Latest Design and Analysis projects for mechanical engineering students


Hey there, to all the budding engineers out there. If you are reading this article, then, most probably you must be a mechanical engineer.

So, this article deals with some of the skills required for a mechanical engineer and some useful software required for gaining a better understanding of mechanical engineering. Later on, we discuss how to go on to build a mechanical engineering design project and finally suggest you guys some exciting projects by SKYFILABS which can be used to understand the subject better.

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When we utter the word mechanical engineering, many people associate it with things like:

  • Highly creative and innovative drawings.
  • The gear systems, Engines and Various Mechanisms relating to automobiles.
  • A lot of physical activity and fieldwork is required.
  • Nuts, bolts and screwdrivers all around our mind.
  • Greasy hands, with vehicle oil and dust all over our body…to be frank we imagine a cycle mechanic…don’t we?
  • Use of various design software and other software to carry out various analysis of our design we have prepared and finally, probably the coolest part of being a mechanical engineer,
  • Building up a vehicle and imagining yourself to drive it.

Latest projects on Mechanical

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So, what exactly is that we need to do as mechanical engineers to gain ultimate knowledge?

Mechanical engineering, also known as the mother of all engineering, is one of the core and founding branches of engineering as it has its applications and link-based with each and every other branch of engineering. So, as a mechie (the term used for referring mechanical engineers), it is never easy to gain knowledge just by studying theory, linking practical knowledge and technical knowledge along with the theory is the right way to study this branch of engineering.

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What are the skills required for mechanical engineers?

Well, so the best part of taking part in activities such as making a good mechanical engineering design project is, you’ll learn new skills!!

Be it a beginner who knows nothing about how to go about a mechanical project or an intermediate, everyone has got something or the other to learn every day! And believe me, this is where all your money, time and efforts you put in are worth it!

So initially you might not have what it takes to do a mechanical design project apart from the determination and passion, you will later need to learn lab work procedures like cutting, profiling, grinding which may be used to prepare a prototype model of your design or for performing some basic activities. Apart from that, you need to have an idea about basic electronics like the battery, cable connections, using a multimeter, welding, using various equipment like the vertical milling machine, lathe machine.

Most importantly you need to learn design and analysis software like AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, FINITE ELEMENTS ANALYSIS(FEA), MATLAB, VISUAL BASICS OF APPLICATIONS(VBA), MECHANICALC etc.

As a mechanical engineer, it is suggested to give more preference to software like SOLIDWORKS & ANSYS as it is trending and more advanced than other software like AUTOCAD etc.

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How to make an easy mechanical design project?

Well, the first question you will be facing when you want to take part in doing a project is, how do I go about it?

How do I start it?

  • Well, the answer to your question is, first you start off by selecting an appropriate project on which you can work on. Make sure that you choose such a topic which can be considered as an innovative topic and can be used as a solution to any existing problem.
  • Also, make sure that your design has an aesthetic value and market value, as it can be a plus point in-case you compete in any of the competitions.
  • So, after you decide on what to design, you start off by creating a design of your project in a software (like SolidWorks) so that you get the first impression on how to go about your project.
  • The second thing is that, in order to make a successful design project and conduct analysis, it is important for you to make a prototype of your design model and get an exact idea and hence it will help you to get into a final conclusion about your design of the project and figure out the troubleshooting part of your design.
  • In these times, it is important for you to make a group of like-minded people and work on your project and make sure that you prepare a well-organised time-table and stick to it.
  • Also, make a list of items/parts/tools required for various purposes of your projects like designing a prototype, conducting analysis, measuring things, etc. and start estimating a budget for your project so that you can get a rough idea whether your project is economical and marketable or not.
  • Then you can start fabricating your project under your project guide and keep purchasing components as and when you need them. This is the phase where you gain a lot of technical knowledge as well.

After the above basic steps, you can go on and build your design project.

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Latest design and analysis projects for mechanical engineering students

Now, because you know how to build a good mechanical design project, it is equally important for you to do some projects so that it becomes a good practice for you as well. So, given below are some exciting Projects by SKYFILABS:

1. Gear System Designing: In this design project, you will be designing a gear train assembly using AUTODESK INVENTOR SOFTWARE. You will be learning about Gear shafts, assembly of the gear train, about bearings and much more!


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2. Computational Fluid Dynamics using ANSYS: In this analysis project, you will be learning about various approaches to solve a CFD problem based on the given set-up and design. You will be learning about things like Heat transfer, Flow analysis through various mediums and Pre-processing tools like MESHER AND SPACECLAIM apart from learning about introduction to CFD and many more concepts.

Learn more about this Analysis project

3. Automobiles Designing and Analysis using MATLAB: As the name suggests, you will be learning on how to design a vehicle using MATLAB by using concepts like Series, Parallel and power-split models. You will learn to design all the major components of a car like Engine, Chassis, Brakes, Transmission etc. among many more. After all, this is what a mechanical engineer would like to do, isn’t it?

Learn more about this design and analysis project

So, my dear mechons, generally people say that a mechanical engineer has no jobs, it’s a useless branch and all other crap, don’t believe those things, Always be in the spirit of learning and be dedicated and hardworking, even we have an ocean of opportunities!

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Latest Design and Analysis projects for mechanical engineering students
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