Design and analysis of fuel system for Velocity XL

The VELOCITY-XL aircraft is a long-range aircraft with the latest technology in aerodynamics and structure to provide good maneuverability facilities and stealth mode. This can move 1100-miles cross country trips at speeds above 190 MPH while carrying four adults and baggage in total comfort. These airplanes perform best at altitudes of 8,000-11,000 feet. Landing requires a speed of about 85 MPH and a 1,500 feet long landing strip.

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In this project we are building a fuel system model for Velocity -XL aircraft based on BCAR and FAA regulations and analysis is conducted on the model.

The fuel system consists of the following parts:

  • Fuel tank: Fuel tank is a container in which the fuel can be stored safely. The proposed fuel tank for the velocity-xl aircraft is a high wing configuration of integrated type fuel tank and the tanks are mounted on both the wings.
  • Drain Valve: A fuel drain valve used to remove unwanted quantities of fuel from the tank.
  • Electric Fuel Pump: The electrical fuel pump is not just required in case of a malfunction or defect of the mechanical fuel pump, but also provides required fuel supply in case of vapor formation at high altitudes and temperatures.
  • Check valves: The free flow check valve prevents return fuel flow during normal operation and provides by-pass fuel feed in an emergency if the fuel pump fails.
  • Mechanical fuel pump: The fuel pump used in this fuel system for the carburate applications. Air-filled in space between the diaphragms.
  • Fire sleeves: Fire sleeves developed to provide fire resistance. Even used as a fire extinguisher also.
  • Fuel selector valve: Motorized fuel selector valve is intended to operate in a dual fuel tank system.

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Step 1: A layout is created for the fuel system in Auto CAD based on FAA regulations:

  • Each fuel system must be arranged so that no fuel pump can draw fuel from more than one tank at a time.
  • The fuel system must be arranged so that vapor locks cannot occur.
  • Where the surging of fuel within the tank could cause significant changes in the center of gravity of the airplane.

Step 2: Select the configuration for the fuel system based on BCAR and FAA.

Step 3: 3D modeling is done in CATIA V5. This creates 3D parts, from 2D sketches, sheet metal, composites, molded and forged or tooling parts. This software provides advanced technologies for mechanical surfacing

Step 4: Theoretical calculations are done, such that fuel tank capacity should be increased to get a good endurance of an aircraft. So, the fuel tank capacity is increased by extending the dimensions of the fuel tank on the wing.

Step 5: Analysis and Simulation did in Pipenet / Flomaster

Step 6: Results are obtained.

Future Work:

  • The pressure losses at the outlet, at the bend sections and near other components are calculated after the rooting of the fuel system.
  • The assembling of the extended fuel tank with the old fuel tank and pressure losses are calculated.
  • Analysis of the fuel flow using Pipenet / Flomaster software.

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Design and analysis of fuel system for Velocity XL
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