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Magnetic Slime - STEM Project for Kids

There is a chance that you may be played with magnets and slime many times individually. But I bet you haven’t done both at the same time. This STEM project will teach you how to create a magnetic slime. You can build this as your science fair or STEM project to grab all your attention towards yours. At the end of this project, You should have mastered to develop a perfect magnetic slime recipe. Below are the materials required to develop the magnetic slime project:

  • Liquid starch
  • Iron oxide powder
  • Bowl for mixing the components
  • Glue 
  • Spoons for stirring
  • Neodymium magnet - Normal magnet will not have the power to attract the material
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What can magnetic slime do?

It is really fun to play with magnetic slime. You can stretch or squish it. You can play around with it using the magnet. If you hold it up, it stretches down to the ground in a long strand. This will be a fun project for kids where they can do it as a team or individual. Kids will get excited by watching the liquid move without touching it. You can also place the magnet on top of the slime and watch it slowly swallowing. 

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How to make magnetic slime?

Follow the below steps to make magnetic slime

Step 1 - Take the bowl and empty the glue into it. Add water into the glue bottle and shake it well to recover all the glue. 

Step 2 - Take another vessel filled with water and add a little number of iron filings and stir well using a spoon.

Step 3 - Now add the iron oxide powder to the bowl and mix it with glue. Stir well for 2 minutes.

Step 4 - After mixing properly it will look solid black. 

Step 5 - Now add the liquid starch to the mixture. Stir well. As soon as you begin to mix, glue and starch will react and form a slime-like structure. 

Step 6 - Work the slime with your hands to make a proper structure.

Some useful tips

  • If your slime is too stringy add a little more glue and knead. If it is too stringy knead it with a little more starch.
  • If the slime is not moving or responding then the problem is with the magnet, don't use the normal magnet. Use neodymium magnets which are one of the strongest.

What is the science behind magnetic slime

Iron oxide or iron filings mixed with the slime makes it magnetic. Elements like Cobalt, Iron, and nickel are materials that get magnetic at room temperature. Starch and glue make the slim-like condition. 

When a strong magnet is placed over the slime the iron filings are attracted but it is firmly mixed with the slime this results in the weird stretchy structure.

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Magnetic Slime - STEM Project for Kids
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