Simple electronics circuit projects


Electronics is an engineering subject that helps in understanding the working of most of the devices that are connected by circuits, actuators or sensors. This field has helped students build unique modules for their final year electronics circuit project. This article consists of various simple electronics projects that will help the students build a career in it. The ideas are easily applicable to your chosen place. Just a basic grasp of the subject will help you build the project.

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Checklist before Making an Electronic Circuit Project

The electronic circuit is quite easy to make if you have a design in your mind. There are different types of circuit such as the one that allows easy flow of charge, the one that does not and the one that stores the charge. Once you have the idea in your head gather the appropriate materials for the project. You can only make this module when you have your materials available. Draft all the processes and procedures as you proceed for a better understanding. You can test it to verify its workability after the module has been created.

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It is necessary to take care when dealing with technology because it can cause injury or discomfort to the body. You will keep yourself safe by following the steps below -

  • Make sure that you work in a clean and dry environment and that no water is kept near you anywhere.
  • Wear clothes in good shape when working
  • Work in a roomy and ventilated area.
  • Never keep the power on while using a circuit.
  • Wear no metal at all while working on a project.
  • Keep your senses involved, and turn off the main power quickly when there is any burning smell.

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Simple Electronics Circuit Projects

1. Animatronic Hand


This electronic project works by copying your hand movements. It has gained significant success in the film industry. You will use the Arduino programming language in this electronic project

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2. Home Automation using IoT


Now you shall have a smart home by building this electronic project. The appliances at your spaces will be operated either by your laptop or your smartphones. This project is based on IoT and you shall also be understanding the concept of Bluetooth connectivity.

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3. Robotic Arm


You shall be building a Robotic Arm in this electronic project using the Arduino programming language. The device will be connected to your smartphones with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

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4. Sensor guided Robotics


Once again, a robot cum electronic project, this one is based on sensors. As part of this project, you will develop three different robots using the IR sensors.

  • Line Follower
  • Obstacle Follower
  • Obstacle Avoider

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5. Smart Energy Meter Using GSM


A tool for energy saving, this one will send SMS to your phones at intervals about energy usage. This electronic project will use Arduino architecture.

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6. Home Automation System


Another home automation project, this one mainly works through the Bluetooth connectivity on your phones. Now you can control your home appliances by just using your phones.

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7. Solar & Smart Energy System


This electronic project not only saves energy, but it also uses it to display traffic signals. A solar battery charger and an automatic traffic system will be built. They can use the solar charger to power the traffic system.

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8. Automatic Solar Tracker


Another project on understanding renewable energy. This one helps in tracking solar power using Arduino architecture.

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9. GPS & GSM Tracker


GPS has helped a lot of us locating even remote paces. This electronic project is based on building one with an additional feature of tracking vehicles and sending messages to the user through SMS or email.

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10. Biometric Authentication


Biometrics are quite famous in offices and government places for identification purposes. This electronic project deals with it and through it the understanding of LCD and Arduino biometric sensors in this project.

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11. Access Control using RFID


The wireless technology has made tasks easier; RFID is one such that allows easy entry in offices or toll gates. Arduino architecture is used in this electronic project for its working.

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12. Automated Railway Crossing


A very important project, this one has helped reduce railway crossing accidents. You will use an IR sensor that collects data of the train’s position and sends that data to the microcontroller to perform the desired operations.

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13. PCB Manufacturing


Making a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is quite interesting to learn from scratch. This electronic project is concerned with this and only a clap sound can light up the bulb.

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14. Health Monitoring Wearable


A device for your health this one calculates your heart rate. You will be building a wearable glove using Lilypad Arduino in this project.

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15. Persistence of Vision


You will see POVs in nearly all places of transportation, now you're going to build one on your own. Arduino programming language will be used to build a POV based on the LED.

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16. Smart Traffic Lighting System


Traffic has been wasting a lot of human time, so building an automated system will save lots of time. This electronic project will use Arduino programming and IR sensors. With this, you will be able to build a smart traffic system.

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These were some of the simple electronics projects which you can build by yourself. The required kits to build these projects are also sent to your doorstep, so you no need to worry about anything. If you have any queries or doubts, let us know in the comments our expert will get back to you.

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Simple electronics circuit projects
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