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Civil Simplified is the flagship unit of Skyfi Labs specializing in conducting practical training courses pertaining to Civil Engineering discipline. The courses have been conceived by IIT alumni and the trainers are a group of highly-driven experts in Civil Engineering study and practice.
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Civil Simplified started off with courses on 4 topics: Bridge Design, Tall Buildings Design, Seismic Analysis and GIS. During this short journey, quality has always been the top priority. A rating of 4.2/5 (from 227 votes) on facebook ( with 122 of them being 5 star demonstrates how students are finding the courses to be useful.

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1. GIS

2. Structural & Foundation Analysis

3. CPM & BIM

4. Tall Building Design

5. Construction Technology (Career Building Course)

6. Foundation Design

7. Construction Project Management

8. Building Information Modelling

9. Seismic Design

10. Quantity Surveying

11. ETABS Software

12. Project Management with Primavera

Feedback from students and faculty members has been pivotal for continuously improving the courses. A lot of resources are employed for improving the courses and making them more useful. Feedback from students and faculty across the country are also acquired to determine which courses students want to learn from Civil Simplified. The team is accordingly working to devise new courses. One of the courses which the faculty & students wanted the team to develop is on surveying techniques & Total Station.

Total Station is the preferred Surveying equipment used in industry. It phenomenally uses trigonometric principles to process measurements of angles and distances. It is essentially used to design a plan or map of a topographic area span. It uses real-time embedded computing systems to record three-dimensional spatial features present in the surveyed area. The data collected is synced to a computer system and further analysis is done using GIS software.

Civil Simplified is proud to announce the launch of ‘Survey Camp using Total Station & GPS’. The course was designed so that students would receive requisite working knowledge of Total Stations at an affordable price.

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The objective of this course, like all other courses offered, is to help the students get practical experience and, thereby, understand the applications of the knowledge they learn in their classrooms. This practical experience also helps them in understanding how industry works and helps in improving their employability. Working knowledge about Surveying and GIS offers a plethora of opportunities to students to probe into career options in an array of industries.

The course has been designed by following a student-centered model. This encourages a heuristic approach of learning among the participants. Knowledge is preached to cover all means and ends which indulges the students to comprehend and accomplish the required outcomes.

Context as well as content of the course has been kept in mind whilst designing the course. What this essentially implies is that participants can apply their learning in a generic way, i.e. wherever a Total Station finds applications, not specifically restricted to civil engineering projects. The course work is optimized to enable practical learning of the methods, processes and strategies of surveying that can be worked out using a Total Station for any feasible project. Focus is given to the Traverse method of surveying, which is a significant surveying technique of using several inter-connected lines of pre-measured lengths. It is useful for determining boundaries of a location.

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The practical sessions on surveying will allow students to perform an end to end scan and analysis of a topographic area. Students will become adept at understanding a topographic map generated by a Total Station. Their learning also will be assisted with the understanding of contour lines, i.e. connected points of equal elevation in a map. They are important to classify shapes of land features in an area.

The course has been prepared to make the students well-versed with associated software technology as well. Data collection and synchronization will be taught along with data analysis using industry-grade GIS software- Quantum GIS. Students will also learn to integrate Total Stations with GPS (Global Positioning System) technology for computational analysis and design of the plan map. The program will also educate them about possible integrations with other relevant technologies like CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Furthermore, students will be taught to re-analyze data for errors in measurement that might creep up with the use of a Total Station. To ensure efficiency, the Total Stations used for training would be from Leica Geosystems, who have been providing quality solutions to measure the world for around 200 years, with products trusted for use even by NASA.

The course span of ten days also covers reconnaissance, i.e. preliminary surveying; control point set up and correction (a control point is a point of already determined location and elevation, which is used as a reference to survey other points); project description, presentation and evaluation.

Total Stations are used across multiple domains like archaeology and mining. They are also finding new and interesting applications for forensic investigation of a crime scene. Find out more applications of Total Stations with the case studies on surveying listed at Total Stations also have critical importance in many large-scale projects. So, practical education on Total Stations ought to be an integral part of civil engineering career aspirants.

To sum up, ‘DONE’ is certainly better than ‘STUDIED’.

Find out more about Total Stations here.

For further details about the course ‘Survey Camp using Total Station and GIS’ visit here

Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-02-18

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