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For newbies, Raspberry Pi is a small credit card-sized single-board computer. It was firstly invented in the United Kingdom and has been into a lot of limelight since it emerged in the market.

Raspberry Pi is highly recommended to electrical students as it contains a lot of circuit work. You can build some of the most awesome projects using Raspberry Pi.

Again as every good work needs a good beginning, similarly, a good Raspberry Pi project needs a good project kit. So here in this article, we are going to give you information about some of the coolest and simplest projects from basic to advanced and guiding you through a series of steps to choose for a good Raspberry Pi project kit.

At Skyfi Labs, we offer courses on Raspberry Pi projects at reasonable rates along with the free kit, shipped directly at your home so that you can enjoy the project building hands-on sessions by staying at your home itself.

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Note about Raspberry Pi Note:

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1. IoT using Raspberry Pi

2. Surveillance Robot

3. Surveillance Camera using IoT

4. 2 Computer Vision Projects (Combo Course)

5. Computer Vision (Career Building Course)

6. Raspberry Pi Robot

7. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

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Future scope of Raspberry Pi technology:

Raspberry Pi, in simple, can be defined as a mini-computer in itself and is in huge limelight nowadays.

  1. It is of great aid in teaching students about coding and enabling them to perform programming on their own.
  2. It is a commercially successful technology and is expected to grow in a great amount as per the UK’s reports.
  3. Raspberry Pi has reached the next level and has left no stones unturned. Raspberry Pi 3 has a far less modest 64-bit quad-core ARM processor and inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart wireless interfaces which is more than enough to build any type of project.
  4. IoT and Raspberry Pi have become a big source of development for newbies as well as professionals in this particular field.

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What is the best Raspberry Pi kit?

What is the best Raspberry Pi kit?

Best is something that is flawless, and flawlessness is undefined. A good Raspberry Pi kit involves components that are circuit based.

Hence, the focus is more on the wires and cables that come along with the kit. An electrically sound kit is a good kit.

Also, it is always better to buy a kit instead of buying the components individually as it costs less and has components matching the same brand.

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Latest projects on Raspberry Pi

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How to choose a good Raspberry Pi kit?

A Raspberry Pi starter kit comes with components such as a Raspberry Pi computer, wires, cables, adapters, etc.

While buying a kit, always keep in mind the following points:

  1. The insulation of wires must be proper, in order to avoid any errors that might creep in while the project is being made.
  2. The Raspberry computer must be technically fit.
  3. The boards and circuits should be lacking any broken component.
  4. Buy a Raspberry Pi kit that comes along with a course. This is quite helpful in imparting a wholesome knowledge of the project along with theoretical explanations.

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Where can you get good Raspberry Pi kits from?

Raspberry Pi kits can be taken from any electrical shop that sells electrical components.

It is best to buy Raspberry Pi kits from online shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

We at Skyfi Labs also provide kits along with online courses in order to impart comprehensive knowledge upon any subject.

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How to build Raspberry Pi projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-world projects.

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Good Raspberry pi based project kit

1. Surveillance Robot:

Imagine a flying robot spying over the major locations of the enemy and sending back the acquired data. Well, you can indeed build a surveillance robot, just by sitting at your home and do good for the nation. In this raspberry pi project, you will make a surveillance robot that will be using Raspberry Pi as a microcontroller that will project the live video footage on the internet. You can also program it to obey the instructions from a remote location. Along with the project building, you will be enlightened with about:

  • Robot's locomotion
  • Working of DC motors & motor driver circuit
  • Raspberry Pi Architecture and its Programming

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2. IoT using Raspberry Pi:

IoT is changing the lifestyles of people. With more and more devices getting connected to the internet, the demand for skills in this area is very high. Using this project kit you will learn to develop a device that detects the surrounding temperature and humidity with the help of DHT sensor and Raspberry Pi.
In this project, you will be enlightened to build IoT projects using the most popular Raspberry Pi board.
By building this project you will be enlightened with about:

  • Data analysis with cloud platform
  • Raspberry Pi development platform
  • IoT - Concepts & Applications

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3. Surveillance Camera Using IoT:

In this Raspberry Pi project, you will learn to develop a device that is used to monitor your belongings in real-time for safety and it transfers the video footages over the internet which can be viewed remotely.

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4. Raspberry Pi robot:

Robots are bringing renaissance. Robots are great.
Robots with powerful brains are even more impressive!
In this project, you will be creating one such robot that uses Raspberry Pi as its brain and can be controlled with your laptop.

With the due course of time, you will be enlightened to build your very own robot that uses Raspberry Pi as a microcontroller which can be controlled in real-time with your respective laptops or PCs. Python programming is used to make the robot perform the given tasks.
You will also learn about:

  1. Robot's locomotion
  2. Working of DC motors & motor driver circuit
  3. Raspberry Pi Architecture and its Programming

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Apart from these topics, you can refer to the following projects also:

If you want to build a Raspberry Pi project but you don’t know where to get the kits. We at Skyfi Labs have developed projects on Raspberry Pi which comes along with the kit. With the hardware kits delivered to your doorstep and 1-1 technical assistance provided, developing great expertise on the latest technologies like Raspberry Pi will never be tough for you.

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Good Raspberry Pi based projects kits
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