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Computer vision based Smart Selfie

Machine learning is emerging as one of the latest technology nowadays. The computer is now capable of doing things and taking decisions based on various algorithms. The project based on Selfie is quite common but one can understand the way of the working of the system based on this. The system created will be capable of taking the Selfie by only detecting the person smile. The project is made with the help of C++ language and you will learn many things such as image processing, image manipulation, etc.

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Computer vision based smart-selfie project

First, we will download all the required libraries such as OpenCV and other packages. This project will be developed to read the image and then transfer the signals to the microcontroller. The microprocessor will read it and based on various expressions it will give commands to the system. For this specific task, we are aiming to take the Selfie of the person if he/she is smiling.  The packages consist of header files which will be necessary to manipulate the data.

We also need to train the project with proper datasets which are available on the internet.  For our project we will download the datasets of people profile and models smiling. The Selfie detector will detect the smile of the person and will click the photo. The coding is generally done in C++ but we will also use some concepts of python programming language. The object is to identify real life objects hence the system needs to be smart and well-trained.

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About OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision)

OpenCV is very helpful in our project as it is aimed to develop real-time computer vision. It is free to use and developers can develop their respective projects on this platform. Its application includes areas such as: -

  • 2D and 3D feature toolkits
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Motion understanding
  • Object Identification

And many more features are offered. This software is capable to identifying image and then sends signals to the project. The signals are interpreted to take the required action. As OpenCV is written in C++ language, it is advised to build this project in C language but there is no problem with doing it with python. The codes are although available on the internet but you will need to apprehend it according to your requirements.


The project will help in learning many concepts such as Image processing, using OpenCV, Dlib C++ library, etc. The developer should use its own creativity as the application may understand a simple twitch on the face as smiling. The datasets are required to train the project well and to test the system for all types of glitches. At last, you must check the application and then present to the client. The object is to take the photo by recognizing the facial expression of the person. The developer should possess some knowledge of C++, basics of image processing, manipulating the digital signals, python language and many more. The project is very easy to implement and build.

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Computer vision based Smart Selfie
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