Why Learning ANSYS is a must for Mechanical Engineering ?


ANSYS for mechanical engineering is a concept that has very wide scope if applied properly. It is gaining popularity as one of the most sought after fields among mechanical engineers. Its high demand in the industry stems from its ability to reduce the cost of production of companies while also minimising the time taken for production.

ANSYS makes use of several concepts of mechanical engineering and physics to arrive at solutions and has many real-world applications. This article will familiarise you with some of the applications and advantages of ANSYS as well as the ANSYS online courses which can help you get an edge over your peers in the job market.

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What Is ANSYS Used for?

ANSYS makes use of finite element analysis (FEA) for structural analysis. The study takes place with the help of the ANSYS mechanical interface. It is one of the most popular mechanical engineering software solutions in the world today.
Its applications include analysis of electrical problems, mechanics and construction among other fields of science and technology. 
It allows you to develop complex environmental loadings and industry-specific requirements in the fields of offshore hydrodynamics and layered composite materials. ANSYS’ importance in different fields cannot be ignored in an increasingly mechanised world.

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How does ANSYS Work?

ANSYS for mechanical engineering allows organisations to increase their profit margins. It removes the need for a physical prototype which can be tested for all kinds of adverse circumstances. Instead, ANSYS comes up with a virtual prototype through which you can ascertain every desirable aspect of your product. This drastically reduces the costs incurred by the company.

ANSYS tests the product’s behaviour in response to different inputs. ANSYS creates a virtual environment to replicate working conditions and test the products. Following the success of this virtual prototype, manufacturing of the actual prototype takes place.

By reducing costs and the time is taken to produce their products, ANSYS ensures the efficiency of a company in this competitive world.

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Advantages of ANSYS

There are many advantages of using ANSYS:

  1. ANSYS can import various geometric shapes from different CAD software and use them to perform simulations.
  2. Further, 2D and 3D geometric shapes can also be created using the software. This is done through the inbuilt CAD developing software in ANSYS, like Design Modeler and Space Claim.
  3. The software can perform advanced and realistic engineering simulations. It does so with the help of a variety of contact algorithms and nonlinear material models.
  4. ANSYS is capable of integrating various formulae into one platform to make the process of analysis simpler and faster. For instance, thermal analysis can be integrated with structural analysis.
  5. A product called ANSYS AIM is now available, which makes use of all these developments. It is capable of performing multi physics simulations. Thus, it provides a single platform where different physics can be integrated to create simulations.
  6. ACT is a customisation tool built by ANSYS which uses python as a background scripting language. It can be used to create customized user experiences.
  7. Geometrical design and boundary conditions can both be optimised and analysed with the help of ANSYS for mechanical engineering. ANSYS can even study the behaviour of the product under varying conditions.

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How Useful is ANSYS for Mechanical Engineering Students?

Through ANSYS, mechanical engineers will get an opportunity to carry out dynamic analysis using their pre-existing knowledge of linear dynamics, spectrum response and random vibration with pre-stress. They can even learn to come up with advanced solver options for rapid solutions. You can create waterfall plots to understand results over varying frequencies completely.

Ansys ACT allows you to customize your workflow, add functionality and improve the simulation process. Meanwhile, Ansys DesignXplorer allows you to arrive at the best solution in the fastest possible time.

Some fields of application of ANSYS which are opened up for students of mechanical engineering are:

  • Nonlinear applications
  • Dynamics
  • Multiphysics
  • Composites
  • Optimisation
  • Customisation
  • Hydrodynamics

Easy Ways to Learn ANSYS

ANSYS for mechanical engineering is one of the most famous engineering simulations in the market today. Over the years, the software has been developed significantly and can now be used for hundreds of applications and industries.

With such wide use, ANSYS learn online courses are rather viable options for mechanical engineering students. Some of the common courses that they can find online are:

  1. CFD using ANSYS Fluent (Starter): With the help of CFD you can generate simulations for various problems like fluid flow and heat transfer. This online course familiarises you with the concepts of CFD, FEA, Boundary Conditions and meshing and will help you develop projects using ANSYS Fluent. This is the basic foundation course for any student interested in CFD.
  2. CFD using ANSYS Fluent (Explorer): A slightly advanced course, this mechanical course builds upon what is taught in the starter course. In addition to the foundation course, you can learn about species transfer and CFD for multiple frame references.
  3. CFD using ANSYS Fluent (Champion): An even more advanced course, this will allow students to solve combustion chamber problems, solve surface chemistry problems and undertake battery modelling.

All these courses are available online at reasonable prices. And the best part is that you can learn at your own pace as per your convenience. Moreover, you will not only develop hands-on skills but also add to your portfolio and pave the way for exciting career opportunities in your future.

Why Learning ANSYS is a must for Mechanical Engineering ?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-16

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