Top 5 MOOC Courses for KTU Students


Science and technology have had a profound effect on almost all spheres of our lives. One field that has changed as a result of this is the field of education. Online learning, ed-technology, and virtual classrooms have all come up in recent years. This industry is worth billions of US dollars and will grow even further in the years to come. One such component is online learning is MOOC. These courses help students learn new things and improve their skill sets. Here&rsquo's a quick look at some MOOC courses that KTU students should look into.

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What are MOOCs?

Massive Open Online Course, better known as MOOC, helps students learn new subjects. These classes help students access online courses, and are mostly free to access. MOOCs are massive as they enrol students running into hundreds and thousands. They are open to students from around the world, without a physical admission process. They are online as these classes reach their massive number of students via the internet. The course in MOOC comes as the primary goal of the website is to teach their students a particular subject. These MOOCs include video lessons, reading material, tests, assignments, discussions and assessments.

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The courses under this learning are curated by highly educated research scholars to reach the goals of each one who is a part of it.

MOOC can be accessed from any part of the globe via any system. Its variety of courses, degrees, diplomas, and projects has made it an essential part of certain institutes curriculum. MOOCs are available in two types namely xMOOC and cMOOC. Let us understand the difference between them.

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These types of courses are like classroom courses with a trainer or a teacher from a renowned institution. The learning includes online tutorials, projects, group discussions, and assessments. The lectures are entirely genuine and provide basic knowledge of the subject matter.


cMOOC offers an approach from the other side of the table. It follows the philosophy of connectivism where students impart their views and knowledge which is uploaded only after critical assessment. It is more of a group task where people from all across the globe can share their ideas and put forward their learning.

Who makes MOOCs?

Most of these MOOCs are run by universities, and even world-famous ones such as Stanford, MIT and Yale. Furthermore, some of the largest tech companies in the world run their own MOOCs to train their staff. These MOOCs also help fresh graduates understand what is expected of them if they join such a firm. For instance, Microsoft, Google, IEEE and the Linux Foundation all run their own MOOCs.

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Everything you need to know about MOOCs

While some MOOCs are self-paced, others run on a definite schedule. This schedule must be followed in order for you to get accredited.

Certain MOOCs release all their videos together whereas others release them in fragments.

Most MOOCs have assignment deadlines to prevent students from slacking off.

Most MOOCs take anywhere from 1 to 16 weeks to complete. They may be done earlier, depending on how much effort the student puts into the course.

Assessment techniques include computer-graded quizzes and tests, peer-graded assignments and also seminar projects.

Performance from each of such tests is noted and weighted to get a final course grade or score.

Most MOOCs provide students with a certificate of completion if they pass the MOOC. While certain platforms provide a free certificate, certain others need a fee to be paid to get the certificate.

Paid certifications need you to provide your government-verified ID proof via online upload.

Several of these platforms also allow free trials to help students gauge the effectiveness and quality of the course.

Furthermore, certain courses will have certain paid segments and free segments. Students will be able to access only the free parts of the course material without paying.

Some platforms allow students to apply for scholarships and financial aids via online and offline applications. Students should try to discover such scholarships and apply for them to get reduced rates.

Students must note that interaction between teachers or guides and students is quite minimal in MOOCs. Most of the conversation between teachers and students occurs as discussions on platforms or forums. The discussions and doubts are usually cleared by students themselves, and hence, MOOCs help in fostering a great student community or support group.

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What to consider before enrolling for a MOOC?

Ask yourself why you want to enrol, and what it is exactly that you wish to gain by doing so.

Make sure you are clear about your objectives and what you want to gain from taking these classes.

Also, ensure that you go through all the guidelines and policies before you enrol so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into

Watch out for age restrictions, privacy policies, payment options and guidelines before enrolling on the platform.

If you aim to switch careers after finishing the course, make sure you choose an agency that is well-respected in that particular field.

Also, ask yourself how much you are willing to pay or how much effort you are ready to put in before you proceed.

Advantages of MOOCs

  • Helps students study at their own pace
  • More flexible than a traditional university course
  • Removes geographical constraints
  • Much more affordable
  • Systematic approach to learning
  • Weekly assessments help in gauging student performance
  • Simple hardware requirements
  • Helps connect thousands of students on a global scale
  • Huge support which helps with doubt clearing and conceptual understanding

What MOOC course should be done by KTU students?

1. Robotics Career Building Course

Robotics is an up-and-coming field that will become important in the years to come. Every fresh engineer who has a passion for electronics or mechanical engineering student should try their hand in this field. Robotics will help in designing and creating the machines of the future. In this course, students will gain practical knowledge on how to design and build even complex robots, making this MOOC a great option. Students will create line follower and obstacle follower robots, before proceeding to work on Mobile, Gesture and Bluetooth Controlled Robots. They will then wrap the course up by working on advanced robots which make use of Wi-Fi and Voice control.

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2. Embedded Systems Career Building Course

Embedded systems are an integral part of electronics which will grow in the future. Since it is a major part of consumer electronics and industrial electronics, this is one field that students should focus on. This MOOC will help students build an exciting career in Embedded Systems. The course involves projects related to Solar Mobile Chargers, home automation systems and smart traffic control systems.

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3. Mechatronics Career Building Course

Mechatronics, much like Robotics is one of the most interesting new technologies out there. This new field combines concepts from electronics, mechanical engineering and computer science programming. This MOOC course will help students explore the world of mechatronics through a hands-on approach. The course involves projects such as the creation of Animatronic hands, Hexapod and Biped Walking Robot.

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4. IoT Projects Course

IoT is changing the way we live and hence possesses great career opportunities. It is also an easy field that you can master by building projects and working on practical projects. This IoT MOOC will involve projects based on weather monitoring systems, smart irrigation and water monitoring systems. Furthermore, the MOOC will also emphasize street lighting systems and smart building architecture.

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5. Computer Vision Projects

While IoT can make any device smarter, it needs computer vision to track the environment and collect data from an external environment. This CV MOOC will focus on helping students get accustomed to building smart surveillance camera systems. This MOOC includes projects such as surveillance cameras and robots, which will help you learn Raspberry Pi and Python Programming.

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How do I get a MOOC Certificate for Kerala Technological University (KTU)?

Skyfi Labs offer courses that could benefit students and provide a MOOC certificate for Kerala Technological University. There are unlimited courses and kits that we have in offer for students who wish to avail of them. Let us walk you through the areas we cover-

  • Python Projects
  • IoT Projects
  • Computer Vision Projects
  • Automation Projects
  • Robotics Projects
  • Smart City Projects
  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Mechanical Projects
  • Embedded Projects
  • Training & Internship
  • Electronic Projects
  • Machine Learning Projects
  • CAD Projects
  • Analytics Projects
  • Android Apps Projects
  • PLC Projects
  • Career Building Projects
  • Arduino Projects
  • School Projects
  • Wireless Projects
  • Solar Projects
  • Civil Projects

To make the MOOC more accessible for students Skyfi Labs came up with an innovative solution where it helps the students to access the courses 24x7 by giving them lifetime access that too comes along with a digital certificate which can be verified through Skyfi Labs portal.

Top 5 MOOC Courses for KTU Students
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Top 5 MOOC Courses for KTU Students

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