10 cool Arduino projects


Arduino is an open-source organization with user communities that contribute to the design and manufacturing of microcontrollers that are used in the making of digital devices.

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Arduino can be simply termed as a microcontroller which can be controlled by the program embedded in them by the user. Arduino is a very user-friendly controller board and comes in many configurations (Arduino Uno/Nano with various versions) based on the requirements of the user. Arduino is programmed in C/C++ language.

Arduino has endless possibilities and a user can do a vast number of projects by using it. But some of the Arduino projects which are very cool and innovative are discussed in the article.

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Is Arduino good for beginners?

Arduino is a very beginner-friendly microcontroller. Any user with basic C programming knowledge can program an Arduino with ease. Since it is opensource it has an active community of enthusiasts where everyone is sharing their knowledge to help others.

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi

Working with Arduino is easy when compared to a raspberry pi. Arduino can perform only a single program or operation at a time whereas as raspberry pi is like a mini-computer which runs Multiple programs at a time. Hence for beginners, it is advised to start with Arduino.

Latest projects on Arduino

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Cool Arduino projects for beginners

There are endless projects you can make by using Arduino. You can solve a small basic problem with too big complex problems. You can make a project using Arduino for home applications as well as industrial applications.

 Some of the cool Arduino projects are:

1. Animatronic hand using Arduino


The animatronic hand project is based on animatronic technology. It is a technology that facilitates the working of machines as humans by mimicking humans, as well as animal’s functionality and movements like smiling, picking, moving fingers, etc., isn’t it a cool technology.

The animatronic hand can identify and replicate the same actions the user does with his hands like making gestures with fingers and seeing the animatronic hand mimics it perfectly. In this Arduino project, you will develop one such project where it will copy your hand movements. You will use Servo motors, Flex sensors and Arduino board to build this project.

Click here and learn to make an animatronic hand with the right guidance.

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2. 3D-Printer


3D printers are the future of the manufacturing industry. A 3d printer is used for producing prototype models of the projects before sending them into production which helps in reducing the loss generated by manufacturing defects.

In this project, you will build a 3d printer from scratch using Arduino and stepper motor which follows the additive manufacturing method to fabricate various parts.

Click here and learn to make a 3d printer with proper guidance

3. Robotic Arm


A robotic arm is a complex combination of mechanical and electronic components. It is an intermediate level Arduino project. The Robotic arm can be programmed to perform various functions like picking, turning, sorting, spacing, etc. Its various cool functionalities are very useful in industrial applications.

Click here and learn to make a robotic arm with proper guidance

4. Fire fighting robot


Arduino is extensively used in robotics. One of the best robotics projects using Arduino that you can make is a firefighting robot. Firefighting robots can be used in places where it is inaccessible for humans.                               

The firefighting robots can detect the fire and can move towards the source of fire and can also put it off by spraying water or any other fire extinguishing material. In this Arduino project, the IR sensor is used to detect the fire.

Click here and learn to make a fire fighting robot with proper guidance

5. CNC machine using Arduino


These machines are extensively used in the manufacturing industry. A CNC machine can draw complex figures and shapes within no time and almost perfect accuracy. CNC machines are a combination of mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

In this Arduino project, you will use Arduino, stepper motor, DC motor, motor shield, etc. to build a CNC machine.

Click here and learn to make a CNC machine with proper guidance

6. Home automation using IoT


Home automation is a trending technology. It helps the user to control all of its home appliances remotely through the internet. Home automation can be useful at times to detect theft and trespassing in a home effectively. In this Arduino project, you will use Arduino to build a home automation system to remotely operate the home appliances.

Click here and learn to make a home automation project with proper guidance

7. Automatic solar tracker


The problem with solar panels arises when the sun moves from its position concerning time. The solar panel is not designed in a way that helps them get sunlight for the maximum amount of time.                                            

An automatic solar panel has a sensor that senses the movement of the sun and adjusts the panel accordingly.

Click here and learn to make an automatic solar tracker with proper guidance

8. Automatic street lightning


An automatic street lighting system saves the work and inconvenience caused by human errors in street lightning. An autonomous street lighting system is equipped with a sensor which detects the light intensity from the surrounding and turns ON/OFF the street light accordingly. IR sensor and Arduino are used to develop this project.

Click here and learn to make an automatic street lighting system with proper guidance

9. Smart water monitoring


In modern-day, the conservation of water is very much nonexistent. But with the smart water monitoring project which has various sensors that detect the flow of water for some time and sends the information to a cloud server that can be accessed by the user over the internet.

Click here and learn to make a smart water monitoring system with proper guidelines.

These are various cool Arduino projects discussed. If you are very much interested to build projects using Arduino, Skyfi Labs provide various courses you can consider by following the links mentioned below every project.

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10 cool Arduino projects
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