Top 12 IoT Based Automation Projects (Videos Included)

Summary: Internet of things demands for some skill sets in order to learn and perform better in the same field. IoT being a large platform, thousands of people have already started to experience and use it in their own applications. So it is extremely important for engineering students to learn and gain skills in it. And building hands-on projects on IoT is a good option, to begin with.

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IoT- Internet of Things! This topic is discussed so much since few years but it has a lot more to talk about. Internet of Things in a lay man’s language is a network of networks which binds everything to perform a certain task. It involves physical things embedded with a lot of tools like sensors, software, electronic ware and huge connectivity in order to maintain the exchange of information through various networks.

IoT is going to be even more dynamic by 2020. Talking about the facts, 25 million devices are already connected to each other and are exchanging messages worldwide. And it is expected that the IoT industry will turn into a multi trillion-dollar industry in 3 years.

Importance of IoT in Engineering:

The whole world is revolving around the internet today. With advancements in technology, the hold of internet is increasing and as a result, the importance of internet of Things is increasing. All the new technologies that we rely on a day to day basis works on IoT.

Skills required to work on IoT:

Being such a different and advanced technology, Internet of things demands for some skill sets in order to learn and perform better in the same field. IoT being a large platform, thousands of people have already started to experience and use it in their own applications. But, here we should be focusing on us “the engineers”. The following are some of the skillsets that any engineering student aspiring to develop a career on IoT should have:

1. Security and Data Analytics: Internet of Things has millions of devices connected to it. This brings a massive amount of data and the job of an IoT engineer is to analyze this data and also protect it. Some known skills related to this category are –

  • PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Ethical hacking
  • Wireless network security
  • Data ethics and privacy policy

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2. UI/UX Design: IoT has various devices which come in different shapes and sizes, but the end user would want the final product being simple and easy to operate. Hence, an IoT engineer should create interfaces which are user-friendly. Some skills to develop are,

  • Web Designing
  • Service Design

3. Hardware engineering: IoT devices are everywhere irrespective of it being in the telephone pole or in any remote location. Hence, the task of an IoT engineer would also be working on the hardware of the device such that it is suitable for the environment as well. The skills required would be-

  • Knowledge of sensors
  • Knowledge of embedded software

4. Networking: As the technology is evolving on an everyday basis, engineers should be well versed with the evolving networking skills which includes reliable and secure avenue of traffic. One should start with the existing networking technologies and then grow further. The basic skills required are-

  • Knowledge of current networking standards and technologies.
  • Wireless connections (WPA/WEP or 3G/4G)
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • RFID

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How Automation helps IoT?

The primary objective of integrating Automation with IoT is to reduce the operating expenditures. When these automation devices, sensors and actuators become internet enabled smart devices, their cost of operation becomes higher than the conventional mechanisms. Automation assists in this innovatively, where a huge amount of power and internet can be saved.

And Automation helps in better utilization of the data that is being collected through the various sensors available. Since IoT offers varied operational solutions to industries, integrating automation onto it will make the process more efficient. These Automation based IoT solutions can enable self-organizing, self-configuring, self-healing, self-actuating etc processes in industries.

In addition to time-saving, these IoT solutions also will lead to very low energy consumption, low cost of operation, simpler installation procedures and will suit industrial mechanisms easily.

Thus, the trend now is to find out how to integrate Automation on the latest IoT products and solutions.

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How to develop skills on IoT?

can develop his/her interest by various means like participating in various competitions indulging in project making. You can also start developing projects and attending various workshops in order to gain more knowledge in this field. Once you start developing interest and you start learning, you can develop projects of your own.

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IoT based automation projects:

Some of the best IoT based automation projects that you can find are:

1. Smart Irrigation using IoT

In this project, you would be working with a soil moisture sensor along with Arduino board to develop an irrigation system which functions automatically. This project is really interesting as well as useful to society. Farmers all around the world are facing the problem of irrigating the huge lands. This device would detect the change in the moisture content in the soil and would control the flow of water accordingly.

Build Smart Irrigation System project with Skyfi Labs

2. Weather Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi

This project will help you understand both IoT as well as Raspberry Pi. You would develop an electronic device which would stream temperature and humidity over the internet. This project would require a Raspberry Pi computer and a DHT sensor.

Build Weather Monitoring System project with Skyfi Labs

3. Smart building using IoT

Automation has evolved so much that one can measure the number of people occupying a particular space. This project will do exactly the same thing. This project will sense the number of occupants in the meeting room using PIR sensors and automatically switch ON/OFF the lights based on occupancy. This project would help save electricity by autonomously controlling them according to the environment. And one can also analyze the usage of the meeting room around the month.

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4. Weather update system with IoT

Arduino is basically an open-source platform used for building electronics project. It consists of a physical programmable circuit board and a piece of software that runs on a computer which is used to write and upload computer code to the physical board. This project would help you learn IoT as well as Arduino

Build Weather Update System project with Skyfi Labs

5. Home Automation using IoT

This project is a very interesting one as it is going to help you control all your home appliances without moving a muscle using Bluetooth. This device can switch ON/OFF the appliances at your home by a click on your android phone. This project would help you learn new things which you can see happening in front of you (in short, it is a working project and not static). By this device, you can really analyze and store the data about the usage of home appliances. While building this project you would learn various IoT concepts, usage o Arduino and Bluetooth communication.

Build Home Automation System project with Skyfi Labs

6. Automated Street light using IoT

The normal street lights that we have in our localities and the roads are generally manual which needs to be switched ON/OFF manually. But have you ever thought of making the process of switching the streetlights automatically? This project would do exactly the same thing. This project would have a sensor which can detect the intensity of sunlight present during the day. Once the intensity of sunlight decreases from the set level, it would automatically switch ON the street lights. Not only this, but this would also help you to store the data of switching ON/OFF of the lights which can be used to analyze the power usage. This project would help you learn the concepts of IoT, Arduino architecture & programming and interfacing & calibrating sensors.

Build Automated Street Lighting project with Skyfi Labs

7. Smart water monitoring

This project would help you build an IoT based smart water monitoring system which would detect the flow of water through the pipe at your home or for that case any building. This device would also measure the volume of water flowing. This data of volume and flow can be recorded and save for future analysis. These kinds of projects mainly help in the manufacturing sector. By building this project, you can take away a lot of learnings like IoT concepts and application, Arduino architecture and programming, calibration of flow sensors etc.

Build Smart water monitoring project with Skyfi Labs

8. IoT based air pollution meter

Air pollution is increasing day by day throughout the world. We, the citizens, as well as the government, should take suitable measures to decrease the level of pollution. But first we need to measure the pollution level in the air. This device would monitor the quality of air on the smartphones using the Blynk application and an Arduino board. The smartphone would then display real time data related to air pollution.

9. Wireless video surveillance robot

These days technology has evolved so much that we can find an enormous number of robots everywhere. We can create a robot for almost everything today. The robot for this project would help us in video surveillance and monitoring which can also be controlled through a GUI interface. A video transmission facility would also be provided through a high speed transmission. It would be having a camera which can capture scenes and transfer this data to the server for further analysis.

Build Surveillance Robotics project with Skyfi Labs

10. Baggage tracker

The air travel becomes very irritating when your baggage gets lost or when you cannot find them. According to a survey only 1% of the baggage is lost during air travels. This might sound very small, but when we calculate the exact numbers, we can find that 1% of a billion is too huge to get lost. Hence, to facilitate the service of not losing the bag can be done by this IoT based project. One can keep this device in their bag and track your bag on your smartphone screen.

11. Smart trash collector

As India is running its cleanliness drive, we can see a lot of trash vehicles roaming around in our locality. We can also automate this task of trash collection through IoT. This project can help the society to collect the trash from outside the doors to its designated places. This would also help cutting down the fuel and vehicle emission expenses. We can also monitor the usage of trash with a smart trash can.

12. Facial recognition door

Safety of your house and household things should be of utmost importance. This project would help protect your home even more. This would enable face recognition feature to lock and unlock your entrance so that only you and the authorized people can lock and unlock the doors. This project becomes very interesting as you can use it in your house as well as it very cost effective. This project would be based on Raspberry Pi (as we have earlier seen) and IoT.

These are some of the suggestions that can be utilized by engineers working on IoT as their minor of major projects or may be for their personal learnings too. IoT has a huge scope and we engineers can make a successful career in it. So keep thinking and visualizing new and creative usage of this wonderful technology called the “Internet of Things

Hope you got some good IoT based Automation project ideas from this article.

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Top 12 IoT Based Automation Projects (Videos Included)
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