Simple Arduino projects for beginners

In this blog, we will discuss things like what is Arduino, why is it used, where it is used, etc. and we have answered many more questions in this blog. Stick with the blog till last to get good Arduino project ideas for the beginners.

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Technology is increasing along with that new instruments are also introduced into the market. Even today’s education system is more into a practical one than a traditional theoretical one, we can also see that education today is more of a multidisciplinary one where students of different streams are doing projects which are not related to their relevant core streams.

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For all the above scenarios, it is must and should to develop a model of the project they are working on because for making the projects successful there is a need for developing a working model of the project. For doing this, we need an equally scalable microcontroller or microprocessor for the working of the project. This is where we search for all available microprocessor boards on google. Some of them are Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.

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For beginners, we consider Arduino boards for easy working and it is also relatively cheap when compared to the other available boards. It is also very easy to work with the Arduino boards. These boards are mainly used for building the prototypes of the projects and also for building robots, 3d printer, Automation systems etc. there are different boards like Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA, Arduino Lily pad etc. which are used for a different range of projects.

Best Arduino Projects

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Understanding Arduino will be simple when you performing simple projects on Arduino. You can learn more about technology by performing projects i.e. learning practically. Here are some simple projects beginners can perform with ease.

1. IoT using Arduino


This Arduino project will help you to learn how to build a simple project which will sense the temperature of a remote place and upload it to the cloud and you can view the temperature and humidity of that place from any place on the globe. You will learn how to connect and interface with the DHT11 sensor and Wi-Fi module to the Arduino and basic embedded C programming while developing this Arduino project.

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2. Sensor Guided Robotics


This Arduino based robotics project will guide you in building 3 different robots. They are line follower, Obstacle avoider and obstacle follower. You will build a robot and interface its sensors and motor driver to the Arduino UNO board. By this Arduino project, you will experience the building of a semi-autonomous robot.

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3. Smart Water Monitoring


In this Arduino project, you will build a setup which will help you in monitoring the flow of the water through the pipe. You will also learn the basics of the IoT and upload the sensor data to the cloud and also can view the data from anywhere on the globe. You will use the water flow sensor, Wi-Fi module and Arduino UNO for building this Smart water monitoring project.

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4. Automated Street Lighting


In this Arduino project, you will learn to build a real-time project which is used in the highways for automatically turning on the lights. You will use an LDR sensor, Arduino UNO to make this project. You will make the project that will automatically turn on itself in the absence of the sunlight and vice versa.

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5. Biometric Authentication


In this Arduino project, you will build a prototype of biometric authentication device which are used in the corporate office, factories etc. you will use a biometric sensor and Arduino UNO for developing this project.

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6. Smart Traffic Management System


In this Arduino project, you will develop a prototype of a smart traffic management system which will turn on and off based on the density of the traffic in the road. This will be very much helpful in the metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. You will use Arduino and IR sensor to develop this project.

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7. Automatic Solar Tracker


In this Arduino project, you will interface an LDR sensor and a solar panel with the Arduino UNO and you will make the solar panel to turn towards the location of the sun. It senses the light and rotates towards therefore increasing the efficiency of the electricity produced from the solar panel.

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8. Health Monitoring Glove


In this Arduino project, you will develop a system which will detect the pulse of the individual who is using it. For this, you will use an Arduino Lily pad which differs from the Arduino UNO board.

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9.Smart Irrigation System


In this Arduino project, you will develop a system which will automatically start the water pump of the moisture of the soil is below a pre-defined threshold and will stop the pump once it reaches the limit of the soil moisture. You will use a moisture sensor and DC pump to develop this project.

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Why do we use only Arduino?

Arduino is widely used for performing the projects and doing prototypes because of the following reasons:

  • It is Open Source
  • Easily Programmable
  • Cheap
  • Easily available
  • Multi-platform supported

Even the software of the Arduino IDE is open and allowing the students to widen their knowledge by performing the projects on it. They are also having a forum for Arduino where you can post your doubts and get answered by the experienced people.

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What is the use of doing these projects??

By performing these projects, you will learn new upcoming technologies and also you will learn the existing technologies practically. This will help you in remembering them easily and also gain a practical exposure to them which will help you definitely in the interviews. If you get certificated by performing these courses, then it is an added advantage for you in interviews and also in applying for the higher educations.

I think I have given enough information about the Arduino and the projects using the Arduino. Keenly interested people can use the above ideas and perform the projects and improve the practical knowledge present within them.

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Simple Arduino projects for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-02-06

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