Top 6 Arduino Based Projects for Students(Videos Included)


Arduino is widely used by enthusiasts, hobbyists, and engineering students to build various projects. In this article, we are going to discuss topics like, Arduino based mini projects, what is Arduino, its applications, types of Arduino, etc. Given below are some of the innovative Arduino based mini-projects, out of which you can select one that suits your interests as well.

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What is Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source platform used to build electronics projects. It has a physical programmable circuit board, called the microcontroller that can be programmed using a software (Integrated Development Environment). The software is used to write and upload code to the physical board. An Arduino board can read input, like light on a sensor and finger on a button and turn it into a piece of output, like activating a motor and turning on a light. The microcontroller on the board can accept instructions to produce the desired output.

Simply put, an Arduino is like a small computer that can be programmed to interact with the world via sensors, lights, and motors. It makes complicated electronics accessible to students and beginners.

A variety of people, like students, artists, programmers, professionals and so on, are increasingly using Arduino projects. The projects can involve constructing small, everyday objects to complex, technical instruments. Over the years, Arduino users have created their own community. A tremendous amount of knowledge has become accessible because of the emergence of this community. The contribution and innovation of users have enriched the open-source platform.

Arduino gets its name from a bar in Ivrea, Italy where some of its founders used to meet. It originated at the Ivrea Interaction Design Institute with the purpose of being an easy tool for fast prototyping. It was meant to be for students who lack a background in electronics and programming. Yet, once the Arduino board started reaching a larger set of people, it started adapting to new requirements. Today, open-source software is growing and expanding by the contributions of its users all around the globe.

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Why is it used?

Why is it used?

Arduino projects are a popular choice because they’re simple and easily accessible. The software is easy enough for beginners to access but also flexible enough to suit experts’ requirements. It runs across platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.  Teachers and students can use it to construct inexpensive, scientific tools to illustrate scientific principles. It is a good entryway to learn programming and robotics as well.

Latest projects on Arduino

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Arduino is used by a range of professionals like designers, architects, musicians, artists, and so on. It is a useful tool to build prototypes, installations and experiment with new musical instruments. Arduino is inexpensive and unlike other microcontrollers in the market, Arduino simplifies the process of microcontroller programming. The plans of Arduino boards are published under a Creative Commons license, so expert users can be innovative with the module and can constantly add improvements.

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What can you do with an Arduino?

Arduino projects over the years have shown Arduino’s versatility and usability. Arduino builds and controls a variety of things. For instance, a 3D printer can be controlled using Arduino to eject molten plastic from the plastic head. Arduino is also used in building robots.

A laser harp, an LED cube, a personalized alarm system, a weather display system, a fingerprint scanner, etc. are all examples of innovative Arduino projects. Arduino can even be used to control tweeting and online posting.

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Types of Arduino Boards

Arduino makes many different types of boards, each with its own capabilities. Since it is open-source hardware, users can create their own derivatives of Arduino boards. Arduino projects use a variety of accessible Arduino boards. Some different types of Arduino boards are the Arduino Uno (R3), the LilyPad Arduino and Red Board. Besides the boards, there is a variety of Arduino sensors and shields as well.

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Arduino-based Mini Projects for Engineering Students

Skyfi Labs helps tech enthusiasts hone their skills through actual practice. It offers a wide variety of Arduino projects for students at different skill levels. It also offers innovative Arduino based mini projects meant for engineering students. Some of the best Arduino projects are given below:

1. Animatronic Hand

Animatronics is the combination of Animation and electronics. It is used to animate the motion of humans or animals. For instance, a machine can walk, move its arms, and change its facial expressions, like a human being using this technology. In this Arduino mini-project, you will use Arduino, servo motor, flex sensor to build and control an animatronic hand that copies the motion of your hand.

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2. Home Automation using IoT

In this Arduino project, you will learn how to build an electronic device that controls all the home appliances using Bluetooth. Using this device, you can turn ON/OFF the lights with the help of an Android app. It also enables the person to store and analyze data for future reference.

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3. Sensor guided Robot

In this Arduino mini-project, you will build a robot that actuates with the help of the sensor. Sensor guided robots are autonomous robots that work autonomously without any human intervention. You will use an IR sensor, Arduino, DC motor, motor driver, etc. to build the robot. While building this mini-project you will learn about Arduino architecture, dc motor working and calibration of the sensor.

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4. Smart Irrigation System

In this Arduino mini-project, you will learn to develop a smart irrigation system using a soil moisture sensor, ESP-8266 Wi-Fi module, and an Arduino board. The device created will identify changes in moisture levels of the soil and manages the flow of water accordingly using a pump. Simultaneously, the person can also program the system to collect data for storage and analysis.

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5. Biometric Authentication

In this mini-project, you will learn to build a biometric device that scans and authenticates the user based on their fingerprint. You will use the Arduino board, fingerprint sensor, and LCD to build this project. While building this project you will learn about working of biometric readers, Arduino architecture and its programming, etc.

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6. 3D Printer

Through this Arduino project, you will learn to build a fully functioning 3D printer. You get a chance to learn the concepts of 3D printing and you will build a 3D printer from scratch. It will also teach you how to program the printer to print objects with high precision. Since it is a project based on Arduino programming, it shows the versatile nature of this technology.

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Apart from these projects, there are a few other topics that you can refer to:

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Top 6 Arduino Based Projects for Students(Videos Included)
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