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Innovative Smart City Projects for Enginnering Students


The Amazon is charred in a fire, the Maldives is sinking, our oceans are turning into dump-spots, the ice caps are profusely melting, and we’re feeding and strangling our marine life with plastic, something we once found useful. Looks like we turned out to be more of problem creators and less of responsibility takers. And that is why we need to up-skill our minds and the minds of tomorrow. With the rise in population and drastic fall of resources, we ought to improvise our methods and adapt to changes in technology as well as the changes caused due to technology-a marvel finely invented by man that has made our lives so suitable that we are dwelling at ease now but are lacking the knack to deal with crucial circumstances in the coming future. In the next 50 years, around 10 billion people will lack resources for survival, the high rise in sea level and extreme radiations from the sun will majorly affect our ecosystem and its habitat.

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Irrigation System

3. Smart Building using IoT

4. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

5. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

6. Automatic Solar Tracker

7. IoT using Arduino

8. GPS & GSM based Tracker

9. Smart Water Monitoring

10. Automated Street Lighting

11. Automated Railway Crossing

12. Smart Traffic Lighting System

Keeping all these points and predictions, our current engineers are our only hope to bring about a positive change. Engineers will have to be problem solvers rather than problem creators. One of the most significant roles that need to be played by an engineer is that he/she must come up with ideas to optimize the utility of the current resources we have in order to protect our ecosystem as well the coming generation.

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What is the solution?

One of the prime methods to overcome the problems faced today is nothing but a ‘Smart City Innovation’. And that is why engineers, as well as learners, have various and ultimate methods and ideas to share among peers so that the best idea may be implemented.

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Latest projects on Smart City

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What is a smart city?

What is a smart city?

A ‘Smart’ City is nothing but implementing smart solutions to a sustainable decent quality living for inhabitants in the city. By the usage of the word ‘smart’ we mean benefiting our lives by application of information and communications technologies (ICT’s) and usage of the Internet of things or for short, IoT. The idea of coming up with the smart city concept is to enhance the quality of engineers who will be doing the math and thinking to serve the community properly in terms of management, transport, homes, industries, hospitals and so on. This concept once implemented can be cost-saving and can also increase the economy, thereby catering to necessities and reserving our resources.

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Innovative smart city projects for engineering students

We at Skyfi Labs have assorted a few of the best innovative projects to give budding engineers a warm up on the concept of Smart City set up:

1. Home automation using IoT

Home automation is one of the most idealized and focused area when it comes to develop a smart city. Completely impacted by the Internet of Things, home automation is the new era to an advanced and luxurious yet cost-efficient living. By just a few commands and controls over an android app on your phone or computer, one can easily handle the gadgets and technical systems in their homes at their own pace.

By building this project you will learn to build an electronic device that controls your home appliances over Bluetooth. As and when you master your skill in this course, you will get to know about how your project worked using Bluetooth communication, how the IoT has been implemented in the making of your device, and how and where the Arduino structure & programming concept has been successfully implemented.

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2. Smart water monitoring system

There has been a constant urge to save water and not pollute or waste it. With only 3% of the earth’s entire water availability being potable, it is these smart projects that are stepping stones to a major breakthrough via IoT. A project that is simple to construct and easy to understand, one can make use of this smart concept to evaluate and monitor the usage of water hence optimize its consumption.

What this course will help you learn is a general purpose and use of a water sensor which senses the water when flowing through pipes, and how these sensors will notify the systems whenever there is any leakage. You will also study how the data of water flow gets stored in the cloud and then sent for processing the analytics, and how this data stored is helpful in the future, thereby minimizing its further wastage.

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3. Smart building using IoT

You may have unattended the light switches and left them switched ON before leaving your home and you realize this when you’ve been heavily charged in your electricity bill. The smart lighting system using IoT helps you deal with this kind of situation. This project will help you study how PIR sensors work based on habitation at a particular period of time, be it in the dining hall or your workplace. You will also know how the usage of these sensors along with IoT calibration and cloud will help you determine the usage of electricity and analyze the data stored in the cloud platform which can tell how much power has been consumed.

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4. Automated street lighting

There has been a common instance where we have noticed street lights in our very own locality that has been left switched ON even during the day. This holds for power wastage due to a lack of automation being implemented. That is why we have LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) sensors that are highly considered to fix this problem. By making use of these sensors, we receive values transmitted by them that are light intensive. On processing these values via the micro-controller, the LDR’s switch ON and OFF the street lights based on the intensity of sunlight. This helps save up a lot of power that would’ve possibly been wasted if handled manually.

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5. Smart irrigation system

The world of inhabitants is growing at an increasingly quicker rate, which means our farmlands will have to give more produce for survival. These days we have come across techniques like vertical gardening, rooftop farming and so on, and it surely has been doing well in terms of meeting the fast pace in today’s technology. However, we need to keep upgrading our systems and methods in order to provide large outcomes. That is why we have IoT based smart systems in the agricultural sector that will help our farmers give out more productivity and making their work easier. Using IoT based sensors in your project that senses soil moisture in the soil helps the user understand the absorbing capacity of the soil and its texture. When the soil-moisture crosses below its threshold value that has been initially set, an indication is sent through micro-controllers which will in turn supply water to the field. This saves up on a lot of water that could be unnecessarily wasted. The data collected will be stored in the cloud for future references, thus making it very systematic in tracking down agricultural information.

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Apart from these projects, you can also refer to:

  1. IoT using Arduino
  2. Smart water monitoring
  3. GPS & GSM based tracker
  4. Automated Railway crossing
  5. Smart Traffic Lighting system
  6. Solar & Smart energy systems
  7. Automatic solar tracker
  8. Smart energy meter using GSM

So, these were a few ideal and important projects that today’s engineers can work on and build up a strong resume and also a strong & sustainable future.

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If you have any good smart city project ideas let us know in the comments.

Innovative Smart City Projects for Enginnering Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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