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Cloud in a Jar STEM activity for kids

STEM is a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In this STEM activity for kids, we are going to make a cloud in a jar. This STEM project helps kids to understand how it is raining. Kids are always excited to do practical experiments thus this experiment will definitely make kids interested in STEM. Also, experiments are one of the best ways to teach STEM for kids. 

Clouds are formed due to the freezing or condensation of water vapor. So What is condensation? It is the process of transformation of gas into a liquid. When water vapor or steam cools down, it changes into a liquid.

For example, when you keep a cold water bottle outside you can see droplets around the bottle. This happens due to the condensation of the air when it touches the surface of the water bottle. Similarly, clouds also form in the same way when it gets condensed on the particles in the atmosphere.

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Below are the components required to build this project:

  • Warm water
  • Transparent container
  • Ice
  • Metal tray
  • Stirrer
  • Match stick

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Steps involved to make a cloud in a jar:

  1. Create the vapor: Take a jar and fill the warm water and stir well. The vapor is formed with the help of warm water where the vapor forms due to the process called evaporation. It is the process of transforming liquid into vapor. Water vapor will not be visible because it is an invisible gas. 
  1. Create Smoke particles: Light a match stick and blow it off then drop it inside the jar and close it (Kindly take an adult help to perform this task). This is done to condense the water vapor on the particles of the smoke. 
  1. Cool the jar: With the help of a metal tray and ice cool the jar. Place the metal tray on top of the jar and wait for some time. This will cool the water vapor inside the jar and condenses it. 
  1. Formation of the cloud: Now you can observe a misty cloud that will form near the top of the jar. The vapor from the warm water is mixed with the smoke particles and when it reaches the top surface it is cooled by the tray. When it is condensed properly the cloud appears. 
  1. Release the cloud: When you open the jar the formed cloud will disappear this is because the cloud warms up again and turns into water vapor.

The same process happens in our environment and the cloud is formed. Here the water vapor condensed on smoke particles. But in nature, the particles may be dust, pollution, etc. The evaporated water condenses in the particles to form a cloud. Since the temperature at higher altitudes is low the water is condensed. These formed clouds may later produce rain or snow. 

Creating a cloud in a jar is definitely an easy way to demonstrate how it rains, This STEM project is an hands-on visual experiment for kids to understand the principles behind raining and cloud formation. 

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Cloud in a Jar STEM activity for kids
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