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10 innovative senior design projects on Image Processing


Hey there, have you ever wondered how simple life would be if at all you could scan an image and actually get all the data regarding that image…. Right from the dimensions and location of that image to all forms of force analysis of that image, hell yeah! That’s the magnitude of the issue we are talking about when we say image processing!

As we all know, education is the most powerful weapon in the whole world as quoted by the great leader Nelson Mandela in one of his speeches, one can only excel in a field like image processing when they go for higher studies and work on high-level projects in order to achieve near perfection in this domain.

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So, this article deals with what exactly is image processing, its applications, scope and also briefly talk about the senior design project and finally some reliable online courses where you can find some exciting sets of projects for yourself and build up your knowledge and confidence in this domain.

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What is a Senior Design Project?

Senior design projects are those which offer students an opportunity to practically work on real-life engineering projects and provide solutions to those problems by the usage of real-time operating systems, databases, technology like image processing, optimizations and computer graphics. These projects generally take place for a duration of 1 to 2 semesters, wherein students form groups of 2 to 5 people under the guidance of a faculty advisor and go on to interact with the real management and engineering staff and gain experience. From this experience, they get a chance to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired from their previous courses.

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Innovative senior design projects on image processing

Going online is one of the best ways for checking out some amazing projects of your level and capability. Skyfi Labs is one such website which offers some exciting teaching and learning experience-based senior design projects which would surely help you’ll a lot. Here are some of their projects:

1. Computer vision-based smart selfie:

As the name suggests, in this senior design project, you will be building a system which would click a picture whenever we smile! We use computer vision in this project, which is the very basis for all the cool tech and intelligence- based behaviour of your computer’s components. You will be learning about image processing algorithms, facial feature recognition and Dlib C++ library in this project.


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2. Computer vision based mouse:

In this senior design project, you build your computer in such a way that your computer can literally “see” and perform operations based on what it sees and also enable your mouse to move by just pointing the desired direction you want to move it in front of the system. Sounds amazing right? You will be learning about image processing algorithms, object tracking, image thresholding and canny edge detection.


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3. Computer vision-based scanner:

In this senior design project, you will be building a computer which can read and identify texts from a given image and display text regarding that image. You will be learning about image processing algorithm, optical character recognition, image perspective transformation and image thresholding.


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4. Surveillance robot:

Surveillance robot is used to perform difficult and dirty jobs where human life risk is more. In this senior design project, you will develop one such robot with the help of computer vision algorithms.


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What is Image Processing?

Image processing can be termed as the usage of digital computers to process digital images through an algorithm. It is used in different electronic devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, computers etc for a wide range of applications. Digital image processing has a lot of advantages over analogue image processing wherein it can avoid things like noise and distortion during processing. It may be modelled in the form of multidimensional systems. In other words, Image processing is one kind of signal processing wherein the input is an image and the output is a characteristic or a feature allied with the image.

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How does image processing work?

One might wonder, as to how to gain knowledge on the field of image processing. Well, in order to gain knowledge, firstly we need to know how exactly image processing works and then build upon it. So, given below are the ways how image processing work:

Image processing basically includes 3 steps, they are:

  • Import the image via image acquisition tools
  • Analysing and manipulating the image
  • Output in which report can be an altered image or an image analysis.

So, basically, we first try to digitize or convert the image into an image file and then apply digital methods to rearrange the picture parts, enhance colour separations, or improve the brightness and quality of the image and then finally analyse the image and produce the output by the extensive use of commercial art applications that involve retouching and rearranging of sections of photographs and other artwork.

So, what are its principal applications? And the scope of it in the future?

These kinds of questions might surely be triggering you guys right. Don’t worry, this article has got it all covered.

Image processing has 2 main principal applications, they are:

  1. Improving the quality of the images and
  2. Machine perception as visual information as used in robotics.

The scope of this field is so large, that it may involve scanning each and every object in space on the verge to discover more and more intelligent lives in space. Also, many digital species which would be created in the future will include advances in image processing applications. Also, robots, which can transform the way the world can be managed in a few decades time are largely influenced by image processing, hence widening its scope like never before. Image processing integrated with artificial intelligence can have an everlasting impact on human society with their uses like, translating languages, involving spoken commands, anticipating the needs and requirements of governments, recognising and tracking people and things, diagnosing people’s medical condition and reprogramming defects in human DNA and many more!

So, what are you waiting for? After knowing all this, you seriously want to try out some projects and master in this field, right? The next section has got it all covered for you.

Apart from this, there are many other projects which you can check out here

Also, in these projects, along with gaining knowledge, you will also be getting a certificate, an expert guidance and a kit containing all the components required for the project as well!

So, choose accordingly!

Best of luck!;

10 innovative senior design projects on Image Processing
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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