BE projects for ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering)


Electronics and Communication Engineering is an evergreen field of engineering that is considered one of the core branches. Almost every device we use in our day-to-day lives requires electronics to work, and hence this is a field of engineering that will never go out of fashion. Everything from the mobile phone you use daily to the computer or laptop through which you are reading this article comprises electrical components. Almost all major inventions that have occurred in the twenty-first century have done so in the field of computing and electronics. The internet, data analytics, and even the smartphone era developed thanks to innovations in the field of electrical components. Hence, electronics engineering graduates have a good scope due to the adapting nature of the field. The best way to understand concepts related to ECE is to get your hands dirty and actually build projects related to ECE. Here’s a look at some of the best BE projects for ECE students.

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Rules for building a project

Building engineering projects involves the use of creative, problem solving skills, prototyping and testing. Each project is, therefore, a summation of all the skills a graduate has gained throughout the course of their academic work. Here are a few tips to help you in planning a good ECE project.

  • Your very first step must be to buy a project notebook to note down all important information such as viable ideas, processes completed and the status of your project. This may be used as a journal to keep track of your progress and gauge your results.
  • Next, define a need and find a problem that you wish to solve. Try to look for problems faced by people all over the world and which can be solved using electronics. Express this problem in a statement which also makes clear how you wish to solve this problem, and who the biggest beneficiaries will be.
  • Set some design criteria using which you can build and evaluate your product. These will help define how your product will look, what its functionalities will be and also how much it will cost. It includes everything from the physical dimensions of the device to accuracy tolerances.
  • Next, conduct some research on what possible solutions can be and draw up a potential solution that you think you can build. This step involves a lot of ideating and researching until you zero on onto a perfect design. Go through at least two or three different designs and choose the most efficient one.
  • Build a prototype of your design and see how it handles the problem at hand. Test out the design and try to rectify the errors that it has and all your design faults.
  • Analyze the test results and make the necessary design changes to upgrade your device and make it customer-ready. Re-test till you are satisfied with the results. At this stage, you have built a successful project, and the next step involves updating and feature addition, which you may do as and when you wish.

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How can I get project ideas?

Once you decide to do a project, a main point of discussion is how to get a good topic to base your project on. First and foremost, you may approach your teachers, faculty advisors or mentors for ideas and suggestions. The advantage of this method is that you can explain to them what your interests and strengths are so that they can suggest a suitable field or topic for you. However, this might not always be feasible. The second best thing to do is to do a good web search and find a good topic for yourself. Though you may rely on the internet for your ideas, you can also upgrade those ideas to make them more personal and customized. That being said, here are a few examples of some great ECE projects to help you start your search for your own project idea.

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BE projects for ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

1. Animatronic Hand

Animatronics requires the imitation of human movements and actions. In this electronic BE project, you will build an animatronic hand that behaves the same way a human hand does by copying your hand gestures. This is a great course to get familiar with the concepts involved with embedded systems. The hand is controlled using flex sensors and students will learn about Arduino architecture, servo motors, and actuators.

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2. Home Automation using IoT

IoT is changing the way we live and is influencing everything from our exercise patterns to how we build our homes. Home automation not only makes it easier for us to live but also goes a long way in helping to optimize resource usage. By automating the lights and other electrical appliances in our home, we can also help save electricity and energy. Through this electronic BE project, you will learn to build a home automation system using IoT, which may be controlled using Bluetooth.

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3. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

Due to rising environmental concerns, the world is pushing towards a more energy-efficient future. This BE ECE project will help you gain insight into the world of energy monitoring. By helping you build a device to track energy usage. The app will then send you the required information via SMS periodically, helping you save energy.


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4. Automatic Solar tracker

The need for renewable energy sources has never been greater than now. Through this electronic BE project, you will learn to build solar trackers which orient themselves in the direction of highest intensity sunlight automatically, to harness maximum solar power. The project is also a great introductory look into Arduino Architecture and solar energy harnessing.

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5. Biometric Authentication

Most schools, colleges, offices, and hostels nowadays rely on biometric devices for authentication. You will build one such device in this project, through which the user can first register their fingerprint and then use the same to open doors. This ECE project is a great gateway into the field of Arduino development and biometric sensors.

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6. Footstep Power Generation System using RFID

As the population increases annually, our need for power increases as well. However, the sad part is that while the demand for more energy increases, wastage of energy is increasing on the other side. This ECE project helps to combat that by building a footstep power generator that produces power using human footsteps. This power may then be used to charge batteries and other small devices using an RFID card via an Atmega 328 microcontroller and Arduino IDE.

7. Waste and Garbage Recycling Vending Machine

An increase in population also leads to a huge increase in the waste generated by them. With land becoming a scarce commodity, it isn’t always easy to find means to dispose of this waste without harming the environment. However, this ECE BE project will help you recycle your garbage with ease by segregating the waste and providing monetary benefits to people to motivate them to recycle. In this BE project, build a vending machine, which uses barcodes to differentiate between recyclable and non-recyclable waste. The system comes with a conveyor arrangement which is powered by a servo motor to calculate the amount of recyclable waste collected.

8. Raspberry Pi Vehicle Starter via Face Detection

Most vehicles use a key to start them, but what if we could use our faces to unlock cars and bikes, the way we do with our phones? In this BE project, you will learn how to do that by building a face recognition-based engine starter system powered by Raspberry Pi. Photos of the vehicle’s owner are stored in a database and when the user sits down his face is matched with the scanned photos available to authenticate the user. Once verified, the engine starts allowing the user to drive his car.

9. RFID Door Access Control

Most entrance control occurs via a card, a card reader and a control board that is connected to a server. In this BE project, you will learn how to build such a system that makes use of microcontrollers to read the unique code embedded on the card. This microcontroller accesses the server to check the authenticity of the code on the card, based on which it either unlocks the door or sounds an alarm.

What are some good electronics engineering projects?

  • Door Access control using RFID ECE project
  • Air Quality monitoring using Arduino
  • Weather Station
  • Short Circuit detection using Arduino
  • GSM based control system for home appliances
  • Mobile Controlled Rover
  • Automatic Light controller for home
  • Biometric-based security system
  • Robotic Arm with wireless control BE project

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Why ECE will Continue to Flourish?

  1. Growth and integration of hardware and software components
  2. The growth and popularity of product companies in India requires designers and testers
  3. The rise in popularity of the Open-source community to learn, participate and share knowledge on.
  4. Multiple career prospects such as Communications, Electronic, Nano Technology Engineers and Technician
  5. Need for advanced communications and signal processing systems for everything from aerospace purposes to the analysis of genomic signals.
  6. High-speed advancement of computers and other such digital systems which greatly depend on electronic subsystems
  7. A Rise in networking and the internet’s integration with electronics
  8. Growth in trends such as computer vision technology and image and visual data processing which utilizes several types of sensors
  9. Large-scale automation of industries which again depend on electronics to function
  10. Shift to electronic vehicles as a means to combat environmental pollution

Hope you got some good Electronics BE projects from this article. If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments.

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BE projects for ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-03-25

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