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How to develop a successful career in Embedded Systems?


Embedded systems have been taking over the world for quite some time now, thanks to their high functionality and ease of use. Everything from your car’s GPS to the washing machine in your home runs on this technology. It is so powerful tool that its applications are immense. Most of its applications are multi-purpose and all-encompassing, making it a complete unit. As you can see, this field is one that will balloon in the years to come. Do you want to be a part of its rise? If so, then read on to figure out how you can develop a successful career in Embedded Systems.

One way to develop a successful career in embedded system is by building hands-on projects. We at Skyfi Labs have developed a dedicated career-building course for an embedded system.

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What is an Embedded System?

What is an Embedded System?

An Embedded System is basically just a blend of hardware and software, which is tailor-made for a specific purpose. It is described as an embedded system as it is installed in a sophisticated device which enhances the entire device's performance and functionality. Almost everything we use is part of an embedded system.

While such systems are multi-functional, they work best when used as a single function tool. Embedded Systems engineers need to be multi-disciplinary as the field takes pointers from Computing, Electrical, and electronics.

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Characteristics of an Embedded System

Key function: Unlike multi-purpose software which does many things through one interface, an embedded system manages a unique application repeatedly.

Interaction: Most of these systems communicate and interact with the real-world and its operational environment. Sensors and interfaces allow such systems to communicate with the real world freely.

Boundaries: They function with limited resources and hence, do not consume too much power.

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Principle of Reaction: Since they have one primary function, such systems are built using the policy of reaction. Hence, they work when stimulated by an outer action.

Reliability: As Embedded systems are mixed into machines and have to serve their purpose for longer periods, they must be reliable and long-lasting.

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What an Embedded system constitues?

Now that we know what an embedded system, let's take a look at the various parts of such a system.

  1. Analog or digital sensors to collect data from the real-world.
  2. Transducers, Microcontrollers, actuators, and microprocessors to make a decision and execute it.
  3. Embedded Software or Program that runs the entire thing so that it is automatic.
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What Does an Embedded Systems Engineer do?

  • Responsible for the design of the system
  • Must help in the fabrication and development of the system
  • Plays an active part in the production of the device
  • Assists with the analysis and testing of systems
  • Provides support and maintenance as and when required
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What are the required skills?

What are the required skills?

  1. Knowledge of programming languages like C and C++ at the very least
  2. Comfortable working with assembly languages
  3. Experience working with LabView
  4. Bonus if you know languages like ADA, Rust, Python, and Verilog.
  5. Knowledge regarding the working of Microcontrollers and microprocessors

How to build Embedded Systems projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Embedded Systems Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

You can enrol with friends and receive kits at your doorstep.

You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs.
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  1. In-depth knowledge about Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  2. Understanding of memory devices and how to manage memory resources efficiently
  3. Experience working with circuits and PCBs
  4. Understanding of integrated circuits and use of software such as Sigrity and Allegro
  5. Basics of CAD design using AutoCAD, CATIA or SolidWorks
  6. Fundamentals of measurement and metrology
  7. Understanding of the functioning and framework of embedded devices
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Embedded systems Degrees and Certifications

Here's a look at a few professional degrees and courses that might help you to build a great career in embedded systems.

Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. in any of the following disciplines:

  • Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Electrical and Communications Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Science/Computer and Communication Engineering
  • Robotics/Mechatronics

Extra certification course that you can try for:

  1. Certified LabView Embedded Systems Developer Certification by National Instruments.
  2. Certified Manufacturing Engineer Certification by SME.
  3. Certified Automation Professional Certification by ISA.
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Scope of Embedded systems

As the number of intelligent devices around us increases, the scope for this field rises as well. Hence, there is a huge demand for Embedded systems engineers. Careers in embedded systems require multi-disciplinary skills that will enable you to branch out into other positions later on. The field has fantastic career prospects due to its large-scale functionality. It is also a job which you can take without fears of it becoming redundant. You could branch out into the following fields using Embedded Systems;

  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Program Management
  • Sales and Marketing Engineer
  • Embedded Hardware/Software Engineer
  • Embedded App Developer
  • Simulation Expert
  • Hardware designer
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Embedded Systems based companies

Some of the top embedded systems-based companies in India are:

  1. Samsung
  2. TCS
  3. Sony
  4. WIPRO
  5. Intel
  6. L&T
  7. Robert Bosch
  8. Zensar
  9. Tata Elxsi
  10. Tech Mahindra

How to develop a successful career in Embedded Systems?

Now that we know all about careers in embedded systems, let’s look at some useful project-based courses that will help you get the required skills. We at Skyfi Labs have developed an embedded system career-building course to help you build a successful career. Below mentioned are the projects that you will learn as part of this course. Feel free to check out the courses for more information regarding the same.

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1. Solar Mobile Charger

Solar energy systems are revolutionizing the world. As we started to use more renewable sources, their functionality is only expected to increase and expand. The same goes for smart devices that are aware of their surroundings and behaves accordingly. This project provides you with hands-on experience in manufacturing a solar battery charger that works on solar panels.

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2. Smart Traffic Control System

Renewable energy and smart systems will both create a tremendous impact. In this embedded system project, you will get the opportunity to build an automatic smart system that will effectively handle road traffic using solar energy. Sounds interesting? Well, it is quite simple, because it is! This project is not only interesting but also something that will give you some insight about IR sensors, Smart system, solar panels, and Arduino architecture.

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3. Automated Railway Crossing System

Unmanned railway gates claim thousands of innocent lives annually. Is there nothing we can do as engineers to solve this? Well, we have a solution right here. This project helps you to build a railway gate system that works automatically based on train arrival by using a smart system. As part of this project, you will learn the basics of Arduino programming, embedded systems, and basic mechanics. Thus, it will also help you save lives!

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4. Home Automation System using IoT

IoT is literally changing the way we live by integrating itself into every nook and corner. Home automation has been picking up in the last few years and this project will help you stay updated. This project will guide you in building a home automation system by making use of IoT. The system uses Bluetooth technology to access various appliances in your home and operate them via an app on your phone.

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5. Automated Street Lighting using IoT

The Earth cannot sustain us forever. It is high time we started caring more about environmental issues and the best way to go green is to reduce energy consumption. This is where the smart system comes into the picture. This embedded systems project will help you to build a street light that automatically turns off when daylight approaches. Such systems will go a long way to reduce energy waste. Let us all help the world heal by making use of such innovations!

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6. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

Energy resource depletion has caused a great push towards energy monitoring all across the world. This project helps you stay in the loop by teaching you about smart energy systems. Using this project, you can build a device that tracks energy usage and then notifies you via an SMS! If you are an environmentalist with a passion for electronics, then this project is for you.

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7. Access Control with RFID System

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is one of the most used technologies when it comes to location and identification. In this project, you will learn to build an RFID system that uses a card and reader to capture data and uses the captured data to perform the assigned task. This course will help you in building a gate opening and closing mechanism using RFID.

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Hope you got some idea about how to develop a successful career in embedded systems.

If you are very much interested in developing a career in embedded systems. We at Skyfi Labs have developed a project-based course on Embedded system that provides a wide range of skills, needed to master embedded system.

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For any queries and doubts feel free to comment below or visit our official website. Our experts will get back to you shortly.

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How to develop a successful career in Embedded Systems?
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