Top 5 Online Certification Courses for ECE Students


Technology has become a ubiquitous thing in this world. You can find any form of technology in the nook and cranny of even the rural areas. The world is in debt to the creators of this technology, who are proudly called Engineers. But what would you think immediately, when you hear the word "Engineer"? Probably, a person with a yellow hard hat or a person with numerous wires fixing a miniature of wired human-like machines. Unfortunately, these technology creators have become meme creators [no offense intended :-)]. This situation has become irresistible because of the inability of the engineering graduate students to cope up with the novel ideas for their own creation and the lack of practical knowledge in their respective fields.

One of the underrated and underpaid courses under engineering is the Electronics and Communication Engineering. If you are one of the students under this stream, worry not. Because our experts at Skyfi Labs have created more exquisite Electronics online certification courses which would be helpful to acquire a fair job opportunity in this hustling world. Besides their academic subjects for Electronics and Communication students, the ECE online courses are quite useful for their career to gain expertise in their desired areas.

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Advantages of Online Certification Courses:

Online certification courses are more like an extra boost for your career to gain excellence in your desired relevant subjects. It’s time to experience more and come out of the box, that is out of the traditional classrooms and learn new things at your own pace and your own interest. Here are a few advantages of online certification courses:

Convenience: Think about learning your course wearing your pajamas on your bed and doing your daily activities and homework. Learning in a familiar and in a comfort zone can make it easier to concentrate and complete the assignments.

Flexibility: The traditional classroom does not bother whether you are a morning person or night person. But doing an online course gives you the benefit of choosing your best time to learn. Even if you are a multi-tasking mother with the quench for learning but can not stop doing chores in the house, you can spare a minute whenever possible and learn at your own pace and place. 

Interaction: Many academicians would strongly support the fact that traditional classrooms are always the best for interactive sessions. But the online courses give a convenient interactive opportunity for the reticent and reserved students who stifle to voice out their thoughts and doubts. Thus, e-learning can increase interactive skills in certain personalities.

Picking up your Dream Course: Choosing your dream course might cost a huge amount to spend on and even moving from your own place to another. But e-learning can make you pick and learn your dream course wherever you stay. You need not worry about tedious travel and a large amount spent on transportation.

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Impact of ECE on the Society:

Let’s open the Pandora box of our imagination for a second. Imagine a world without any technology or rather without any electronic gadgets (hope you are not skipping to the next sentence without imagining the scenario). Does that feel like living in a Stone Age? :-D Yes, pretty much that would be the scenario if we were not blessed with these electronics to ease our lives. Let’s see the impact of Electronics and Communication in our daily lives.

  • As I have pointed out earlier, there would be no mobile phones or Wi-Fi or television or any other electronic things without the Analog and Radio Frequency Electronic circuits.
  • Our lives have been advancing faster technologically with the help of Computers and Digital systems. Digital systems are everywhere right from your wristwatch to the rover on Mars and everything in between them.
  • Computer Image Processing makes the computers to analyze the data and not just show the images but also identify the diseases through some medical imaging devices and magneto-resonance imaging.
  • Automation like Robotics, Control Systems, and Intelligent Transportation reduce human errors in large work areas. Also, it enhances safety in biomedical applications like robotic surgery, manufacturing systems, automobiles, so on and so forth.
  • When compared to computer graduates, electronic engineers have an edge in the growing convergence between hardware and software.

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Latest projects on Electronics

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List of a few Significant ECE Online Certification Courses:

If you are an electronics and communication student ended up not knowing what has to be done to acquire a profound knowledge or in a dilemma to choose a project for your study, worry not! Here are some exquisite ECE Online Certification Courses that you can take up and carve your knowledge on your desired area of interest:

1. Animatronics Hand Project


Animatronics hand project is widely used in the industries to mimic the actions of human beings and animals to do the simple action in a constant repetition through electronic devices. It is an application of mechatronics technology. The main objective of this online course is to record the movements of the hand and to send the received signals to the animatronic hand which eventually mimics the desired movements. 

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How to build Electronics projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Electronics Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

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2. Weather Monitoring System using IoT


Internet of Things is the most demanding field that is going to revolutionize all the electronic gadgets. With this online course, you will learn to develop a device to test the humidity or temperature level. From a remote location, it sends the necessary signals either as a message update or as an e-mail to the user. Raspberry Pi or Arduino platforms can be used to build this system.

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3. Access Control using RFID Project


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that uses electromagnetic fields to exchange information wirelessly. With this online course, you will build an authentication system that allows the users to access such as the automation gate, Toll gates and so on. It is mostly used to automatically open and close the gates.

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4. GPS & GSM based Tracker Device


Exploring the different countries and plains and tracking the taxi or mobile phones are not tough jobs anymore when you have these GSM and GPS based tracking devices. This technology is used to track the exact location of any vehicle and send the signals as a message to the user.

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5. Voice Controlled Robot


This online course is used to build a robot that acts according to the voice commands given by the user. An android application is used to give the voice commands. The commands are received through a Bluetooth module. This robot is programmed to work using the micro-controller Arduino.  Speech recognition, Arduino architecture, and basics of android application development can be learned through this course.

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Day by day the scope of electronics is set up with steady growth. A developing nation needs electronics to play a vital role in the country's growth. Eventually, this demands the scope for Electronics and Communication Engineers in all the endeavors of the technology. To stand in a unique altar with additional knowledge on electronics and communication will always gain you more opportunities in your life to settle with. We, the experts at Skyfi Labs are here to help you out to build your own ECE projects and to make you acquainted with more profound knowledge on Electronics and Communication through our ECE online certification courses. Please do not hesitate to comment below your queries regarding the ECE online courses. Thank you for your patient reading!

Top 5 Online Certification Courses for ECE Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-16

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