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Top 14 Smart City Based Major Projects (Videos Included)


A smart city is a region that utilizes Information and Communication technologies to boost organizational efficacy, share information with the public and improve the quality of public services as well as the safety of residents. This uses different forms of IoT sensors to gather and then use information gained from that knowledge to effectively control properties, resources, and services.

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Irrigation System

3. Smart Building using IoT

4. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

5. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

6. Automatic Solar Tracker

7. IoT using Arduino

8. GPS & GSM based Tracker

9. Smart Water Monitoring

10. Automated Street Lighting

11. Automated Railway Crossing

12. Smart Traffic Lighting System

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Smart city concept

To maximize the effectiveness of urban operations and services and to connect with citizens, the concept Smart city integrates Information technology and communications (ICT) and various physical devices associated with the internet of things network. The idea of promoting the Use of Information Communication Technology to change the environment for life and work in the area. This helps to boost municipal resources efficiency, efficacy, interactivity, reduce costs and resource consumption and increase public-government interaction. Smart cities have brought about major technology, economic and environmental changes, including global climate change, economic restructuring, online retail, and entertainment transition, aging populations, urban population growth, and public finance pressures. Smart urban applications are designed to manage urban flows and to enable real-time solutions Another common platform in smart city contexts is electronic cards (so-called smart cards). These cards have a unique encoded identifier allowing the owner to log in to a range of services (or e-services) provided by the government without multiple accounts. The universal identification allows states to collect information regarding residents and their desires to improve service provision and recognize the group's common interests.

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Smart city features

  1. Better Infrastructure

The image of an area of great infrastructure with high buildings, lovely bridges across the river and lights all over the night gives you a short picture of a city. It gives us an overview of a lot of other factors about a city, including the economic conditions, type of people and living standards within a city. Smarting Cities can strengthen and develop their infrastructure and services by using technologies, information, and data.

  1. Better Security

It will monitor the city crimes by the use of video surveillance, criminal activity and take drastic protective measures to protect women, children, and elderly people.

  1. Sustainable Environment

The construction and improvement of parks, playfields and recreation facilities would reduce public hearing impacts. Living spaces are designed for and to boost the standard of living for the growing population.

  1. Better Health and Education

The smart city offers access to resources such as water and electricity. It offers affordable homes, ensures quality education with smart learning and health care with new technologies that increase the probability of living of the people.

  1. Better Public Transportation

Improving transit connectivity and creative solutions such as smart parking, traffic maintenance, and advanced modal transport. Smart cities will be friendlier for tourists and bikers at shorter and cycling intervals with essential municipal facilities.

  1. Smart Waste Management

An intelligent waste management network approach is a basic requirement for a safe and accessible environment such as smart bins and the smart city concept aims for its best in this sector management.

  1. Smart Resource Management

By reducing waste generation and also employing a careful consumption of natural resources, infrastructure will be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  1. Good Digital Governance

Further government services will be rendered and available to people. Services will be offered online and will provide the public with greater accountability, transparency, and participation. E-group creation would allow citizens to express their views and to receive feedback, tracking programs and activities through cyber tour operations.

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Latest projects on Smart City

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Smart city based major projects for engineering students

1. Home Automation using IoT


Home Automation is one such sector that is greatly influenced by IoT (Internet of Things). Each machine can automatically monitor each space and light in the near future. In this project, you will use IoT to develop a home automation system and build a great understanding of this area.

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2. IoT using Raspberry pi


The need for expertise in this field is very strong with progressively connected devices to the internet. You can only know IoT by building projects–connect the sensors and actuators, create the network and capture and evaluate sensors and data. You can learn the most common Raspberry Pi board in this smart city major project to build IoT applications.

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3. Smart Irrigation system


This smart city project allows you to consider how IoT can be applied in fields such as forestry and irrigation. Wi-Fi module ESP-8266 and an Arduino Board will be used and this device can detect the moisture level of the soil that can actually help in controlling the flow of water and water requirements using DC pump.

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4. Smart Building using IoT


Both modern buildings must rely strongly on robotics and effective IoT energy usage. Having experience in such ventures can boost your expertise and increase the chances of a good IoT job. you'll be able to use the sensor or actuator, set up the network and collect and analyze data that are sent from the sensors. The project you create will detect the number of people in the meeting room utilizing PIR sensors and turning lights on and off depending on the occupancy automatically.

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5. Smart Energy Meter using GSM


In this major project, you can build a device that monitors the electricity usage and send updates via SMS to your mobile device.

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6. Home Automation system


Build a device that can control all the home appliances wirelessly via Bluetooth using an 8051 microcontroller.

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7. Solar and Smart Energy systems


You will design a solar battery charging system with solar panels and create a smart prototype to track the traffic signal on the road depending on the speed of your car. You can also fuel the traffic system with a solar charger.

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8. Automatic solar tracker


An integrated solar tracking device will be built that can align itself in the direction of collecting the maximum intensity of sunlight.

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9. IoT using Arduino


A weather monitoring system based on IoT will be created that streams temperature and humidity data to the users in remote locations through the internet. The computer can be programmed to say when the temperature reaches a specified level, the system sends an email notification automatically.

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10. GPS and GSM based Tracker


You will create a GPS and GSM based tracker using Arduino that can check your cell phone and computer on the Google Maps location. You will learn about the role of GPS systems, antennas, GSM modules, and cell connectivity during the construction of your project.

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11. Smart Water Monitoring system


You will build a Smart Water Surveillance System IoT-based that can sense water flow and monitor for a certain period of time the volume of water that passes through the pipes. The data is then transferred to the cloud for processing.

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12. Automated Street Lighting


In this smart city project, you will build an IoT powered Automated Street Lighting System which turns on and off-street light automatically, according to the amount of the sun. This is one of the most important components of intelligent communities where electricity is very effective to turn on and off the streetlights at the right time. For retrieval and review, the data are sent to the cloud.

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13. Automated Railway crossing


To understand the true implementation of embedded systems, you will make the automatic railway crossing layout.

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14. Smart Traffic Lighting system


With this major smart city project, you can learn how to build a prototype of an intelligent traffic lighting system which can monitor traffic signals autonomously using the real-time vehicle data.

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Top 14 Smart City Based Major Projects (Videos Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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