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Sticky Note number matching

Does your child hate doing maths? Or you want to teach your child some maths? But maths doesn’t need to be boring. You don’t always need a worksheet and a chart of tables to teach your child maths. You can simply create a sticky note that matches a certain number. Let us see how to make maths interesting for your toddler. As the pandemic has made an impact on schooling that doesn’t mean your baby should stop learning new skills. Make this easy and safe STEM project for your kids. Sticky Note Number Match is a fun activity as well as makes your child stand ahead of everyone.


Children want to play, but learning is an essential part of a toddler. You can simply make a sticky note that will help your son to learn math in a fun way. This project will help your child to understand numerical value better. As toddlers love finding things around the house they will find it very interesting to find the stickies hidden inside your house. 

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What You Need:

  1. Post-it notes or sticky notes whichever is available 
  2. Colourful marker
  3. Tape or any adhesive
  4. White art paper or project paper whichever you like

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  1. Roll out your chart paper and draw dots all over it. You should draw the number of dots and not regular dots. For example - draw 9 dots for 9, draw 7 dots for 7 like this.
  2. Pick out your sticky papers and write numbers all over it.
  3. Hide these numbered sticky papers all over your house wherever it is possible for your child to reach or the corner of your house or the garden where your child plays. So it will be easier for him to see the papers.
  4. Now the goal is your child has to match the number dots with the sticky papers. He has to count the dots on the art paper and find the number written on the sticky notes.

What does your child learn?

Your child will understand numerals. This project will break the stigma that math is boring and static. 


STEM projects like this keep your little ones busy and will also help them to learn something with interesting activities. The project implementations, like cutting tapes, marking the number dots and the numerals have to be done by the parents. Education should always be fun and enjoyable for your little one. This project is safe for your kids too. Keep your child moving. Hide the stickies carefully so that your child finds it interesting as well as not so difficult to get those. As we all know, moving is an essential part of learning. 

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Sticky Note number matching
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