Simple electronics projects for beginners


This article talks about electronics project for beginners who want to have a knack on how the future of electronics engineers persists. The projects are very basic giving knowledge about programming systems, Bluetooth communication, GPS based models and smart sensors. The idea is to create a scope for students from scratch. Such models with basic components are easy to build and are very useful for beginners.

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What is the purpose of electronics?

Engineers having electronics as their subject builds everyday devices such as electronic wireless systems, automated devices for home and industry, computer chips and robots. It has helped in adding new technology to this era that is discussed below as a beginner's electronics project. Students have the opportunity to work with high-quality technologies and can make creative tools.

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What is an Electronic System?

Any device in our daily lives that has a link with technology is part of the electronic system. From mobile phones to television to satellites; all of these are included in the electronic system. Each of these devices requires power, voltage or current. Following are certain electronic projects for beginners that will help you understand the basics of the electronic system.

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Rules for Building Projects

Each project requires some discipline and hard work. Make sure you don't get distracted once you sit down to perform a task, as it won't create a proper tool. When you start a project, you have to follow certain rules.

  1. Choose the project you want to construct.
  2. Plan the project's operation.
  3. Construct a prototype to test its working.
  4. You can now create the unit.
  5. Your project is done here.

Simple electronics projects for beginners

1. Animatronic Hand

This electronics project helps to create a device that mimics the movement of the hands. In the film industry, this idea has gained popularity. In this course, you will learn about Arduino architecture and its programming. This project helps you learn about flux sensors, design and servo motors- that act like actuators.

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2. Home Automation using IoT

This electronics project helps you build a home automation system that can be controlled using your computer or via an app on your android smartphone. Every appliance will now function automatically in your home. You will learn the basics of IoT, Bluetooth communication and applications in this project.

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3. Robotic Arm

The robotic arm is commonly used in industries where, at one point, manual work becomes difficult. This device runs through an app that can be easily installed in your android phones and will be connected through Bluetooth. This electronic project will help you learn Arduino programming, Bluetooth communication and about servo motors.

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4. Sensor guided Robotics

Who wouldn't want to own a sensor-controlled robot? This electronics project lets you build three types of robots.

  • Line Follower
  • Obstacle Follower
  • Obstacle Avoider

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5. Smart Energy Meter Using GSM

This electronics project will help you monitor the use of energy and send SMS to your mobile phones at intervals. Such a computer becomes a savior in the age of depleting energy. This device is built based on Arduino programming and GSM technology.

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6. Home Automation System

An automated home is a dream, and this project teaches you to build a device that controls various appliances by just a click. This electronics project is based on communication with Bluetooth and an app on your Android phones.

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7. Solar & Smart Energy System

In this electronic project, you will develop two devices that mainly concern the efficient use of renewable energy. It will help you build a solar battery charger device and an automated traffic system prototype. The solar charger can be used to power the traffic system.

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8. Automatic Solar Tracker

This electronic project will help you learn technologies from renewable energy systems. Here you will build a device that will track maximum solar energy using Arduino programming.

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9. GPS & GSM Tracker

The best way to save time is to use a GPS that allows you to find even the minute places. This electronics project is based on GPS and will help you build a tracking device that will track vehicles and will directly send messages through SMS or email to the user.

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10. Biometric Authentication

Biometric systems are used mainly for security and identification purposes. You are going to build a biometric device based on fingerprints. You'll learn the basics of LCD and Arduino biometric sensors in this electronic project.

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11. Access Control using RFID

RFID cards are wireless technology that helps in accessing through gates mainly in offices and toll-gates. With the help of Arduino programming, this electronic project will help you build this model.

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12. Automated Railway Crossing

This electronic project will enable you to create this model with the aid of Arduino programming. There are two steps in this project, the first one is building IR sensors that will collect signals of the arrival and departure of the train and the other one is a microcontroller that will collect the data and will help in opening and closing the railway gates.

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13. PCB Manufacturing

This electronics project is all about the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), and you'll learn from scratch how to fabricate it. You will make the device to light up an LED bulb when you make a clap.

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14. Health Monitoring Wearable

This system is very useful for heart rate monitoring. You will create a wearable glove to detect a heartbeat in this project. You will be learning about pulse sensors and Lilypad Arduino programming as part of this project.

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15. Persistence of Vision

This electronics project is part of learning technologies for interactive display systems. Here you will learn how to use Arduino programming to build LED-based POV. This system is used in railway stations, bus stands or shops for display purposes.

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16. Smart Traffic Lighting System

This electronics project is based on Arduino programming and IR sensors. Through gathering real-time traffic, it will help you build a smart traffic system. This tool helps during peak hours to manage traffic.

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Simple electronics projects for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-17

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