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Why online course is better to learn computer vision?


Computer vision gives devices and systems the ability to “see”, much like the way humans do and is an up and coming field with a lot of opportunities for young engineers. The field has been the subject of large interest and there has been tremendous and rigorous research going on for decades now. Such systems will help in emulating the human visual sense, helping make computer systems more realistic and life-like. Hence research in this field will help in developing more complex and sentient machines that are capable of performing tasks without the need for humanitarian aid. However, images are not easy to decipher as they contain a lot of visual data that is complex to analyze, and this makes the development of CV intelligence more challenging. Here’s a look at everything you need to know regarding online courses you can take to learn computer vision.

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1. Surveillance Robot

2. Sixth Sense Robot

3. 3 Computer Vision Projects (Combo Course)

4. Computer Vision - Text Scanner

5. Computer Vision Based Mouse

6. Computer Vision Based Smart Selfie

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What is the present state of Computer Vision?

While it is difficult to sieve through images and process data, the use of technology such as deep learning and neural networks helps make the process easier. Computer vision utilizes such techniques to replicate human vision and is therefore very good at identifying patterns and forming connections. Hence, it finds great use in areas such as healthcare for the recognition of disease symptoms and patterns. Due to the robust analysis such systems provide, the future of computer vision looks promising. Computer vision is powered by deep learning, neural networks, and convolutional neural networks to read data off images and make sense of them. These networks are trained using datasets and sample images to analyze the image and break it down to pixels. Hence, every iteration, makes the system smarter and better at giving the optimum result.

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Uses of Computer Vision

  1. Image captioning
  2. Distinguishing humans from animals
  3. Social media platform profiling
  4. Facial recognition
  5. Biometric scanning
  6. Self-driving vehicles
  7. Complex navigation systems
  8. Medical diagnosis
  9. Surveillance and security
  10. Manufacturing and Production automation

Future of computer vision

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Further research in this field will lead to its adoption into more walks of life and a general improvement in the accuracy of such systems. The training time for the systems will reduce and the datasets required will become smaller, and hence the entire process will soon become more efficient. Also, when they are able to discern more from images, they can be used with more ease in fields such as healthcare. Furthermore, in the future, image captioning and natural language generation can be used together to make things easier for visually challenged people. Computer vision will also help technologies such as artificial general intelligence and artificial superintelligence to become better and adapt to the needs of the future.

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What are the advantages of online courses?

If you are reading this, then chances are you want to go ahead and give online certification courses a shot! However, you might be wondering just how much such courses can help. Well, you have come to the right place, because here’s a look at all the advantages that online courses provide.

  • Online courses give you more flexibility, making it easier for you to work around your tight schedule.
  • Online discussions and the completion of projects via such courses make it easier for you to earn hands-on experience, which in turn, makes it easier for you to become workforce ready.
  • It allows you to choose your own learning environment and so it is easier to avoid distractions.
  • Online courses mean no more commute, and so you save up on a lot of effort, time and money in the process.
  • There is less wastage of time and less boredom because you are able to listen to classes on the move and at your convenience.
  • You no longer have to worry about missing a class because you can replay the lectures whenever you want.
  • They are a lot cheaper and is hence, a more affordable form of tuition.
  • They are the best way to teach yourself some self-discipline because they require you to be your own master.
  • Teaches you how to manage your time efficiently.
  • It provides more options and topics to choose from than conventional methods of learning.
  • Higher interaction rates and more engaging content.

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Why are online courses better for learning computer vision?

As we have already seen, the future is bright for all young enthusiasts and engineers who have an interest in Computer Vision. Now that we know how important it is, the question is how do we learn computer vision. The best way to learn computer vision is by doing projects on your own. Here’s a look at some of the best computer vision online courses and how they serve as a great way to learn the subject.

1. Surveillance Robot

Robots are changing the way they live and have made their way into all walks of life. One of the major uses of robots worldwide is in enhancing the security and safety of our lives. What better way to do that than to employ them as surveillance systems! Through this computer vision online course, you will learn to use CV to build surveillance robots that constantly capture video footage and streams it to you so that you can keep an eye on your loved ones. You will also learn the basics of Raspberry Pi and Python Programming.

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2. Sixth sense robot

Industrial robotics is a great field that is seeing a lot of pioneering research. One of the best ways robots can be used to make life easier for us in the field of production and manufacturing as they help in automating assembly lines. In this computer vision online course, you will build a robot powered by image processing algorithms and in the process, you will explore concepts related to computer vision and Python. This Arduino-run robot relies on the microcontroller to track objects and recognize colors.

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3. Computer vision – Text scanner

Another important use of computer vision is in the analysis of texts and handwritten notes. Everything from the recognition of number plates to handling the complex navigation of self-driving cars may be handled using such technologies. This computer vision online course will teach you the basics of this concept by helping you build a text scanner that can "read" text from images!

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4. Computer vision based mouse

Computer vision helps systems and machines see the way humans do. In this computer vision online course, you will be taught to make a computer mouse that follows your finger movements and moves around with ease. Hence, this mouse can be operated without physically touching it, making it a smart device that can help transform the lives of the physically handicapped. The major concepts that will be covered are object tracking algorithms, image processing and thresholding and canny detection.

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5. Computer vision based smart selfie

Everyone loves taking selfies, and while this phenomenon has taken over the world, Computer vision helps make the art of taking selfies easier! This technology may be used to make smarter apps that can detect smiles. In this computer vision online course, you will be taught to make an application that instantly recognizes smiles, and reacts by instantly clicking a selfie, thereby ensuring that you always get the perfect picture.

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As you have seen above these were the reasons why online courses are better to learn computer vision. You can also check our computer vision online courses that come with life-time access along with a digital certificate.

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Why online course is better to learn computer vision?
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