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Build a Balance Scale - STEM project

We all are sitting idly at home due to this pandemic. All schools and colleges are closed from March, but your toddler should not stop learning. Let him make something of his own. Like making a balance scale or a coding a LEGO maze. These STEM projects for kids will need parental supervision.


This project is very simple but will make you child understand science better. In this project, your child will make his own balance scale, which is very easy. Your child will understand a bit of gravitation (obviously parents need to make them understand by giving small real-life examples). They will also understand the measurements.

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Things You Will Need: 

  1. You need to have weights that weigh 40 pounds! You can use those fat books if you have nothing that weighs 40 pounds
  2. Weigh using a machine how many books will weigh 40 pounds.
  3. A Ruler to make the balance scale.
  4. You need something to balance it on. You can put a rock under the scale.

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  1. Put the scale on the rock to have support. The rock should a large surface area, that will help the ruler to balance it.
  2. If your rock is of 12cm width, you should put your scale on 6cm. That means you should put the scale in the middle of the rock.
  3. Once you have balanced the scale and those 40 pounds, collect some more items that weigh 1 pound.
  4. You can check the weight of the item on the box if you are confused.
  5. Place some items on one side of the stick or the ruler and put other items on the other side. You should put heavier items on one side and light weighed items on the other side to understand this project better.
  6. When you will put the heavy item on one side, the other side of the balance scale will go up. When you will put another item there, you will be able to see the magic of your own balance scale. 
  7. Now bring all 40-pound books. 
  8. Now as you have made you own weighing scale it is easier to weigh anything at home. Place anything that you need to weigh and you will get the desired result.
  9. Now let your child show it to others and let him describe them how the machine works. This will help your child understand the objective of the project more clearly. 
  10. Ask your child to tell you which item is heavier and also ask him why one side of the weighing scale goes up, on the other hand, another side goes down.


This was a fun and 10 minutes DIY balance scale that your toddler of 3-4 years age can understand. Encourage them to make more activities that will help them to understand science better. 

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Build a Balance Scale - STEM project
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