to your desktop. Basically, a microcontroller board that comes along with a monitor, screen and proper installation system, that provides other countless benefits to the user, Raspberry Pi has found an extremely good emergence over these years.

It has the following features that are pretty decent to get involved in any kind of application development:

  • Enhanced PXE network and USB mass-storage booting.
  • Faster Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0)
  • 4 GHz 64 bit quad core ARM Cortex- A53 CPU
  • Low Power Consumption

Latest projects on Raspberry Pi

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It provides a large platform that lets you build projects, operate and use much application and develop any software or hardware quite effortlessly. Isn’t it cool?

Well, not just this, other benefits that Raspberry Pi has to serve are given in the next section. Explore these facts and enjoy working on the project that you feel is the most thrilling for you.

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Advantages of using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi has a lot to offer to its users. From controlling objects for physical computing to being an affordable free source, it also acts as a portable desktop while letting you enjoy all the benefits of using it as a router, media center or even game console. For years, Raspberry Pi has shown a significant role in the area of IoT projects since it is considered as a powerful Linux computer.

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What makes Raspberry Pi distinguishable from other hardware that serves you the best in the future. Some of them are listed below.

  • Size and portability: Raspberry Pi comes in a size similar to that of a card (credit/debit). This ultimately leads to greater accessibility to the customers with ease of convenience. Easy to handle and carry, Raspberry Pi does not possess any external parts.
  • Cost-Effective: Raspberry Pi is essentially available at a minimal price which makes it even more satisfying to use. Having a RAM of 512 MB, and capable of handling light web traffic, this technology is worth your money.
  • Ability to support HDMI graphics: A good resolution makes the display even more appetizing and this is another advantage that Raspberry Pi has to bring. With a resolution of 1920x1200 and the ability to support HDMI graphics, it also provides the facility of getting converted to a video player box.
  • Less Power Consumption: Raspberry Pi has got very little power consumption which is another amazing benefit.

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How to build simple projects using Raspberry Pi

Starting off your project is a very difficult task and even sometimes you don’t know where to start! Fear not, for there are a few simple steps to get your work done.

  1. First things first: Fix what you want to achieve. This can be done by deciding what your goals are for your project. Having a number of smaller goals and one main goal will definitely lead you to finish the project successfully.
  2. Start from a small project so that it will be easy for you to finish. At the same time, you will get the motivation to do further projects also.
  3. Select the project kits wisely so that the kits can be used for other projects also.
  4. Share your project cost with your friends or ask for sponsorship. This will help in reducing the project cost.
  5. As I mentioned earlier set your goals and review them periodically. This will help you to know the status of your project and motivates you to complete the project.
  6. If you are confused about which program to choose, you can always go for professional’s advice and guidance for better achievements.

After learning such useful points about Raspberry Pi, it is now time to grab the best project for yourself by learning about them as well, as given in the following section.

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi: In this Raspberry pi project you will learn to develop an electronic device that streams temperature and humidity with the help of the internet. The main job of this device is to send notifications if in case the temperature exceeds a certain limit. You will also learn about various concepts and data analysis with the cloud platform.

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2. Surveillance Robot: Making use of Raspberry Pi and Python Programming, this project helps you develop a robot that possesses the quality of transmitting live video footage. The main principles that come alongside are working of DC motors and motor driver circuit and Raspberry Pi Architecture and programming.

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3. Surveillance Camera using IoT: This Raspberry pi project basically involves Image processing and its algorithms, Matplotib and Splitting Image Channels. This application revolves around IoT which is just another flawless technology. Here, in this project you get to develop a surveillance camera using IoT that can be used to monitor your things.

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4. Raspberry Pi Robot: Robots are cool. It is even cooler when you can control a robot remotely. As part of this project, you will learn to develop a robot using Raspberry Pi that can be controlled remotely using your laptop.

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Building one’s own ideas into reality is everyone’s dreams and these projects help you to build them. Programs that bring along with them happy and wise learning should definitely be a part of your goal cracking journey. These are the platforms wherein willing candidates get erudition about projects, latest new technological complexities happening around.

Keeping in mind the necessary requirements that your category demands, it is quite important to select the relevant program that is experienced enough to teach you and at the same time make you capable of exploring new facts about the recent happenings taking place.

Happy learning is wise learning. So, if you are really enjoying what you are learning, you will be surely going to set benchmarks for yourself in the future.

If you are very much interested in building Raspberry pi projects but don’t know how to start. We at Skyfi Labs have developed Raspberry pi projects on the latest technologies with easy course structure which you start building from your home itself.

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For any queries, do let us know by leaving your doubt in the comment section below.

How to build simple projects using Raspberry Pi
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