6 Best Automation Based Mini Projects


An efficient way to get skilled on automation technologies is to build projects from scratch. You can utilize your engineering curriculum mini projects to build projects on automation and get skilled on the technology innovatively.

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Best Automation based Mini Projects for Engineering Students

In general, the Automation Projects division in industries undertakes turnkey projects in electrical, instrumentation, control systems & telecommunication. Throughout the whole chain from conceptual engineering to installation and commissioning, automation simplifies complex processes and procedures. Automation includes everything from service and maintenance of all our systems to spare parts and full retrofit installations. Automation projects are designed to work in close co-operation with the users to know their needs and requirements.

The fundamental Industrial automation project includes:

  • Basic Design of industrial equipment
  • Project Management
  • Material management
  • Field Installation

Latest projects on Automation

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  • Commissioning and Start-up
  • Customer Training
  • Documentation
  • Annual maintenance contract
  • Product & Control System Solutions

Industrial automation requires a full-fledged Electrical and Instrumentation Design & Construction team that can undertake large scale installation, testing and commissioning projects in refineries and petrochemical industries.

On the standalone Product & Control systems, business automation has associated with some of the best technologies in their field. Dedicated Product Engineers ensure that the right solutions are always provided to customers through automation.

Automation & Projects Division boasts of highly sophisticated, advanced and useful group of technologies, supported by latest test and field equipments. Automation Technology emphasizes on continuous learning, with opportunities to improve and grow skills and experiences.

By this, we can understand the importance of integrating automation on industries and the credibility that it holds in implementing the latest technologies.

Engineers who are passionate and skilled in automation technology can apply for such job profiles and develop an exciting career. So having suitable practical skills in automation technology will give you a greater advantage in cracking the interviews.  And what better way to develop practical skills on automation than by developing projects hands-on.

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Latest Automation Projects

And an efficient way to get skilled on automation technologies is to build projects from scratch. You can utilize your engineering curriculum mini projects to build projects on automation and get skilled on the technology innovatively.

How to build Automation projects Did you know

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Here are some latest automation based mini project topics which you can develop,

Smart Irrigation System

Smart irrigation is the basis of precision agriculture. It helps agriculturists to develop the quality of farming by improving the water usage in the fields by:

  1. a) Irrigating at the correct intervals
  2. b) Minimizing runoffs and related wastage
  3. c) Determining the soil moisture levels accurately

Thereby, finding the irrigation requirements at the requisite times is very important to improve the efficiency. Replacing manual irrigation with automatic valves and systems completely cuts down the human error (e.g. forgetting to turn off a motor after irrigating the field) and is fundamental in saving energy, time, and valuable resources.

This application can be implemented with a smart irrigation project. The electronic device that you develop can monitor the moisture level in the soil real-time and switch ON/OFF the water pump to irrigate the field automatically. The system will also send the data collected to the cloud for storage and analysis.

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Smart Building using IoT & PIR

Upcoming commercial and private buildings are integrating smart technology in their design and everyday operations. Smart buildings bring a host of utilities to properties, but it is the Internet of Things (IoT) technology that allows buildings and devices to communicate any suspicious security flaws and issues real-time.

With this project, you will develop a smart lighting system that can sense the presence of humans and efficiently manage the usage of electronic appliances. The data about the usage of electricity by the devices will be sent to the cloud for storage and analysis.

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Home automation system using IoT

Home automation systems rely on a central building management system (BMS) that coordinates everything from the room temperature to the person’s security profiles. A fully functioning BMS unlocks doors at need, turns on and turns off electronic devices and manages the entry door usage to optimize the overall management.

With this project, you will develop a smart system with which you can control all the home appliances using a Bluetooth controlled Android App.

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Automated Street Light using IoT

The target of an automated streetlight system using IOT is the preservation of energy by decreasing the electricity wastage and also to reduce the manpower involved. Streetlights are the elemental part of any place since it is a fundamental requirement and facilitates better night visions, secure roads, and exposure to public areas.

However, it consumes a large amount of electricity. In the manual streetlight system, lights are powered from sunset to sunrise with maximum intensity even when there is sufficient light available. This energy wastage can be avoided by switching off the lights automatically whenever the intensity of sunlight is sufficient. The saved energy can be efficiently utilized for other purposes like residential, commercial, transportation, etc. This can be achieved by using an IOT enabled streetlight management system which uses an LDR sensor to detect the intensity of sunlight and actuate the system.

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Home Automation System

The objective of this project is to develop an automation mechanism to control all the devices at Home/ Office. The communication can happen either through Bluetooth or WiFi mode. And these electrical devices can be controlled using an Android App installed on a mobile phone. This process will help in the automation of electrical devices at home and can be controlled with an Android App from a remote location.

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Automated Railway crossing

Automatic railway gate control system can be implemented to prevent accidents of the traction system at the railway crossing levels. Nowadays many accidents take place at the railway gate crossing due to uneven crossings, even when the gate is about to close. In general, a railway gate is normally operated by a gatekeeper as he receives the information about the arrival of the train.

Railway safety is the most crucial aspect of railways all over the world. Railways is the cheapest mode of transportation all over the world, and therefore, accidents are bound to happen due to carelessness manual operations. Therefore, an automatic railway-crossing-gate controller is used to prevent accidents at unmanned level crossings to provide much-needed safety. Such efficient controllers should be used in remote areas that often lack the services of a station master or lineman at the crossing levels.

In this project, you will build one such prototype that can sense the arrival of a train using IR sensors and actuate the railway gates automatically.

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Hope you got some good mini project ideas related to automation technology.

In the recent past, there have been a host of very interesting advancements in the field of automation technology. To give you an idea about the scope and the level of innovation let us have a look at the latest automation technologies that have caught the attention of engineers all over the world –

To understand the Automation technology better - let us break down the concept:

Automation is about streamlining and simplifying work processes. This can be done by implementing intelligence into existing systems, or by replacing entire processes. Some of these systems will be autonomous. This means that they operate without human interactions (eg. self-driving cars), and some will support people with better, faster, and more analytical information (eg. diagnostic doctor support).

The latest and trendy types of automation technologies begun as a slow experiment, but they are actually moving towards what we saw in movies about the future in the 1990’s. For example, in “Back to the Future,” we saw VR glasses, video calls, fingerprint recognition, which are available for anyone to use these days. Unfortunately, the flying car is yet to come.

Even the most successful Automation technology today needs a major overhaul in order to be viable, technologies in the development stage are still facing major technical challenges that need to be mastered before they can succeed. These include Customer Service Robots, Delivery Robots, Executable AI, and Inspection and Surveillance Robots.

In the concept stage (and slowly moving to implementation), for example, we have Virtual Assistants, Cognitive AI, Artificially Intelligent Solutions, Retail and Warehouse Robot, and Sensory AI, which all need to be further developed into usable technologies. The technologies that have a strong presence in today’s market are Customer Self-Service Solutions, Industrial Robots, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These technologies need renewal if they want to be competitive in the future.

With such a strong futuristic scope, automation is quickly becoming an inevitable technology that all the industries should implement to achieve an efficient solution.

And if you are planning to build mini projects for your engineering curriculum, it is highly recommended to build on latest technologies. Automation is one such latest technology which you can choose and build your engineering mini project.

Automation Projects

Here are some useful tips for you to build good automation based mini projects.

Important points to be considered while building automation mini projects

  1. Shortlist only the automation based project topics that are feasible for you to complete. Consider the infrastructure facilities, resources and mentors available at your disposal before deciding with the topic.
  2. Once you shortlist an automation based mini project topic, identify all the technologies that you need to learn prior to complete the project successfully on your own. Then start learning those technologies before you begin with your mini project.
  3. Stick to your area of interest. It might be tempting to go for an automation mini project topic that represents a domain that is completely alien to you, but remember the objective of doing engineering projects is to increase your skillsets and help you land in your dream core job.
  4. Check for the ready availability of resources needed to complete the project. If your project requires rare electrical & mechanical components, then you might not be able to acquire them within the short project duration that you have. So be cautious while selecting such project topics.
  5. Prior planning is very vital to complete your automation mini project on time. Try to predict the timeline for project completion and modify it to match with the project duration that you have.

Automation technology is a fairly complex topic and can be easily understood by students by practically engaging in building projects. And we at Skyfi Labs, provide student-friendly educative projects that help you build your profile and gain vast knowledge in the subject –

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Hope you got some good automation mini project ideas from this article.

Suppose, if you want to build great automation projects but don’t have the necessary technical knowledge, don’t worry!

We at Skyfi Labs have developed an innovative learning methodology through which you can learn the latest technologies by building projects hands-on right from your home. With the course content available online 24x7 and 1-1 technical assistance provided, developing great expertise on the latest technologies like automation will never be tough for you.

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6 Best Automation Based Mini Projects
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