Top ANSYS Based Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering (ME)

The world is full of machines when you hear the word “machine” the first thing that strikes your mind is mechanical components. Without the machines, the world will become motionless or it can also be said - without mechanical engineers, the world will stop functioning. Mechanical engineers play an important role in almost every field of engineering. Mechanical engineers use design and analysis software to make their task easy.

In this article, we will discuss an important mechanical software called ANSYS, which is helping the mechanical engineers to design and develop complex machines. We will also look into some mechanical mini-projects that you can develop using the ANSYS software.

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What is the purpose of ANSYS?

ANSYS is simulation software which evaluates the product behaviour based on the inputs given. It uses computer-based numerical techniques to solve problems such as fluid flow, heat transfer, stress analysis, etc.

It also helps the manufacturers to cut down the cost by testing the prototypes in the virtual environment. By doing this the manufacturers can speed up the product development and can increase the accuracy at the same time.

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Advantages of ANSYS

  • Using ANSYS you can import all kinds of CAD geometrics from different CAD software to perform simulations and you can also create CAD models inside ANSYS with the inbuilt software like Space Claim and Design Modeler.
  • ANSYS can perform advanced engineering simulations with more accuracy with the help of its various non-linear models, contact algorithms and time-dependent simulations.
  • With ANSYS you can perform analysis for various physics problems by integrating them together for example - it can perform the simulation of fluid flow analysis of thermal and structural at the same time.
  • Using ANSYS AIM you can perform multi Physics simulation which integrates all types of physics and performs the simulation.
  • With ANSYS ACT, which is a customization tool that uses Python to create customized features for the user.
  • You can also optimize the boundary conditions, geometrical design of the product to analyze the product behaviour under various situations.
  • ANSYS provides broad accessibility for various disciplines like electromagnetic, thermal, structural or fluids.

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List of ANSYS software for mechanical engineering

  • ANSYS Fluent – With ANSYS Fluent you can perform CFD simulations from an aircraft wing to the combustion chamber in a furnace.
  • ANSYS Mechanical enterprise - Uses Finite Element Analysis to perform structural analysis
  • ANSYS Mechanical Premium – Used to perform advanced non-linear stress simulations
  • ANSYS Mechanical Pro - Performs stress, thermal, fatigue and vibration simulations with the help of FEA.
  • ANSYS TurboGrid – Used to create high-quality meshes for complex blades
  • ANSYS BladeModeler – Used to make a quick 3D design of rotatory machine tools
  • Multiphysics simulation - Helps to find real-world interactions over a complex product

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Top ANSYS based mini projects for mechanical engineering students

Mini-projects help students to build up their skills which will help them later in their final year project. Now we will look into some ANSYS mini projects for mechanical:

1. CFD using ANSYS Fluent: Ansys fluent is popular among the engineers, they use this software to perform analysis over different objects. In this mini-project, you will learn to perform analysis with the help of ANSYS tools like Mesher and SpaceClaim. CFD helps you to solve various problems like Fluid flow and heat transfer through various numerical simulations.

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2. A Numerical solution to 1D Euler equation, shock tube problem: In this ANSYS mini-project, you will solve the 1D shock tube problem by utilizing the Finite Volume Method. Through this project, you will get the engineering data of fluid in motion by performing CFD simulations which is relatively an inexpensive way. You will compute the change in properties of the mixture inside the shock tube. While working on this CFD project you will gain knowledge of FVM and some coding skills.

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3. Flow Simulation and Shape optimization of an Airfoil design: Aviation companies use advanced flow simulation tools to analyze the various components of aircraft before proceeding to the manufacturing process. Wing of an aircraft plays a major role in the lift generation. Airfoil is the 2D shape of the wing so the shape of the airfoil should be designed in such a way that is should produce optimum lift to make the aircraft fly. In this mini-project, you will use various CFD tools of ANSYS to analyse different airfoil shapes, then you will compare the results to finalise a good airfoil.

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4. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Various Fluid flow Visualization in Heat Exchanger: Heat exchangers are found in refrigerators, Air conditioners, boilers and industries. It is used to transfer heat efficiently from one surface to another. In this mini-project, you will analyse the fluid flow in a heat exchanger with the help of ANSYS fluent to study the temperature, velocity of flow and heat transfer rate inside the tube. You will use CFD concepts to perform the analysis and finally compare the results with the experimental setup.

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5. Fluid flow and Heat transfer analysis in a mixing elbow using ANSYS Fluent: Mixing elbow is used in industrial piping systems to mix two different fluids or air in the system. In this mini-project, you will use ANSYS Fluent software to solve a problem. You will insert various boundary conditions for different inlets and outlets to solve the problem.

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6. Meshing and Analysis of a 2D pipe using ICEM CFD and ANSYS Fluent: In this ANSYS mini-project, you will create a mesh and divide the blocks using ICEM CFD then you will use ANSYS Fluent to perform the Analysis.

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7. Design and Analysis of a Hovercraft: Hovercrafts can be operated both on land and water at higher speeds. Because of this feature hovercrafts are used for military application to carry heavy loads and to perform assault missions. Since the efficiency of the hovercraft depends on the air pressure generated below the vehicle a proper analysis is required. In this mini-project, you will load the CAD model of the hovercraft in the ANSYS and perform various analysis to calculate the lift and drag force generated by the model.

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8. Analysis of flow over Formula1 car’s spoiler to measure drag and lift force: Spoilers play a major role in F1 cars by preventing the vehicle from flying away at high accelerating speeds. In this mini-project, you will use ANSYS software to perform various CFD analysis over the rear wing or spoiler of the F1 car. You will interpret the results and analyse the vortex formation around the wingtips to achieve an efficient performance.

9. CFD simulation of exhaust gas dispersion into atmosphere from industrial stack: Gases exhausted from the industries affects the environment very badly so in this mini-project you will predict the dispersion of the exhaust gases with the help of ANSYS. Based on the dispersion rate you will tune the machinery to decrease the emission rate.

10. Finite element analysis of camshaft: Camshaft is used in IC engines to open and close the inlet and exhaust valves. It is very important to determine the load applied or expelled over the camshaft. In this ANSYS mini-project, you will perform the dynamic analysis over the camshaft to finalize the optimum design.

Also, Check the following list for more ANSYS mini-projects:

  • Analysis of the Rocket nozzle
  • Analysis of centrifugal fan
  • Flow field analysis of a vertical axis wind turbine
  • Aerodynamic analysis of winglets
  • Flow analysis of a golf ball
  • CFD analysis of a diffuser
  • CFD analysis of intake manifold in SI engines
  • Flow behaviour inside building HVAC
  • Optimization of Radiator ring fan design
  • CFD analysis of airflow inside oil tanks
  • Structural and vibration analysis of delaminated composite beams

Hope you got some good topics on ANSYS for your mini-project use those topics to develop your CFD skills. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments section.

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Top ANSYS Based Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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