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Raspberry Pi is a miniature card-sized computer that can perform all the functions that we do with our desktop. Raspberry Pi was originally designed for education purposes but now it is even being used for commercial activities. The board was inspired and built upon the 1981 BBC Micro technology.

Eben Upton is the man behind this innovative hardware technology. He designed this platform to create a low cost electronic device that would help enthusiasts and hobbyists to improve their programming and hardware understanding skills very easily.

Raspberry Pi serves as a pocket friendly desktop that can be used as a media center, game consoles or even as a router. In addition to these applications, Raspberry Pi is also used to develop many cool projects. From mobile phones, tablets, robots, smart devices to an intelligent camera, everything can be developed on this platform.

Now, this powerful Linux computer is being used to build many IoT projects that can transform any device smarter. Since IoT technology requires a microcontroller to process the data, WiFi integration to send data to the cloud and actuators to control operations, innovative minds across the globe prefer using Raspberry Pi for developing IoT projects. As Raspberry Pi can perform all the above stated operations seamlessly without any external integration, it serves as a compressive platform to build IoT projects.

Some of the features of Raspberry Pi which makes it as an effective platform to build IoT projects are:

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Note about Raspberry Pi Note:

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1. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

  • A 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
  • Dual-band 802.11ac wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Faster Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0)
  • Power-over-Ethernet support
  • Low-power consumption level
  • Improved PXE network and USB mass-storage booting

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Raspberry Pi 3B+ is the latest version which is readily available in the market for anyone to buy and use.

So, how can you get started with Raspberry Pi based IoT projects?

Raspberry Pi is just a microcontroller board, so you will be needing a power supply, monitor (TV would also do), mouse, keyboard and the necessary sensors to build IoT projects.

First things first, you need to install the necessary OS onto the board to make it function as a Linux computer. You can download the NOOBS installer and use that to install the OS on your Raspberry Pi. For beginners, we would suggest using the official Raspbian OS which is much simpler to install and use.

Even the IoT using Raspberry course that we offer uses Raspbian OS to integrate the system. Clear step-by-step instructions to download and install OS is given in the course itself as videos. So, you will not face any problem installing and using the OS to build your IoT projects.

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Upon installing the OS, you need to now integrate sensors onto the system. Sensors are now abundantly available, so you can select the one which suits best for your problem statement and integrate it.

Then comes the important process, programming the microcontroller. Raspberry Pi can be programmed by using Python language. You can also make use of the standard libraries available on the platform to make it function certain tasks.

Since Raspberry Pi comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can directly program the system to send the data collected to the cloud platform for storage and analysis. You can also link some actuators like water pump, relay driver modules, DC motors to carryout variations actuations like irrigating a field, switching ON/OFF of devices etc upon programming.

So, what are some of the best Raspberry Pi based IoT projects?

1. Raspberry Pi based Weather Monitoring System:

You can also program the Raspberry Pi to carry out some actuations based on the temperature reading received. For example, you can program the system to switch ON/OFF a fan whenever the temperature falls below a certain value.

For instance, as part of the IoT using Raspberry Pi course that we offer, students will not only understand the concepts behind IoT but also learn to build a weather monitoring system project. Since Raspberry Pi is a complex platform, learning only about their architecture is not sufficient. You need to build a couple of projects on it to get skilled with this amazing hardware platform.

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2. Raspberry Pi based Home Automation System: The objective of this IoT project is to develop an automation device with which we can control all the home appliances with a mobile using Bluetooth technology. Since Raspberry Pi has an in-built Bluetooth module, it can be connected with the mobile phone directly without the need for an external device. You will program the Raspberry Pi in such a way that, upon receiving the commands from the mobile App it actuates the devices with the help of a relay driver module.

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Raspberry Pi will then facilitate the data transfer to the cloud for storage and analysis through WiFi communication. A user from any part of the world will be able to check for the electricity usage, status of electronic devices etc. on the cloud platform.

3. Raspberry Pi based Automatic Plant Watering System: The objective of this project is to develop an electronic device that facilitates automatic watering of field, whenever the moisture level drops below a certain value. The soil moisture sensor integrated with the Raspberry Pi checks for the moisture level in the soil continuously and sends the value to the microcontroller. You can program the Raspberry Pi to automatically switch ON the water pump whenever there is a low moisture content.

Raspberry Pi will then send the data collected to the cloud for storage and analysis through WiFi communication. The data includes the irrigation time period, variation in the moisture level etc. A user can simply track all the data real-time through an IoT based Android App.

4. Raspberry Pi based Smart Water Monitoring System: The objective of this IoT project is to develop an electronic device that can track the water usage and detect leakages. The Raspberry Pi will be integrated with a water flow sensor and the sensor will be fitted along with the pipeline. The sensor tracks the water flow through the pipe real time and sends the data to the Raspberry Pi for processing.

You can also program the system to notify a user via email & sms, whenever there is a water leakage. Raspberry Pi will then facilitate the data transfer to the cloud for storage and analysis through WiFi communication.

5. Raspberry Pi based Automated Street Lighting System: The objective of this IoT project is to develop an electronic device that can facilitate automatic switching ON/OFF of street lights based on the sun light intensity. The Raspberry Pi will be integrated with a LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) that can track the sun light intensity real time. You will then program the system to automatically switch ON/OFF the street lights whenever the sun light intensity crosses a certain value.

With this system, a user from any part of the world can track the data online about the electricity usage of street lights, sun light intensity variations etc. Raspberry Pi then facilitates the data transfer real time to the cloud platform through WiFi communication.

The above are some of the good Raspberry Pi based IoT projects that you can build and get skilled.

Suppose if you are a beginner who doesn’t have any knowledge on using Raspberry Pi platform, we recommend you get expert assistance in the initial stages. Since Raspberry Pi is a complex hardware platform, you might end up damaging the board trying to experiment all by yourself.

The IoT using Raspberry Pi course developed by our expert team can help you get started with this innovative platform very easily. From installing the Raspbian OS, integrating the sensors to Python Programming, everything will be explained with clear video tutorials for you. Even we help you to build your very first Raspberry Pi based IoT project from your home itself.

You can enroll for the IoT using Raspberry Pi course here and get all the hardware components shipped to your doorstep within 24 Hours. You will also get 1-1 technical assistance from our expert team in addition to the course tutorials provided.

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Raspberry Pi based IoT Projects
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