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Library Management System using SQL and C++

A large organization uses a huge amount of data every day. Again with time the amount of data keeps on increasing. Keeping a record of those data using pen and paper is not advisable as physical data can be misplaced and difficult to retrieve. So, to run an organization smoothly and to keep a record of all data in a meaning full manner, we require a computerized management system. In this project, you will be addressing one of this kind of problem, which is the management of a library by developing an application using C++ and Oracle 11g.

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The objectives of this project are,

  • To eliminate the paper work in a library.
  • To record every transaction in a computerized system so that problem such as record file missing will not happen.
  • To keep a track of all the books inside the library in a systematic manner.
  • To make a proper application so that it will be user friendly, less time taking.
  • Project Description:

    1. C++: It is an object-oriented programming language which includes classes, inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction. This is one of the popular programming language used for multi-device, multi-platform application development. In this project, you are going to write code using C++ language.
    2. Graphical User Interface: This feature enables the user to interact with the computer with the help of icons, pictures, animations etc. You will be developing a GUI for your management system so that user will find it easy and interesting to use.
    3. Oracle 11g: It is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is used to create and manage database. In this project, you will use this software for creating and modifying your Bank database.

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    Project Implementation:

    You need to performrm these following tasks,

    1. At first list, all the modules a library management system requires to run smoothly. A standard library management system must have these following modules,
      • Authorization and authentication module for librarian
      • Book maintenance module
      • Publisher maintenance module
      • Employee maintenance module
      • Member maintenance module
      • Book transaction module
      • Book search module
      • E-mail module
    2. Construct a data flow diagram for each module. While making data flow diagram consider the interrelationship between modules.
    3. Now comes designing the system. In this step, you have to design the user interface and database for the management system. While designing the database use various normalization techniques to eliminate data redundancy.
    4. Then you have to do the programming coding part of the library management system. You have to do coding for the following,
      • Database connection
      • Book maintenance (add a book, show book information, show all book, update book etc.)
      • Barcode generator
      • Library detail for email verification
      • Employee login and logout
      • Return book
      • Payment etc.
      • In the end, you have to test your system so that it became bug-free.

    Project Brief: This project will give you a brief idea of how a library management system works. You will understand how a software is developed.

    Software requirements:

    1. Dev-C++: You will be needing Dev-C++ software for the coding purpose.
    2. Oracle 11g: You will be needing Oracle 11g also for creating a database.

    Programming language: C++ language, SQL(Structured Query Language)

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    Kit required to develop Library Management System using SQL and C++:
    Technologies you will learn by working on Library Management System using SQL and C++:
    Library Management System using SQL and C++
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