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ETABS Software for Civil Engineering Students : Complete Guide


Building beautiful buildings that are strong enough to withstand any harsh conditions is not an easy task. We all know that today technology has achieved milestones in every field you can think of, right now and this is the very reason why engineering must also keep updated with the growing technology. This has led to several changes in how engineers work and perform. Not just the use of technology has made lives way easier but has also because of the development of some cool software, encouraged engineers to deliver more.

One such software that is going to be talked about in this blog is the ETABS Software.

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Have a look at the following sections that explain to you what is ETABS Software, why should it be used, what are the advantages of using it, and a brief description of its significance.

Why learning ETABS software is a must for civil engineering students?

A certification in ETABS Software enhances the candidate’s overall profile and resume. ETABS certification proves the candidate’s knowledge and efficiency in using the application. The candidates can easily apply for jobs and grab in-demand opportunities in the design and construction industry. This software is developed for civil engineers and architects to generate highly efficient and cost-effective design models.

Basically, it’s a design tool to make complex calculations related to building models easier for the engineers so that they can make powerful structures within a fraction of seconds without making any unnecessary investments. ETABS software is state-of-art technology, which is constantly evolving with time and this would enhance the skills and employability prospects of civil engineers and architects.

You can join various courses, online or classroom, to learn about ETABS Software and gain expertise in this domain starting from the basics and moving on to the advanced levels.

You can also check our ETABS Software online project-based course. In this course, you will learn the concepts of construction technology from basic to advanced.


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What is ETABS Software?

ETABS Software, abbreviated for “Extended Three-dimensional Analysis of Building Systems” is a 3D integrated software that is used for structural analysis and design purposes in areas like civil engineering. It integrates every small aspect of engineering designing while also involving the production of schematic sketches. As many of us know how difficult it is when it comes to carefully lay out a structure on a piece of paper with every nuance being taken care of and that’s exactly where ETABS jumps in to help those people scratching their heads.

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Why ETABS is used?

Why ETABS is used?

ETABS provides a wide range of tools that an engineer can use depending on the choice of structure that has to be designed. Immensely popular nowadays and highly productive, ETABS is really an easy-to-use software. It even supports the creation and modeling of complex designs and offers graphic displays, comprehensive designing techniques, linear and non-linear analytical power, visualization tools and reports.

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What are the advantages associated with ETABS Software?

The ultimate development of this software has encouraged many engineers to create complex structures that they could have thought of. The provision of ease and the ability to let you work anytime has only risen its graph. Some of the other benefits that ETABS has to bring on for you are listed below. After reading them, you’re definitely going to be tempted to download the software. So, what to wait for? Let’s start!!

  1. Creation of any object is quick- You don’t have to wait for long and upset yourself with your work getting seemed to be delayed.
  2. Accuracy and reliability- well! That’s a distinguishing feature and that’s why we look for software, right? But here, you really no need to worry. You can build models here with absolute accuracy.
  3. Allows Graphic user input and other related modifications- Bang on! Try this new feature and create fantastic structures.
  4. Offering different view options in 3D for all side checks.
  5. Easy editing and navigation- with the help of the tools, you can move your object from any place simultaneously keeping it subjected to constant changes. Edit your model with a real-time view.
  6. Exporting capability and automatic consideration of self-weight of material- This is something again you need not run here and therefor.
  7. Integration with SAP2000 thus letting you construct furthermore structures.
  8. Connection with EC-Praxix 3J allows creating a steel model.

These are some of the outstanding benefits provided by ETABS that won’t even let you think of any other software.

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ETABS Software

If you want to learn more about the ETABS software, you can check our ETABS Software online course for civil engineering students. In this course, you will learn the various concepts of construction technology from basic to advanced.


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Why should you worry about things that aren’t even your concern? All you have to do is just open your mouth when ETABS has already served your food!

Having now known about some of the amazing qualities of ETABS, don’t you think it deserves to be present in your computers? For sure it does. So for all the civil engineers out there, don’t let the disappointment of your job getting spoiled, sadden you. Reach out to professionals or online information to download some of the best software that has been designed especially for you. Don’t let your talent go waste and instead use it to explore in your field. Download this software as soon as possible and do wonders in your job.

So, what are you waiting for? Buck up! Pull up your socks and increase your designing skills by enrolling in a course on ETABS software. Enhance your knowledge in the domain of structure analysis and equip yourself with this latest technology to enhance your employability status.

ETABS Software for Civil Engineering Students : Complete Guide
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-23

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