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Innovative image processing based final year projects


In this article, we will be covering some innovative ideas for final year projects based on Image Processing. Image Processing is a technique used to perform various operations on an image to get an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from that image. This is a rapidly growing technology and has found a large variety of applications in various areas of the industry as well as research. Due to the increasing demand for engineers with experience in image processing, it’ll be a very good idea to do your final year project in this domain. The final year project is very important because it decides your entire academic performance, so working on an innovative project will give you the required experience and help you learn more.

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How does image processing work?

How does image processing work?

Image Processing can be of two types- Digital Image Processing and Analogue Image Processing. Analog Image Processing deals with the hard copies of images and the operations performed on them. Here, we will be focusing on Digital Image Processing because that is more relevant for final year projects. Digital Image Processing deals with digital images collected from various sources and the operations performed on them to get the desired results. The three main steps involved in Image Processing are:

Collection and pre-processing of the image- When the image is collected from any source like sensors, etc, usually they have a lot of noise that needs to be removed before the analysis. Various pre-processing techniques like noise removal, application of filters, etc. are used to remove the flaws and prepare the image for the next step.

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Analysis of pre-processed image- The pre-processed image is then analyzed. This is done by applying various algorithms on the image as needed. This can be used for enhancement, compression or for analyzing patterns using feature extraction in the image to get relevant results.

Result derivation- After all the operations are performed on the image, the required results are derived. It may be an enhanced image, or some important information which wasn’t visible to the naked eye, or some patterns that are further analyzed to extract the needed data. 

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Where image processing is used?

Image Processing is used in a lot of areas, with a wide variety of applications. Some of the most popular applications of Image Processing are:

Vehicle Recognition Systems- It is used in vehicle recognition systems that use various Image Processing techniques to get important information like number plate details, car details, etc.

Medical Imaging Techniques- Different types of imaging tools are used for medical purposes like X- Rays, MRI, ultrasound, etc. All these tools use image processing techniques to process the data received and give relevant results that can be used by the doctors for diagnosis.

Surveillance Systems- Automatic surveillance systems use image processing techniques to process the live feed and detect the possible threats if any. These systems are used for security in events, or country borders, etc. to prevent any unwanted breach.  

Tracking systems- Image processing is used by tracking systems to track a moving object like a car, human, etc. Such systems use techniques like motion-based tracking and recognition-based tracking to perform the required operation. 

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Innovative image processing based final year projects

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Image Processing is used across a variety of systems due to its ability to analyze digital data and extracting important information out of it. To build projects on image processing, you should understand the basics of the implementation of an algorithm and then choose what to use based on your problem statement. Here are some of the innovative project ideas:

1. Surveillance Robot

Robots are the future of technology, and this image processing project will allow you to build one such robot. It will let you build a surveillance robot that can be controlled from a remote location. The robot will capture and transmit live video footage over the internet using Raspberry Pi as the microcontroller. Here, the live footage can be analyzed using image processing techniques which will be necessary for surveillance. 

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2. Sixth Sense Robot

This image processing project will give you a chance to create a vision-guided robot from scratch. It will use various image processing algorithms and Arduino for the control and movement of the robot. It will let you implement important concepts like object tracking algorithm and color recognition algorithm. This project will also help you learn about robot locomotion, dc motors, computer vision, and Arduino programming.

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3. Computer vision - Text Scanner

Text Scanners are used to read texts directly from images which saves a lot of time and effort. This image processing project will let you build a text recognition system using image processing techniques. The system will use optical character recognition and display the text from the image given as input. It will give you a chance to learn more about important image processing related concepts like thresholding, image perspective transformation, different algorithms, and OCR.

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4. Computer Vision-Based Mouse

In the present world where robots perform operations based on what they see, this image processing project will allow you to develop a mouse that will work with your finger movement. The cursor will move directly on the screen without any actual physical contact with the mouse. This project will help you understand and implement the concepts of the object tracking algorithm. It will also help you learn more about image thresholding, canny edge detection, object tracking, and various image processing algorithms. 

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Apart from these projects, there are a couple of different projects that you can refer to:

These were some of the image processing project ideas that you can implement for your final year projects and expose yourself to the vast world of image processing. For more innovative project ideas, please visit our site.

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Innovative image processing based final year projects
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