Exciting Career Paths for Civil Engineering Students

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7 Exciting Career Paths for Indian Civil Engineering Students

India requires 40 lakh Civil Engineering professionals by 2020 – very good news if you are a Civil Engineering student. Although it is a challenging career path, you can make it big with the right skills and choice of specialization! We analyzed some popular Civil Engineering specializations to better understand the career scope for Civil Engineering graduates. Here are the results:

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Construction Materials Engineering

Construction Materials Engineering

The rapidly emerging construction industry needs Engineers with expertise in building materials and technologies. Generally, students with knowledge in materials development and maintenance are interested in this field. The industry prefers graduates with knowledge on multiple construction materials with an ability to adopt new technologies. Trending sectors include cement, iron & steel, timber, and heat-resistant materials.

Engineering Design

Civil Engineering Design

Engineering Design professionals are responsible for modeling and drafting of a Civil Engineering project using software tools like STAAD Pro, ETABS, Revit Architecture, SAFE etc. If you have proficiency in these software tools, you will be preferred by a majority of Indian firms

To improve your employability in this field, you need to have hands-on software experience along with adequate knowledge in design techniques. At Civil Simplified, we offer the following project-based courses in Civil Engineering design:


Land Surveying

If you possess the passion for land surveying work, then you need relevant field experience with Total Station equipment - that is most preferred by the industry. And obviously, you need to be loving mathematics! The surveying profession always has provided consistent employment chances for Indian graduates. Students who have skills in survey data analysis along with field surveying experience have more chances of getting a job. Civil Simplified has taken the initiative for organizing a Survey Camp using Total Station for interested students. Click here to know more

Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering

The construction industry is projected to grow to around INR 12 billion by 2017 contributing 8.2% to Indian GDP! The sector has amazing career opportunities and employment prospects for Civil Engineering graduates. You need to have strong domain knowledge, ability to read CAD drawings, and basic knowledge of trade work like masonry and machining. It is better if you also have knowledge of common structural rules and prefabrication.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering

If you are amazed by the way people and vehicles move smoothly and safely (or wonder how you could solve traffic problems), then this is the right career option for you. In their line of work, Transportation Engineers need to think about people/vehicle behavior and design transportation systems accordingly.

As per a report by NSDC, road and rail construction projects will double their employment base by 2022! This is because Indian transportation networks are now undergoing major upgrades – resulting in numerous opportunities for those skilled in Transportation Engineering. Civil Simplified also has a workshop in Transportation Engineering allowing students to work on an interesting Traffic Simulation project. Click here to know more

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a promising technology that provides a 3D digital interface for building design. BIM has received wide acceptance in developed countries (the USA has made it compulsory). In India, Revit Architecture is currently being incorporated as a BIM tool. BIM is a viable career option because it will soon emerge to become an industry-standard.

Construction Management

Construction Project Management

Construction Management is the highest paying Civil Engineering career. This is because without a Construction Project Manager, it would be impossible to get any work done. The most necessary skills are basic project management skills, proficiency in software tools like Primavera and MS Project, and relevant field experience. Civil Simplified has recently introduced a course in Construction Project Management for Civil Engineering students. Click here to know more

These 7 careers have great scope for Civil Engineering students. But, it finally boils down to what you want to do as an engineer. There are many other interesting topics like architectural engineering, 3d printing in construction, timber engineering, construction robots/drones, green buildings, or even research work. So, if some field excites you, then try developing skills accordingly. But make sure that you have skills in one of the above-mentioned domains to improve career opportunities.

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