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Best Smart City Based Mini Project Ideas (Videos Included)


India is one of the most populated countries in the world. With the growing rate of population, soon we might become the most populated country. With the increasing population, the consumption of resources is also increasing. It is important to build smart cities which can able to suffice the needs of such a huge population. 

Smart Cities aims to get an advanced infrastructure based on recent technologies like IoT, wireless communication, etc. Such cities are expected to optimize the usage of resources and provide the most efficient solutions to the day to day problems. Since all the cities are eventually going to get converted into smart cities in the future, there is a huge scope in this field.

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Irrigation System

3. Smart Building using IoT

4. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

5. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

6. Automatic Solar Tracker

7. IoT using Arduino

8. GPS & GSM based Tracker

9. Smart Water Monitoring

10. Automated Street Lighting

11. Automated Railway Crossing

12. Smart Traffic Lighting System

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How Smart city works?

A Smart city comprises of various gadgets and devices that are capable of making decisions based on the data collected by them. This decision-making capability makes them smart and separates them from regular cities that rely on manual operation. The four main steps involved in the functioning of a smart city are:

  • Collection of data: This is the first and most important step. It is performed by various devices and sensors which can be deployed anywhere to get the required information. This data is used for further analysis to get the required details.
  • Analysis of data- Large amounts of data are analyzed to extract meaningful information and draw insights. This is done mostly using edge computing which employs the usage of distributed systems to provide the needed results.
  • Communication- This step involves the wireless transfer of the analyzed information across servers for the next step of decision making. The analyzed data is transferred to the destination where final decisions are made after the final processing.
  • Action- All the collected data is used for decision making. Appropriate actions are taken based on the data for efficient management of operations. 

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What are the benefits of a smart city?

What are the benefits of a smart city?

Smart cities are going to be home for more than half of the population in a few years. Some of the main benefits of a smart city are:

  • Better planning- With more data about the city. The overall urban planning can be done better. It will result in the creation of better policies for the city.
  • Efficient use of amenities- Since, smart cities focus on the optimization of resources, it will result in efficient use of amenities and focus on reuse of the existing resources.  
  • Improved Economy- With technological advancements the overall scope of stakeholders will increase. This will lead to a better economy. 
  • Lower cost- With appropriate data collection, the number of resources needed can be predicted. This will avoid wastage and lead to a lower cost of used items. 
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Good smart city based mini project ideas

Smart cities rely on the use of advanced infrastructure and technology to provide efficient solutions. With the increasing Smart India initiatives in the country, it is very clear that we are moving towards the future of a smart country. Innovations are introduced every day to make lives easier and to optimize the use of existing resources to make sure they don’t go scarce. You can learn more about such innovations by working on mini-projects. Some of the smart city based mini-projects are:

1.Home Automation using IoT

Smart homes are in great demand these days. They are designed with the help of IoT to allow a person to control devices like vacuum cleaners, lights, fans, etc from his phone. This smart city project will give you hands-on experience in one such home automation system. It will let you control the lights using an Android Application from your phone. It will also help you learn about Bluetooth communication, the concepts, and applications of IoT and Arduino programming. 

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2.Smart Weather Monitoring System

This smart city project will allow you to create a Smart Weather Monitoring Device using DHT sensors and Raspberry Pi. It will use cloud computing for data analysis. This smart city project can be used to stream the weather details and further you can program it to send email notifications for any unusual changes. It will help you understand about IoT concepts and how to implement it for data analysis. 

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3.Smart Irrigation System

This smart city project will teach you how IoT is implemented in agriculture. In this project, you will use a soil moisture sensor, Arduino, DC pump, etc. to create a smart irrigation system. The system will detect the soil moisture level and automatically pumps the water if needed. It will give you the chance to program your system to handle the storage and analysis of data. By working on the project, you will learn about calibration of sensors, Virtuino app development, and Arduino programming. 

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4.Smart Building using IoT

With a lot of focus on automation and efficiency in modern buildings, this smart city project will give you some experience in that line. It will allow you to create a system which controls the lights of a meeting room based on its occupancy with the help of the PIR sensor. You can also collect the data from these sensors for collecting information about power consumption. You will also learn about the integration of cloud platform, calibration of PIR sensors, and Arduino programming. 

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5.Smart Energy Meter using GSM

To make efficient systems, a lot of focus is paid towards energy monitoring. This smart city project will allow you to create on such energy monitoring system using GSM technology which will track the usage of power and notifies the user. This system also uses the acquired data for analysis and effective decision making towards a more efficient system. This project will give you hands-on experience in GSM technology with learning opportunities in Arduino programming, electrical loads and their measurements. 

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Apart from these topics, there are a couple of different projects that you can allude to:

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Best Smart City Based Mini Project Ideas (Videos Included)
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