Detachable Wings

The main purpose of this project is to minimize the loss of life in times of catastrophic failure of the hydraulic system or case of failure of engines. A new design concept that has the potential to save the lives of a thousand passengers in the event of an air crash. The notion involves the redesigning of a plane with the detachable wings that would eject during the emergency to touch down on land or water safety. It is the method of detaching the wings from an aircraft which is in the state of an unrecoverable stall, which could add up to damage in time of catastrophe.

In this project, we are going to fabricate an aircraft with detachable wings and the Orion parachute system (3 parachutes). Later creating a 3D model of an aircraft and run analysis over the model and obtain the results. At last a field test is conducted based on flight data requirements.

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Project Description:

  • Frame: Acrylic sheet or thermocol.
  • Motor: Brushless DC motor can be used as a power plant.
  • ESC: Electronic Speed Controller used for controlling the speed of the brushless DC motor
  • Battery: LiPo battery can be used as a power source
  • Servo: Two 9g servos and one MG995 servo
  • Transmitter and receiver: 2.4GHZ TX and RX. It should have a minimum of 5 channels
  • Orion Parachute System: These parachutes are selected due to its largest durability and its weight withstanding capacity.


Step 1: Conceptual design is considered.

  • Body: Use heavy-duty foam to create the body. This foam is easy to shape as it can be sliced with a hot-wire foam cutter. However, this foam is widely available and would be easy for the construction of the body. It can be easily cut and sanded to the desired size and shape.
  • Main wings: The same material thermocol which is used for the construction of the body is used for the construction of the wings. Prototype main wings are having three aerofoils. Root, mid and tip aerofoil. Root aerofoil is stuck at one side of thermocol of required length and mid aerofoil is stuck at another side. Both aerofoils are stuck such that the trailing edge of both aerofoils is linear. The mid aerofoil is stuck at one end of the thermocol piece of required length and the tip aerofoil is stuck at quarter quad sweep angle marked at another end. Using the hot-wire foam cutter the thermocol is been cut.

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Step 2: The Prototype is fabricated based on the requirements.

Step 3: 3D modeling is done using design software.

  • First, create the 3D model the same as the fabricated-model then run analysis over the model to meet the design requirements.
  • Plot the graphs of for yaw comparison before and after wings are detached.

Step 4: Field Test is carried out.

  • The drop test is done. Fully fabricated model upon reinforced with glass fiber is tested before and after the installation of the FCB which acts as a typical black box in the RC scale models,

Step 5: Plot the flight characteristics.


The design process detailed by this report began with an examination of the project objective. This project is to build a scaled-down prototype of Boeing 737-200 capable of wing detachability at the time of catastrophic failure.

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Detachable Wings
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