Best Arduino based project kits for beginners


Arduino architecture is an upcoming field with a variety of real-world applications. Arduino provides both hardware and software open-source solutions. Around the world, a separate community works on Arduino R&D. This ensures that it is updated and stays relevant. If you are a beginner looking for something new to learn, then Arduino is the best choice. If you have an innate interest in electronics and programming, then this must be the field for you. With exponential growth expected, familiarizing yourself with the basics by working on project kits will help you a lot.

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Things that Arduino Will Change

Programmable logic controllers or PLCs will be made more affordable with the help of Arduino. The field of troubleshooting, analysis, and diagnosis will be changed by Arduino. It will make it easier to communicate with sensors and networks. This will help in reducing cost by ensuring that companies don’t have to spend too much on maintenance. In short, the future looks bright as the Arduino is all set to do the same thing that the internet did in the ‘90s.

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What is an Arduino Kit?

The most important thing within the kit is the Arduino board itself. Most basic project kits will have Arduino Uno board as it is one of the most basic models. For more advanced projects, the kit will contain an Arduino Mega board. If the project is a smaller one the kit might have a Mini or the Pro Micro board. 

The Breadboard is another item that allows you to create circuits without soldering them together. Most Arduino projects make use of LEDs to display a result and so, most kits have LEDs of various colors in them.

A USB cable connects your Arduino to your PC. This makes it easier to program the microcontroller within it. It can also be used to connect the device to an alternate power source.  

Other components that an Arduino kit may contain are:

  • Accelerometer
  • DC Motor
  • Optocoupler
  • Switches
  • Segment Display
  • Encoder

Latest projects on Arduino

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  • Potentiometer
  • Shift Register
  • Transistors
  • Button
  • Diodes
  • Jumper wires
  • LCD
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Which Arduino is best for beginners?

There are several Arduino boards on the market and hence it might be confusing for a beginner to decide which one he or she wants. That’s why we have taken a look at the best boards for beginners to help you choose. Read on to find which suits best for you if you are a beginner. The two most recommended Arduino boards for beginners are:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Arduino MEGA 2560

Arduino Uno: The Arduino Uno is one of the most basic Arduino boards available. Here’s why this is a great board for beginners.

  • This is one of the easiest Arduinos to use as it can be powered and programmed using the same USB cable. Further, functionality can be increased by adding other add-ons.
  • The microcontroller chip or IC is replaceable because the socket is very easy to open and close. If the Arduino isn’t working because of a faulty chip, this type of Board allows you to replace the IC
  • It is affordable and cost-effective when compared to other boards.

Arduino MEGA 2560: The Arduino MEGA 2560 is a larger model than the Uno and also has more slots and pins allowing for the connection of more components. It also has a larger memory size and is usually preferred when the project is a bit bigger and extensive.

This board has more input and output pins and hence you will be able to connect more devices to the device. More hardware means more functionality. It also contains more analog pins when compared to the Uno. Significantly more memory means that this board can render more sketches than the Uno.

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While an Arduino Uno is a great board for beginners, it has certain limitations when you move onto larger projects. If you get a MEGA early on, you can use the same board for advanced projects until you become an expert at it. Hence, if you are a beginner on a budget, go for the Uno. But if you don’t have financial restriction and want to develop Arduino skill, then opt for a MEGA.

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Best Addons for Arduino

Best Addons for Arduino

While an Arduino has immense functionality, sometimes there are things it can’t do. But no issues, because this is why we have add-ons. Add-ons are supplementary devices that you can add onto an Arduino board to make more use out of it. In this section, we will take a look at some of the best add-ons available.

  1. Ultrasonic Distance Module: This module is useful as it allows you to gauge the distance between points. This device uses ultrasonic waves to measure distance. This finds immense use in robotics, obstacle avoidance, tracking and surveillance applications.
  2. DHT11: This is a type of sensor suitable for weather-related projects. The sensor is small, compact and easy to use, thus making it a popular option. The module finds use when making greenhouse and weather station projects.
  3. Dual DC controller: An H bridge allows you to control dual motors making it easy to automate robotic systems. The L911OS module allows motors to move forward and backward as and when required.
  4. Soil Hydrometer: This is a must-have add-on when designing an automated gardening system. This module helps you keep track of the moisture content in the soil.
  5. IR Reflection Detection: These modules help in detecting obstacles by using IR waves. It is necessary while building obstacle avoidance, object detection, and pattern reading systems.
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Best Arduino based project kits for beginners

As an engineer, our perspective must be about making changes and finding solutions for problems that we see around us. Technology like Arduino and embedded systems really help us make a difference due to their high functionality and varied uses. In this section, we will take a look at some projects which will serve as an Arduino starter project kit.

1. Animatronic Hand

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Animatronics combines elements from both mechanical and electrical engineering seamlessly. This increases its functionality to real-world applications. They are a common feature in robotics and other fields that need automation to function and mimic human movements. It is interesting to note that even production houses for movies use this technique to bring monsters and dinosaurs to life. This Arduino project kit will enhance your knowledge in mechanical design, drafting, dynamics of machinery and embedded systems.

2. Swarm Robots

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Swarm technology finds application in various fields such as aerial mapping and surveillance. Multiple drones work together, in a group by communicating with each other to get each mission done. This technology is making huge waves in the field of surveillance and warfare. Such robots are highly intelligent as they must coordinate with each other effectively. The Arduino project kit is an amalgamation of mechanics, communication engineering and Arduino programming. It is one that is bound to improve your knowledge of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

3. Automated Street Lighting

Learn more about Automated Street Lighting

As part of this Arduino project, you will learn to develop a device using project kits like Arduino Uno, DC motor, Bulb, etc. that turns the streetlights ON/OFF automatically depending on the intensity of sunlight.

4. Home Automation using IoT

Learn more about Home Automation using IoT

Automation has taken the world by storm and every day we hear about new things turning automatic. Well, one of the most popular things that went digital in the near past was our homes. Smart homes have made the lives of millions of people easier all around the world by making life a lot more convenient. For example, from increasing the speed of a fan to switching off the water heater can now be done via wireless communication. This Arduino project kit uses Arduino architecture to create a home automation system to ease our day-to-day life.

5. Smart Irrigation Systems

Learn more about Smart Irrigation system project

Water scarcity and falling groundwater reserves are worrying all of us. So, what is the solution? Our main job as an engineer is to provide solutions for problems that we see around us. As farming remains a major income source for millions of people in India, any innovation in this field is always welcome. This Arduino system aims to reduce the wastage of water by increasing the efficiency of water usage. Go for this Arduino project kit if you feel like your innovations must have an impact on people’s lives.

6. Sensor Guided Robots

Learn more about Sensor guided robots

Some of the first robots ever built were line-followers that just move in a straight line. While we have come a long way since then, it is always good to go back to the basics. This Arduino project focuses on robots which gauge obstacles and avoids them. It is a great project kit to start your training in Arduino because it is fairly simple but also gives you enough space to innovate and re-design.

7. Hexapod

Learn more about Hexapod

Hexapod is a six-legged robot that replicates an insect’s movements. This Arduino project kit will help you in building a six-legged robot that can be controlled over Bluetooth.

8. Biped Walking robot

Learn more about Biped Walking robot

Biped robot is a two-legged robot that walks like a human. This Arduino project kit helps you in learning the robot’s locomotion and Arduino programming.

9. Automatic Solar Tracker

Learn more about Automatic solar tracker

In this Arduino project, you will learn to develop a device that orients itself into the direction of high-intensity sunlight to harness the maximum solar power. If you are interested in learning solar energy systems technology, then this Arduino project kit is the right choice.

10. Robotic Arm

Learn more about Robotic arm

In this Arduino project, you will develop a robotic arm that can be controlled using your smartphone through Bluetooth.

11. Gesture-based robot

Learn how to build gesture controlled robot

In this Arduino project, you will learn to develop a robot that can be controlled using hand gestures. Arduino project kits like ADXL sensor, Arduino Uno, DC motor, motor driver, Breadboard, etc. are used to build this robot.

12. Fire-fighting robot

Learn how to build Fire-fighting robot

Fire fighting is a dangerous task for humans to perform. In this Arduino project, you will learn to develop a robot using kits like, IR sensor, DC motor, motor driver, Arduino Uno, etc. that detects and extinguishes the fire.

13. Wi-Fi Controlled robot

Learn more about Wi-Fi Controlled robot

In this Arduino project, you will learn to develop a robot that can be controlled over Wi-Fi using your Laptop or PC. Project kits like, ESP-8266, Arduino Uno, DC motor, etc. is used to develop this robot.

14. 3D Printers

Learn more about 3D printer

3D Printers are a revelation to the manufacturing industry. As it is easier than ever before to create prototypes and design simple machines. Due to the large amount of R&D that’s going on in this field, it is one that has a lot of scope in the future. Hence as young engineers starting out, this is one area where you must try to build expertise and that is exactly what this project kit helps you with. This Arduino project kit uses Arduino Programming to create a fully-functioning 3D printer capable of rendering small objects and products.

15. Persistence of vision

Learn more about Persistence of Vision

We all enjoy optical illusions and other magic tricks because they leave us amazed. The primary reason for such illusions is the capability of our eyes to retain images we see in quick succession. This phenomenon is called Persistence of vision. It can be incorporated into many real-world applications. This is the best project for people interested in clocks, optics, and digital display systems. This Arduino project kit brings together the best of both worlds by combining electronics and optics to unravel mysteries in the field of digital electronics. This project will help you build an LED display which creates letters using Arduino architecture.

You can build all the above-mentioned projects right from your home. The kits needed will be shipped to your doorstep and you can use the kit & the online tutorials to complete the project with 100 % output.

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Best Arduino based project kits for beginners
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