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4 Reasons why management should encourage faculty development program in Civil Engineering

“In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life”
-Albert Bandura

Now it is no more about self-confidence, it is all about having self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy refers to an individual’s belief in his/ her capacity to execute behaviours necessary to produce specific performance attainments. These performance attainments are essential for faculty members to help their students develop real skills that matters.

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While faculty members who are working at the university level are considered to be masters in their particular fields, many may not have been trained in the industrial practices happening right now. Due to this, they were not able to help their students to learn and build projects on latest technologies.

This is truer for faculties of civil engineering department. As there are a lot of technological fields available in civil engineering like structures, transportation, geology, environmental science, construction management etc. most of the faculties working in civil engineering department hold only a master’s degree. They were never trained on industrial projects and doesn’t always come with a very good industrial expertise.

So how a college management can effect this? What steps the college management should take to make their faculties learn the latest technologies and get skilled in it?

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One effective way of doing this is to organize a faculty development program in civil engineering, which will help them learn the latest technological advancements and get a good exposure to the industrial practices happening now.

So here I am stating the 5 important reasons why a college management should organize faculty development program in civil engineering,

1. Help faculties to get skilled in latest technologies:
Civil engineering holds some of the complicated technical concepts in comparison with the other engineering departments. Attending faculty development programs will help them learn and get skilled in latest technologies. As there is a vast difference between the concepts that we learn in college and industrial practices, such kind of programs will bridge the gap and provide them with a good industrial exposure.

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2. Help students build great projects:
As civil engineering subjects hold more theoretical concepts and lesser scope for practical learning, the students struggle a lot in doing their projects. One major reason being the lack of mentorship. Because of which students are not able to get the right kind of guidance as and when needed. Making your faculties attend such faculty development programs will make them skilled in latest technologies. They can in turn mentor their students to develop great engineering projects.

3. To help faculties use technology backed teaching:
Although the importance of inculcating practical experience while teaching theoretical concepts prevail among the faculties, they are not sure about how to practice it. With the faculty development programs, they will understand about the different methodologies and technologies which they can use to enhance their teaching and help students to gain skills practically.

4. To maintain the reputation of the organisation:
Right now a lot of engineering students are facing problem in getting the right job. This is mainly due to the large number of students passing out without good technical expertise. To hold this, there are a lot of changes going in the engineering curriculum which will enable the students to get skilled in industrial practices. This means the colleges need to undergo a structural change to maintain their reputation and stand out among the other colleges. Faculty development programs will surely help the colleges to strengthen their faculty database and help students learn better.

What are the faculty development programs that you can conduct in civil engineering?

With a lot technological advancements happening in the civil engineering field, it is necessary to train faculties on latest technologies to improve their teaching practice and help the students learn & gain great skills. Some of the best faculty development programs that you can have in civil engineering are:

1. Structural and Foundation Analysis:

Faculty development program in Structural and Foundation Analysis for civil engineering faculties

With the structural engineering field advancing rapidly, we are seeing a lot of tall building constructions today that pierces the sky. But the concepts that are part of the civil engineering syllabus alone is not enough for the students to learn & get skilled in the current structural engineering trends. So by organizing a faculty development program on this topic, your faculties will understand the latest mechanisms implemented in tall buildings to make them resist wind loads, seismic loads and other types of dynamic loads. This is a very good course to learn the latest structural engineering concepts behind foundation analysis to the roof design.

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Recommended to: This particular topic is suggested to faculties who handle structural related subjects in your college. Also the faculties who actively engage on R&D and assist your students on carrying out various experiments related to structural engineering in laboratories should attend this faculty development program.

2. Total Station and GIS:

Faculty development program in Total Station and GIS for civil engineering faculties

Long gone are the days where surveyors used theodolite, dumpy level and chaining to carry out the lining and site marking activities. Now, total station is the most widely used instrument which can replace all the other surveying tools and provide a more efficient digital solution for surveying. By doing this faculty development program, your faculties will gain a good practical experience of total station operation and also will learn about the mapping of points collected. Also your faculties will develop a good expertise on GIS, which is being widely used for navigation purposes (like Google Maps, Sygic etc.)

Recommended to: This faculty development program is recommended to civil engineering faculties who will be assisting students during the survey camp that is done as part of the engineering curriculum (mostly during the 5th&6th semester). Also the faculties who assist final year civil engineering students in doing their projects should undergo this program to help them develop good projects in GIS.

3. Construction Project Management and Building Information Modelling:

Faculty development program in Construction Project Management and Building Information Modelling for civil engineering faculties

With the developing countries investing large part of their funds on construction industry to develop and improve their infrastructure, we see a lot of construction activities happening around us. And it will not be very easy to control the cost and efficiency of constructions happening at such a large scale without proper technology integration. Now CPM & BIM are being practiced widely in the construction industries to cut down the cost, finish project without delay & to improve the efficiency. It is a must do faculty development program in civil engineering as these are the currently trending fields in civil industry and offer a lot of scope for students to get jobs and develop a successful career.

Recommended to: Civil engineering faculties who actively work on management subjects should attend this to know more about the latest construction management practices and gain a good experience on the industrial software that is being used to manage construction projects. Also the faculties who like to teach their students on interior & exterior modelling should attend this program.

Why Skyfi Labs for faculty development programs in Civil Engineering?

Skyfi Labs is an edu-tech company started by IIT Kanpur alumnus people with a vision to infuse latest technologies on Indian engineering system and make it easy for anyone to learn latest technologies by developing projects hands-on. With the courses developed with the highest quality through continuous R&D and interaction with industrial experts, the faculty development program offered in civil engineering will prove to be one of its kind and will definitely help your faculty members to bring in a change themselves and also with their interaction with the students community.

All the best. Hope you will all have a great Civil Engineering faculty development program in your college soon!

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4 Reasons why management should encourage faculty development program in Civil Engineering
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-03-25

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