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Sign Language Reader

The specially challenged people who cannot speak use the sign language. For others to understand, they also need to learn it. However, it is difficult to learn. In this project, you will develop a system that can read sign language. Also, it can convert it into English for others to read.

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You will use Raspberry Pi as the brain of the system. Web Camera to record the video. You will use video processing to detect the gestures. Machine Learning algorithms to make the system automatic.

You will also use Tensorflow framework. Finally, you can do video calls with people who use sign language. The system will read their gestures and convert them into words.

Project description:

Raspberry Pi 3: It is a third-generation, single-board computer. It contains a 64-bit quad-core processor. The clock speed is 1.5 GHz. An external micro SD card provides memory to Raspberry Pi. You can give instructions using the Raspbian OS.

Raspbian OS: It is similar to Windows or Ubuntu OS. You can code the Raspberry Pi using Python in the Raspbian OS. It is user-friendly and allows multi-tasking.

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Web camera (HD): You will use it to record the video. The system needs to detect minute changes, hence it needs to record the video in HD.

Python: You will use Python in Raspbian OS to program the system.

OpenCV: You will use this library to perform video processing.

Tensorflow: It is an open-source ML framework. You will use it for data analysis.

Project Implementation:

  1. Interface the web camera with the Raspberry Pi using appropriate wires.
  2. Open the Raspbian OS on your PC/ laptop.
  3. Type the code for continuous video recording in Python.
  4. Now you will use OpenCV to detect hands and record the hand gestures.
  5. Use tensorflow to store and analyse the hand movements. You have to give meaning to every hand movement. You also have to give it the functionality of understanding facial features. Based on this, the system can detect changes in facial expression.
  6. The machine has to learn the meanings of different hand gestures. For this, you have to train it by recording different gestures and giving it meaning.
  7. Once it detects a gesture, it should convert it into words or phrases.
  8. It will become better at predicting hand gestures with time and practice.
  9. You can use it over Skype to talk to any person who uses sign language.

Programming Language: Python

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Sign Language Reader
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