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20 Best Capstone Projects On Image Processing (IP)

If you are wondering what is this article is about, then read the next line. This article will give an idea about what is a capstone project, how image processing works and some innovative capstone projects on image processing.

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What is the Capstone Project?

The capstone project is one of those types of project which requires a lot of research before the content can be constructed. The students involved in capstone projects are required to do all kinds of work from topic research to implementation. All the senior engineering students require to build a team which designs, engineers and builds a public service project as selected.

The students need to figure out exactly what the client wants and only after that, they would be able to formalize a plan. As we know that for any project, implementing a plan is the foremost thing to be kept in mind, the above step should be put to the first preference. The engineering of the project should be foolproof and without any errors. The possible delays and mishaps should be kept in mind while designing the plan of occurrence of the projects.

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What is Image Processing?

Image Processing is that field of science that involves manipulating the images using computers. With the advent of technology, we have been coming across so many areas which can help us solve so many different problems. There are so many areas where Image Processing can be applied. From entertainment to medicine, the concept is one of the pillars of technology that integrates the entire plateau of services.

As the name suggests, the process of image processing is involved in processing images using computers. It involves a numerical representation of an object and making it undergo various operations that help in obtaining the desired result. The various operations include image collection, processing and analysing by applying numerous algorithms. In this way, a digital image is formed.

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What can you do with image processing?

There are so many ways that Image Processing can be used. It serves many purposes and solves many problems. Some of the profound applications are as follows:

  1. Computer vision: It involves the combination of computer science and technology. There can be so many formats that the images can be inputted in. Many examples of this field include controlling processes and machines such as industrial robots, vehicles, and organising the databases.
  2. Biometric Verification: It involves identifying the individuals using either face recognition or fingerprints or any other identification marks. The software stores the data of the employees of the company or the students and teachers of the schools.
  3. Face Detection: This involves identifying the person by looking into the dimensions of the page. This application can be put to use to open your mobile phones, or putting up crazy filters on applications like Instagram or Facebook.

10 innovative capstone projects on Image processing

Skyfi provides many topics on which the students can build a capstone project. The students have the liberty to choose their own topics and figure out the solutions to the problems presented in those topics.

1. Surveillance robot


Robots are taking up most of the jobs of humans as they increase the efficiency of the projects. Many industries are taking the help of the robot for even jobs like surveillance. This way, they could increase the accuracy by which the job is done.

This course will help the students to feed the computer with the dataset of the pictures of the place where the robot needs to work. It helps the students to learn the concepts of Raspberry Pi and Python Programming.

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2. Computer vision-based smart selfie


The new technologies have been always coming up and spreading their wings. The new transformation is the new technology of smart selfie. It is developed while incorporating a few concepts of face recognition and image processing. In this image processing project, students will learn to develop a computer vision-based smart selfie which takes snaps automatically when you smile using facial feature recognition algorithm and store it on your device.

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3. Sixth sense robot


This image processing project will help the students to build the robot with profound capabilities. The same can be the next superhuman. All you need to do is follow a few basic steps and put some concepts to use to reach where you actually will do wonders. This capstone project will teach you concepts of computer vision and Python programming.

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4. Computer vision-based text scanner


Text scanner is like the eyes to the machines and they help us recognise the texts in different font styles. This concept looks very simple but is very crucial to the companies. This image processing project helps you to build a very basic major project on the topic of computer vision. The student will be able to learn concepts like Image processing algorithms, Image thresholding, Image perspective transformation and Optical character recognition.

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5. Surveillance camera using IoT


The image processing concepts can be put to use to build a surveillance camera by putting in the work of the Internet of Things. This image processing project also will guide through the software like Raspberry Pi and Python Technology. With IoT, you can now watch your loved ones playing or watch over pets from anywhere, anytime. IoT can make any device smarter. IoT is the future! In this course, you will build a surveillance camera using IoT that can be used to monitor your belongings real-time for safety.

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6. Handwritten digit recognition


The handwritten digits have been a very important application to put into use the concepts of the user interface to use. The concept of image processing and machine learning can be put to use to recognise the handwritten digits. One will be able to learn the basic concepts of various machine learning algorithms and develop a machine learning model to recognize handwritten digits using MNIST data.

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7. Automatic Human Following Trolley

People cannot always take care of their trolleys while shopping. Either they may have children along with or they might not have enough strength to do so. This problem can be solved by utilising the advantages of the human following trolley. Through this capstone project, a student will be building an Autonomous trolley which will follow the particular human using Image Processing.

8. Fire detection using image processing

A Fire has always been a problem in so many areas of work and it causes so much trouble. So, fire detection has always been an important fact of study. The profound advantage of Image Processing Based Fire Detection System is that it provides an early warning benefit. This system can be installed just about anywhere in a commercial building, malls and at many more public places for fire detection.

9. Sign language Reader

The technology does wonders to all the people regardless of the capabilities or liabilities of an individual. The specially challenged people who cannot speak use the sign language. For others to understand, they also need to learn it. However, it is difficult to learn. In this capstone project, you will develop a system that can read sign language.

10. Disease Prediction

In the era of globalisation, although it might bring a lot of scope of development, at the same time, it leads to bringing up new diseases which can be detected using technology like image processing. This approach is finding large-scale applications in many fields around the world. One of the most significant uses of this technology is in the medical field. Every year, diseases like diabetes and cancer take the lives of millions of people. 

11. Human act identification by image processing

12. Image cartooning using python

13. Sleepiness detection for drivers using image processing

14. Vehicle number plate detection using image processing

15. Cancer detection

16. Vehicle Lane detection using image processing

17. Hand gesture recognition image processing project

18. Kidney stone detection – image processing project

19. Signature verification using image processing project

20. Secret communication using cryptography and steganography

These were some of the innovative capstone projects on image processing. Hope you have enjoyed the reading. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

20 Best Capstone Projects On Image Processing (IP)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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