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5 Robots (combo course)


Help your kid build 5 different robots from basic to advanced

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Gesture Controlled Robot


Help your kid develop a robot that can be controlled with hand gestures

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Edge Detection Robot


Help your kid build a smart robot that can detect edges of table & never falls off

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Fire Fighting Robot


Let your kid build a robot that detects & puts off fire. No programming.

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Mobile Controlled Robot


Help your kid build a robot that can be controlled using mobile phones

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Line Follower Robot


The ideal course for kids to get started with robotics & build their first robot. No programming.

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3 Robots (Combo Course)


Help your kid build 3 different robots using IR sensors

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What your kid will receive

  • Robot kits for kids delivered to doorstep
    Robotics Project Kit for Kids

    Robot kit, tested and shipped in 24 hours

  • Robotics video tutorials to help kids build robots
    Robotics video tutorials

    Help your kid learn & build robots anywhere, anytime

  • Smart Certificate for kids after building robots
    Smart Certificate

    Showcase your kid's robotics skills to the world

  • 1-1 Expert Support to kids build robotics projects at home
    1-1 Expert Support

    Clear your kid's robotics doubts with 1-1 sessions

What your kid will build

  • 100% Working Robotics project for kids
    100% Working Kids Robotics Project

    Help your kid impress neighbours, teachers and friends

  • Help your kid build robotics skills
    Robotics Skills

    Not a 'text book genius'. But a real, practical expert.

  • Help kids build portfolio on robotics

    Robotics portfolio. Not a bunch of certificates.

  • Help kids build a career in robotics
    A Robotics Career

    Help your kid get good & higher studies opportunities

Robotics project submissions by kids

Why robots for kids?

Robotics today is not an unknown technology, infact robots have penetrated into almost all the industries of today. Such is the scope of robotics technology in this era. And it is not a big surprise that kids today are more into robotics than how we were towards some science experiments. Big credit goes to all the cartoons, comics & movies which fantasized our kids world with cool robots.
Now, the kids are more intuitive towards mechanical systems and are in a great need of some activities to provide food for their thoughts. Robotics courses or projects are an excellent choice if you want your kid to learn and develop real practical skills through building hands-on robots. By building robotics projects your kids are sure to have a lot of fun learning and in the same time will develop real practical skills that are needed for a successful career.

Good robot kits for kids?

Selecting good robot kits for kids is extremely critical to ensure their proper learning of concepts. Any robot kits that doesn't involve your kid to learn new concepts should be avoided at all costs. Robot kits for kids should be chosen as an educational kit rather than just a toy. You should not choose robot kits for kids as how you buy toys. Remember, the robot kits that you get for your kids will help them learn and gain valuable skills that are needed for their successful career.
Here are some tips to help you choose the right robot kit for your kid,

Tip 1: Buy robotics kits which come with course/ training material: Buying any robot kits for your kids that doesn't come with any course materials will go waste. Without the right course materials, your kid will not be able to make the robot work. Remember, the robot kit that you get for your kid is not a toy but an educational material.

Tip 2: Video based robotics training material is much better than booklets: Give your kids break from the traditional booklets. Try to engage your kids with robot kits that come with quality video content in the form of animations and illustrations. This way your kid can understand the robotics concepts better and build cool robots easily on their own.

Tip 3: Buy robot kits for kids which have quizzes involved: The robot kits that you get for your kids should also make sure that they are learning in the process not just fixing some components. One good approach to ensure your kid's learning of robotics concepts is through making them undergo some quizzes. So buy robots kits that have some good quizzes too not just building videos.

Tip 4: Buy robot kits for kids which result in certification: After all the hardwork your kid will put into building the robot, you should reward them for their efforts. And what better way to appreciate them than giving a certificate. So prefer robot kits for kids that comes with a certification.

Tip 5: Ensure proper support will be provided during the robot building: Since robotics is a new field and not many have the expertise to help your kid build robots, you should resort to those robot kits that come with expert assistance too. This is extremely important, because when your kid get stuck with a particular concept and not able to solve, they tend to give up. This would jeopardize all your efforts in helping your kid build robots.

Tip 6: Buy robot kits for kids from organizations that most trust : Since robotics is a trending field, a number of companies started to offer robot kits for kids to make quick money. So be very careful from where you buy the robot kits for your kids. Before purchasing the robot kit from a specific company, check for their Google reviews. While checking for reviews, also ensure that a minimum of 100 people had reviewed them not just a single digit.

Tip 7: Work with organizations like Skyfi Labs & to buy good robot kits for kids: Since your planning to get the robot kits for your kids, you need to be extremely careful on where you are buying it from. For this, you can get assistance from the experts in this field to help your kid build cool robots at home.

For instance, the project-based courses provided by Skyfi Labs can help your kid build real-time robotics projects while learning all the technical concepts involved. With the video tutorials available online 24x7 and robot kits shipped to you in 24 Hours, your kid is sure to have a great learning experience while building his/her robotics project. Your kid will also get 1-1 expert assistance as and when needed to complete the robotics project on time.

Check all robot kits offered for kids

Keeping all the above tips on mind, if you can select the right robot kit, your kid is sure to build the robot easily with 100% output and learn a lot in the process. Remember, robot kits for kids should be treated as an educational mateiral not just a toy.

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Innovative robotics projects for kids?

Following are some innovative robotics projects for kids which come with quality robot kits too,

1. 5 Robots (combo course)

2. Gesture Controlled Robot

3. Edge Detection Robot

4. Fire Fighting Robot

5. Mobile Controlled Robot

6. Line Follower Robot

7. 3 Robots (Combo Course)