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Top 6 Embedded System Project Ideas (Videos Included)


Embedded systems are a very important part of the electronics industry these days. As the name suggests, it is a system where software is embedded into a particular hardware-based application to perform a particular task. The software is usually embedded into a microprocessor or controller to control the application as needed. Implementing projects on embedded systems can be a great way to start and learn more about this domain. The source codes for such projects are usually written in C or C++ depending on the type of hardware in which the code is embedded. Writing these codes can be a bit tricky if you aren’t very comfortable with it.

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How does an embedded system work?

How does an embedded system work?

Embedded systems deploy the integration of software on a motherboard with hardware in an embedded environment to perform a particular task. The three main steps involved in the working of any embedded system are:

  1. Input- The first step is taking input from the user/environment. The input can be user associated in the form of push switches, touch screens, etc. It can also be automatic values collected by sensors like humidity sensors, PIR sensors, etc.
  2. Processing- The next step is processing the input to perform the next step. This step involves calculations or algorithms which are performed on the microprocessor or microcontroller.
  3. Output- The last and the final step is the output. Based on the results obtained in the previous step the final output is displayed. This output can be in various forms based on the need of the system like the movement of a machine part, results on a screen, etc.

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Latest projects on Embedded Systems

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What are the different types of embedded systems?

Embedded systems can be classified into four types based on their performance and functional requirements. They are as follows:

  1. Real-time Embedded System- These systems perform real-time analysis on the data and focus on quick response in critical situations. The error rate is reduced to a minimal value to avoid faults. Some examples include traffic monitoring systems, a radiation therapy system, etc.
  2. Stand-Alone Embedded System- These systems are stand-alone independent devices that are not connected to any external computers for support. These systems take the inputs and process them to operate. Some examples include microwave ovens, digital cameras, etc.
  3. Networked Embedded System- These systems are connected over some network to give output to the connected resources. The connections may be wired or wireless depending on the system. Such systems are gaining a lot of popularity these days and are widely used across different domains.
  4. Mobile Embedded System- These systems are small embedded systems with limited applications and memory. Some examples include cellular phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, etc.

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Embedded systems projects with source code

1. Home Automation using IoT

Smart homes are designed using IoT to allow a person to control every device like vacuum cleaners, lights, fans, etc from his phone or using voice recognition. This project will give you hands-on experience in one such home automation system. It will let you control the lights using an Android Application from your phone. It will also help you learn about Bluetooth communication, the concepts, and applications of IoT and Arduino programming.

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2. IoT using Raspberry Pi

This project is a great opportunity to understand the components and working of an embedded system. It will allow you to create a Smart Weather Monitoring Device using DHT sensors and Raspberry Pi. It will use cloud computing for data analysis. This project can be used to stream the weather details and further send email notifications for any unusual changes. It will help you understand about IoT concepts and how to implement it for data analysis.

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3. Robotic Arm

Robotic Arms are widely used in manufacturing industries for automation of tasks like picking, sorting, turning, etc. The best way to learn about the robotic arm is by designing one. This project will allow you to create one such arm with 3 degrees of freedom. It will further help you learn about Android applications and Bluetooth which will be needed to control the arm from your phone. It will also teach you about the functioning of servo motors as actuators in the arm.

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4. 3D Printer

3D printers are used to build prototypes and to simplify the manufacturing of complex products. This project will allow you to develop one such system from scratch and then use it to manufacture your prototypes. This project will hone your programming skills and help you regulate the system to work with high precision. You will further learn about additive manufacturing, RAMPS board, SMPS, motor driver, and Arduino programming.

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5. Smart Irrigation System

This project will teach you about how embedded systems are implemented in agriculture. This project will use a soil moisture sensor to create a smart irrigation system. The system will detect the soil moisture level and automatically pump water if needed. It will give you the chance to program your system to handle the storage and analysis of data. You will also learn about the calibration of sensors, Virtuino app development, and Arduino programming.

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6. Smart Building using IoT

In this embedded system project, you will learn to develop a system that uses Arduino as a microcontroller. The system you develop as part of this project can detect the number of occupants in a room and turns ON/OFF the light automatically based on the occupancy.

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These were just some of the exciting projects based on Embedded systems. Want to see more? Check out the entire project list here. These projects have been designed with various levels of difficulty. So whether you’re a beginner or an advanced engineer, we’ve got something or the other in store for you. What’s even better? These projects come with the source code. So you can use our codes, or write your codes as per your wish. Either way, you’re covered. Go ahead and pick an exciting project without any further delay!

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Top 6 Embedded System Project Ideas (Videos Included)
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