Is Arduino good for building major projects?


Arduino programming has been known for its simplified use of a microcontroller format. It has been used in various projects since its conception, as it is quite convenient. Students who have opted for Arduino projects have benefited due to its high demand in companies. This article has several major Arduino projects for students to grasp the idea. Arduino is an easy to use language and can be applied without any use of hardware programmer to burn the program. It is used from the simplest home appliance to major projects in industries. Arduino has spread its usage across various fields from military surveillance to smart homes. Let us understand through the following major Arduino projects.

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What are the features of the Arduino Uno Board?

Arduino boards are available in a variety but let us take the example of Arduino UNO to be more specific:

  • The chip on the board can be plugged into the USB port and is supported by the computer.
  • Easy to locate the microcontroller brain which has several features from timers to sleep mode and even external and internal interrupts.
  • A clock of 16 MHz
  • Inbuilt voltage regulator. It can be plugged into the outside power supply of up to 12V.
  • Availability of 13 digital pins and 6 analog pins has helped in plugging other devices to it to work more efficiently.
  • The availability of the ICSP connector has reduced the possibility of a corrupt chip.
  • A 32 KB flash memory.
  • LED on the board has made debugging of codes much easier.
  • Reset button to reset the program on the chip.

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What is the use of Arduino Uno?

The new tech environment has broadly based on projects of everyday use to one’s used in high profile companies or government sectors. Based on that the use of Arduino Uno can be divide into the following four applications-

  • Automation System
  • Basic circuit designs
  • Do-it-Yourself projects
  • Code-based control projects

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Why Arduino is better?

Arduino has been said to be the easiest language as it can be easily grasped even by beginners. One does not need prior knowledge for using Arduino. Arduino is quite advantageous than other programs as it is cheaper to use and easy accessibility. Since its, open-source troubleshooting can be done easily and one can build their kit. Arduino has compatibility with almost all operating systems. The open-supply software allows one to merge it with the existing library and enhance its capability.

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Major Arduino Projects

1. Animatronic Hand


Animatronic hand has gained significant prominence in the movie industry. The device mimics a human's hand movements. In this project, Arduino programming is used to actuate the hand.

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2. Persistence of Vision


This Arduino project may seem easy as it is seen in various places but has a whole lot of machinery behind. It is an interactive display system which is used in bus stations, railway station, hospitals, etc. Arduino programming is used for this LED-Based POV.

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3. Home Automation Using IoT


IoT's made tech-based houses, too. This major Arduino project is based on making the smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices for home use. The apps will be connected to the user's phones via Bluetooth connectivity.

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4. CNC Machine Using Arduino


You will be building a CNC machine in this project right from the scratch using Arduino programming. This Arduino project has helped students score well-paid jobs.

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5. Robotic Arm


Another robotic arm initiative, this one has minimized manual labour in different industries. Now work can be done without any mistake, easily. This module will require connectivity to the user's phone through Bluetooth. This helps understand Bluetooth connectivity, Arduino, and servo motors better.

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6. Smart Building Using IoT


A project on conserving energy, Arduino works by switching on/off the lights in a room calculating the occupants. This Arduino project has lessened the major problem of wastage of electricity.

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7. Automatic Solar Tracker


A project to make the best use of natural resources, this one stores solar energy which can be later used. Using Arduino Programming you can create a module that will store and use solar energy.

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8. IoT Using Arduino


A project involving both IoT and Arduino will help in collecting real-time temperature and humidity data. The data then will be streamed live across the internet.

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9. Biometric Authentication


Biometric authentication has been quite in vogue these days for easy access to offices or even for id proof. This major Arduino project is based on the same and helps in storing fingerprint data on your access card. This has helped improve security. You will understand the concepts of LCD and Arduino biometric sensors in this project.

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10. Health Monitoring Wearable


A device designed to monitor your health. This is a wearable device that will calculate your heart rate and alert you. This Arduino project assists in understanding the programming of pulse sensors and Lilypad Arduino.

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11. Mechatronics (Career Building Course)


This course has helped students build a career in mechatronics. It is based on the understanding of the concepts from basic, intermediary to an advanced level by using Arduino programming.

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12. Smart Traffic Lighting System


Now the work of traffic police has become easier thanks to the smart traffic system. This Arduino project helps in building a module for handling traffic, especially in congested areas. IR sensors and Arduino is used for the working of this project.

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13. Smart Shopping Trolley

Now this project will help you create a smart trolley no longer standing on long queues in the mall. The aim is to measure the shopping sum while adding items to the trolley. This means one wouldn't have to wait on long queues and can pay by simply summarizing the amount on the trolley. This software is an RFID reader working and Arduino running.

Some more projects that work using Arduino are as follows-

  1. 3D Printer
  2. Smart Irrigation System
  3. Biped Walking Robot
  4. Sensor Guided Robotics
  5. Hexapod
  6. Swarm Robotics
  7. Mobile Robotics
  8. Smart Energy Meter Using GSM
  9. Gesture Based Robotics
  10. Smart Water Monitoring
  11. Automated Street Lighting
  12. WiFi Controlled Robot
  13. Maze Solver Robot
  14. Bluetooth Robotics
  15. Fire Fighting Robot
  16. Sixth Sense Robot
  17. GPS & GSM Based Tracker

I hope now you have understood that Arduino is the best choice for building major projects. To build more Arduino related projects visit our website. Also, let us know your suggestions in the comment section.

Is Arduino good for building major projects?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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