Battery Performance Simulation using ANSYS

The portable devices which can provide energy anywhere are the batteries. Batteries are almost used in every sector starting from our cell phones to the vehicles in which we move. As the competition in producing batteries has increased, for a company to stay in this competition good working is important.

Simulating batteries is a difficult job because of their metaphysical nature and where they are applied. Only Ansys helps us in simulating batteries and also to create better battery designs for any application. 

Market leaders for battery making depend on the purpose of the battery and the company which provides good safety, proper size, and at an affordable cost. Simulation for a battery depends on its application and the amount of charge needed and its performance. 

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Using Ansys battery simulation we can know many parameters of the battery like the temperature it can reach up to, the greatest charge it can take, and what size the battery should be made for a particular usage. 

  • The first main step while using Ansys is to determine the relevant performance characteristics of your potential battery cells with coupled electrochemical-thermal-flow models and then to try with many other elements to get the proper and inexpensive design. 
  • After testing, we get the confidence to design a cycle that allows us to get the best product with enough knowledge on it. 
  • The important thing during this analysis is to ensure uniform temperature throughout the battery/electrode. 

To know the best performance of a battery, we should know 

  • It’s capacity 
  • Size 
  • Application 
  • Material made 
  • The temperature might reach up to 
  • Fluctuations in input and output 

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Safety Determination using Ansys: 

Ansys also helps us to determine the safety of the battery, by telling us approximately the time it will work under certain circumstances and where the failure may occur under the application. 

To analyze this in Ansys: 

  • The first step is to create a detailed mechanical model and then to study the changes in battery under various conditions. 
  • Then to check the gain insight into charge/discharge behavior through coupled electro+thermal+circuit models, as in what kind of charge has been used to charge the battery. 
  • Then, by creating a detailed electrode and cell models to expect and deal with possible manufacturing defects. Ansys helps us to know about manufacturing defects and physical stress. 

Ansys also helps to know about phenomena that may lead to hazards with the battery and also tells us about how to avoid and reduce expenses and suggests proper safety measures. 

The durability of a battery: 

The new designs of the battery are due to the technological changes in the market which are adapting various types and varieties of batteries. 

The long term running of a battery can be known by different silico simulations in Ansys, and based on this simulation the warranty period of the product is given to have a good reputation and control over the business of the company. Complex situations can also be known with this simulation.

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Battery Performance Simulation using ANSYS
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