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10 innovative major projects on Image Processing


The use of a computer system for creating digital images through an algorithm is image processing. The image processing method is used to perform certain processes on an image such as an improvement of the image or eliminating any unusable details from the image. Image processing generates and develops mainly by three factors: first, computer development; second, the development of mathematics – particularly creating and improving the theory of disclosed mathematics – and third, increasing requirements for a broad array of applications in the fields of environment, agriculture, military, and industry.

In this article, we will be discussing major projects that you can develop on image processing technology.

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1. Surveillance Robot

2. Sixth Sense Robot

3. 3 Computer Vision Projects (Combo Course)

4. Computer Vision - Text Scanner

5. Computer Vision Based Mouse

6. Computer Vision Based Smart Selfie

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Why do we need Image processing?

Image processing is very common and rapidly expanding application in the field of computer technology. This progress is driven by technological developments in digital imaging, data processing, and computing facilities. 

What can we do with Image processing?


Image processing allows much more sophisticated techniques to be used and therefore can give more modern efficiency in simple tasks and approaches and completes several tasks that can not be applied by analog means.

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Latest projects on Computer Vision

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How does it work?

Analog Image processing and Digital Image processing are the two types

Analog Image processing

It is applied to the analog signals which can capture two-dimensional signals and it is a time-varying signal. For example, consider a hard copy of an image place on the processing unit and it is captured in the form of analog and the image sensitivity is varies in the analog signals. 

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Digital Image processing

Digital Image captures the image in digital form where it varied in the binary code 0 or 1 and not time varied and formed by small bits of data. It captures the digital image and manipulates the signal into an image format. 

Where do we use Image Processing?

Image sharpening and restoration

Photo sharpening and restoring and applying it to edit pictures taken by the modern camera to create a better photo or alter photographs to reach the desired result. It refers to the work usually done by Photoshop.

Zoom, blur, sharpen, gray to color conversion, border detection, image recuperation, and image recognition are all included.

Medical field

In the field of Medical, it can be used in Gamma-ray imaging, PET scan, X-Ray Imaging, Medical CT, UV imaging. 

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Hurdle detection

Detection of a hurdle is one of the common tasks done by image processing, detection, and measurement of the gap between robots and hurdles.

Color processing

Color processing includes processing colored images and various color spaces. This also includes learning how to transmit, storing and decoding certain color images. For example the RGB color pattern, YCbCr, HSV, etc.

Video processing

A video is nothing more than the very fast motion of the pictures. The accuracy of the video relies on the quantity and quality of the frames/photos in the camera used. Video therapies include noise reduction, information, motion detection, converting frame rate, aspect ratio, color space conversion, etc.

Graphic Image processing

The image processing shall be any type of information processing for which images such as photos or video frames are both the input and the output. The bulk of image processing approaches include the use of the picture as a two-dimensional signal and normal signal processing techniques. 

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Biometric Verification

Recognition of biometrics is such an important identity method and access control. It can also be used to recognize persons in observed groups. The technique aims to make sure that only a legal user and nobody else access the rendered services. A biometric system is a pattern recognition system theoretically based on an individual's acquisition of biometric data.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is a set of various data signals that use various devices to gather information on a particular object or location.

Remote sensing sources are resonance imaging (RIM), positron emits tomography (PET),x-rays and space samples.

Character Recognition

Character recognition or Optical Character Recognition abbreviated as the OCR commonly known as the recognition of optical character. The translation of images of hand-written or printed text (usually captured by a scanner) into an editable text is mechanical or electronic. This is a wide area in patterns, artificial understanding and machine vision for researchers. The cost-effective and quickest method available for many document input tasks is character recognition.

Some other applications of Image processing are:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Forensic Studies
  • Film Industries
  • Printing industries
  • Line follower robot
  • microscope imaging
  • Lane-departure caution system
  • Non-photorealistic representation
  • Morphological imaging 

Innovative major projects on image processing

1. Surveillance Robot

In this image processing project, you will learn to build your own Raspberry Pi-based surveillance robot and relay live Internet video footage. You will also learn to configure the robot to follow a remote that follows the user's command. 

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2. Surveillance Camera using IoT

As part of this major project, you will use the Raspberry Pi, a computer that is a credit card-sized device to be used for brain transmission and programming to transmit live videos to your display. 

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3. Sixth Sense Robot

By working on this image processing project, you will learn to create your microcontroller robot that uses Arduino and can be operated using image processing algorithms. To work with your robot you will use the software for object tracking and the colour recognition algorithm. 

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4. Computer Vision - Text Scanner

The computer vision powered text scanner will be designed to search the text of a picture by using an optical character recognition algorithm for the identification of the optical structure and will show the text on your phone. 

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5.  Computer Vision-Based Mouse

Use the object tracking algorithm to learn how to develop a computer vision-based mouse to control the cursor. This major project enables you to perform all the functions of a mouse simply by pointing fingers in front of the computer without touching the mouse. 

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6. Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie

In this major image processing project, you will learn to develop an intelligent selfie based on your computer vision, which can automatically take a picture when you smile and store it with your camera with a facial recognition algorithm. 

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These projects will help you out in gaining hands on experience in Computer vision and image processing. Enrol now! For experiencing a new way of learning.

10 innovative major projects on Image Processing
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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