7 Best Final Year Projects on Arduino (Videos Included)


Gone are the days when we used to sit and ponder over for hours for little things. Be it any field, career, technical or social, we used to struggle for every little penny. But, today, this great achievement of sitting at home while being able to monitor what is going outside your domain or to be able to work has induced a lot of welcoming opportunities for youth. We can learn new things simply, just by a click. In online you will find a lot of amazing stuff that will help you in the long run.

To brief you about such things, this article brings you just another outstanding platform where you (engineering students) can find some of the top final year projects using Arduino.

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As you will scroll further, you will get to know how important these projects are?

What is Arduino?

What is Arduino

For many of us who don’t know and are not familiar with technical terms, in simple words Arduino is open-source, a huge platform that lets you integrate hardware components with software without aiming for any kind of profit. With the help of the Arduino board, you can create some outstanding technologies that the world today demands. Some complicated technologies like remote sensing, smart sensing and robotics find extensive use of Arduino.

Arduino is really easy to learn as it just operates on very simple programming languages like C and C++. A great tool for beginners who find their interests in robotics, IoT, Embedded systems, etc. Arduino is user-friendly as well as cost-effective also.

Latest projects on Arduino

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What are the applications of Arduino?

With the growing use of Arduino in various fields, it is becoming even more popular day by day. For those engineering students who are looking for some really strong projects in their final year, their search ends here. Arduino project is a very good option since it provides a base for your future learning about other related technologies. To talk more about its applications, Arduino finds great use in home automation, smart sensing, artificial intelligence, robotics, brain science and cognition, machine learning, fingerprint scanning, weather monitoring system, etc.

Not only having secured its position among engineers but also among other artists, architects, musicians, enthusiasts, and other professionals. Arduino has emerged as a successful software tool. This shows the exponential growth of Arduino in today’s world.

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What are the different types of Arduino boards?

Arduino is open-source hardware, and simultaneously, an extremely user-friendly tool, thus letting the users derive their own different versions of the Arduino board as per their choice.  Arduino Uno (R3), Lilypad Arduino and Red Board are some really good Arduino boards developed so far.

Having now known about some exciting facts about Arduino and its rising use, it becomes way important to associate ourselves with the Arduino projects since joining such projects enhances your knowledge in greater depth.

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Top Final year projects on Arduino for Engineering students

Now, have a look at the detailed explanation of the above-mentioned projects.

How to build Arduino projects Did you know

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1. Biped walking robot: Get to know about the working of a robot, by learning about the data being fed into the robot, how the data gets processed and how the robot then makes a move. Explore many other amazing facts about this field of robotics and stand apart from others. As part of this Arduino project, you will learn about robot’s locomotion, working of servo motors, Arduino architecture, and programming, etc.

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2. Mobile Robotics: Building a robot that can be controlled by your smartphone doesn’t make you thrilled about learning Arduino? Well, to know more, be a part of this project where you will learn how to build a mobile controlled robot using Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. Making use of these DTMF signals that send instructions to the robot from your mobile, Mobile Robotics is really worth learning.

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3. Smart Irrigation System: This Arduino project helps you to develop a device that detects the change in the moisture level of the soil and also further controls the flow of water accordingly. You will get to work with a soil moisture sensor and an Arduino board.

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4. Hexapod: This Arduino project helps you to build your own personal Hexapod Robot that can be controlled via Bluetooth. You will also learn about Robot’s locomotion, working of servo motors, wireless actuation of legged robots, the crawling strategy of hexapods and much more while building this project.

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5. Animatronic Hand: This Arduino project helps you to build an energy-efficient device that helps you track energy usage and send it via SMS periodically. Through this project, you will get an opportunity to learn about GSM technology, Arduino architecture and electrical loads and measurement.

Learn more about Animatronic hand

6. CNC Machine using Arduino: An exciting opportunity that lets you build your CNC machine capable of performing operations like drilling, milling, and cutting. Learning about stepper motors, Arduino Board, G Codes, CNC calibration, and programming will be a part of this project.

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7. 3D Printer: Starting from the very scratch to build a 3D printer is really an interesting idea. With the help of this project, you will be able to print your own objects and use them for building other projects too. As part of this project, you will learn about additive manufacturing, RAMPS board, and SMPS & Motor Driver.

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8. Swarm Robots

Swarm robots are the ultimate class of robots which are capable of connecting and communicating with each other. This technology has a massive scope in the field of surveillance and warfare. The robots which are built for this purpose are highly intelligent and must be capable of coordinating amongst each other to get the work done. Arduino programming enables to utilise a master-slave communication link which helps the robots work efficiently. The master robot controls the slave robot while performing its own task. This Arduino project is an amalgamation of mechanics, communication engineering and Arduino programming.

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9. Home Automation system using IoT: In this IoT based Arduino project, you will learn the special ways in which you can turn your entire home into a system that you can operate through your phone. This project uses Bluetooth technology and teaches you the concepts of IoT and Arduino.

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10. Sensor Guided Robotics: Robots are the future. This Arduino project teaches you how to develop a sensor guided robot. You will learn about the concepts of phototrophic and photophobic. IR sensor, Arduino UNO board, and DC motor are used to develop the Robot.

Check details of the sensor guided robotics project

11. Persistence of Vision: This course teaches you the dynamics of display systems technology. This is an interesting project that works with LEDs to give a magical touch to your Arduino project. You will learn the working and application of DC motors as well.

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12. Automatic Solar Tracker: A new type of device to generate solar power is widely used by people these days. In this Arduino project, you will learn about photoresistors in electronic systems and the workings of the solar energy system.

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13. Weather monitoring system using Arduino

In this Arduino project, you will learn to build a device sensitive to temperature variations. It streams the temperature and humidity data over the internet to the user at a remote location. This project helps you to improve your knowledge of Electronics and Communication.

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14. Automated street lighting system

This Arduino project mainly teaches you how to build a light-sensitive device that turns the streetlights ON/ OFF automatically depending on the intensity of sunlight falling on it. Not just this, you will also get a chance to work on interfacing and calibrating the sensors. A smart way to use this technology to efficiently save energy is worth learning.

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15. Smart water monitoring

This course involves making an Arduino based Smart Water Monitoring System that controls and manages the flow of water through the pipe. By working on this Arduino project, you will learn about Arduino concepts, Arduino architecture, and calibration of flow sensors. Building a device that really helps in saving water should be a part of your course learning.

View more about Smart water monitoring using IoT

16. Smart Building using Arduino

This course enables you to build an Arduino based smart device that can sense the number of occupants in a meeting room and automatically turn the lights ON/OFF based on occupancy. PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor is used to achieve the above-mentioned task. This is an efficient way to save electricity for domestic purposes.

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17. Robotic Arm

In this Arduino project, you will develop a robotic arm that can be associated with your smart phone through Bluetooth and can be controlled by an Android App. Arduino Uno board is used to program the robotic arm. Servo motors are used as actuators that make the robot to achieve movements in three degrees of freedom. HC-05 Bluetooth module is used to connect the robotic arm to the mobile.

Check details of the Robotic Arm project

18. Mobile Robotics

Mobile robots have the benefit of range as the coverage area is more for mobiles. As part of this Arduino project, you will build a robot that can be controlled by a mobile that makes a call to another mobile associated with the robot.

Check details of the mobile robotics project

19. Gesture based robotics

Gesture controlled robot is a semi-autonomous robot which is controlled by hand gestures. Accelerometer sensor is used to detect the movement of the hand. The Robot takes inputs from the sensor and moves accordingly.

Check details of the gesture controlled robot

20. Sixth-sense robot

Sixth sense technology is a progressive method to magnify the physical world around us and allows the users to control robots using image processing algorithms. In this Arduino project, you will develop a robot using Arduino and image processing algorithms to control the robot.

Check details of the sixth sense robot

21. Wi-Fi controlled robot

Wi-Fi has turned into an integral part of our lives today and there is a number of gadgets which we control through Wi-Fi. In this Arduino project, you will develop a robot which can be controlled remotely through your laptop using Wi-Fi. The Robot is connected to the internet with the help of the Wi-Fi module and can be controlled through commands given through laptop.

Check details of the WiFi controlled robot

22. Fire-fighting robot

Fire-fighting is a very dangerous job because of that now robots can be used to perform this task which will reduce the risk of injury to humans. As part of this Arduino project, you will develop a robot which detects the fire with the help of IR (Infra-Red) sensors and extinguishes it using a fan powered by a DC motor. The robot is programmed using Arduino microcontroller to accomplish the desired task.

Check details of the firefighting robot

23. Maze solver robot

In this Arduino project, you will develop a robot that can discover its way out from a maze of puzzling lines. IR sensors will be utilized to recognize the maze lines and send information to the microcontroller. The robot will travel through the maze field utilizing the infrared optical sensors. When the robot detects a junction, it cleverly chooses the path using a special algorithm.

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24. Bluetooth robotics

In this Arduino project, you will build a robot which can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth. An Android application is used to give instructions to the robot. The robot is programmed to decode these signals and move accordingly. As part of this project you will learn about: Arduino architecture, Bluetooth communication, and working of motors.

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25. GPS and GSM based Tracker: GPS and GSM are two important technologies which have taken over the world. In this Arduino project along with Arduino architecture, you will also learn to integrate GPS and GSM practically.

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26. Biometric Authentication: In the modern world, biometric authentication is gaining popularity for various purpose of security. This Arduino project will teach you to build a biometric reader and also the programming and architecture of Arduino.

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27. Smart Energy Meter using GSM: This GSM based Arduino project enables you to record the energy consumed. It uses GSM technology that will keep you updated about the amount of energy consumed. You will also learn about electrical loads and measures in this project.

Check details of the sensor guided robotics project

28. Navigation Based online tracking system using Arduino: In this Arduino project, you will be building a GPS system which can continuously update your location and send information. You will be doing this by closely working with the working of a GPS, mobile communication systems, antennas, etc and hence, getting exposure to many aspects. 


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Apart from these projects, there are a couple of different projects that you can allude to:

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What benefits can you expect from these projects?

Besides a great learning experience, these projects have several other attractive benefits to offer:

  • Enhances knowledge.
  • It provides you with certificates that add bonus points to your resume and also increases your chances of getting recruited to higher companies.
  • It helps you in the long run in the field of technology, design, etc.
  • You get to learn and implement advanced technologies.
  • An experience to work on mini-projects hands-on.
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How can Skyfi Labs help you?

Here at Skyfi Labs, you get a wonderful opportunity to develop your minds by having a closer look at each detail involved. You can always interact with our experts in case of any doubt and learn the new concepts that go into designing of any technology. With our expert guidance and advice, you are surely going to enjoy learning such projects. To ensure its learner’s proper ease of learning, Skyfi Labs offer some mind-blowing project ideas that you can build it as a final year project.

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Hope this article gets of some use to you.

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7 Best Final Year Projects on Arduino (Videos Included)
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