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Color detection

Color detection is used to identify the name of any color. Well, it is easy for us to identify the color name but for the computer machine, it is quite difficult. For the living organisms, the light receptors in the eye collect the light signals reflected from the objects and then convert it into electric signals. The signals are then sent to the brain to decode it and then identify it. Our brain has collected the color names throughout our life and hence we can name it quite easily. For this project, we will implement it through python language. As the study will be based on the study of huge database files so we need to download the data file which contains the name of colors and its values.

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Project Implementation

For the data, we know that the colors are made up of three primary colors which red, blue and green. The computer memory takes up the values of colors from 0 to 255. The color combination formed with this range is like 256*256*256 which is equivalent to the value of 16,581,375. This range is huge and it is way more than the human eye to identify such colors. The data file (colors.csv) can be downloaded for free from the internet and it consists of RGB values. The file includes 865 color names and its hexadecimal values.

  • First step is to download and unzip files such as, colorpic.jpg, and colors.csv in the program to include all the libraries of the python which are necessary.
  • The panda’s library is very useful at this project. It is used to perform various operations on the data files like CSV.pd.read_csv ().
  • Then a window should be created to input the image which the computer will study.
  • The draw_function will study the pixels of the image and the rgb values will be compared to that of dataset.
  • The distance is calculated among the color values and then the exact value is predicted.
  • By clicking the window of the color the computer can name the color.
  • The project is complete and the image path is introduced through the –i argument.
  • The image should be defined in the directory if not the full path should be defined in the syntax.

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Double click on the window of the color and the project will give the value of the color and its name. For example, the result will be displayed like yellow_(67), Red_(283) , etc. The project will need a good knowledge of python language and manipulation over data analysis. The project is extensively cheap and it can be implemented.

The source code is downloaded for free and the project can easily be made by the students. The window is double clicked and the computer read it effectively. The project read the CSV files and then portrayed it accurately. The python project is used in numerous image editing apps. The project can identify a slight change in the colors also and then give the results.

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Color detection
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