What are the applications of IoT?

Here are some of the important applications of IoT which the industries prefer:

Consumer Convenience:

This is one of the industries that is using IoT efficiently to provide better user experience. Through this, our daily tasks like controlling home appliances, unlocking doors, finding the keys, clearing the dustbins, refilling the refrigerator can be automated. All these operations are automated with the help of sensors and intelligent software. Usage of such smart IoT devices will allow you to stop worrying about house hold chores and spend more time enjoying your alone time at home.

Smart Energy and Resource Savings:

With the urbanization on the rise, we are being advised to spend less electricity, water, resources etc. But it is not very easy to adapt to efficient processes immediately as our old habits die hard. An intelligent solution to this is to implement IoT technology. With the help of IoT devices we will be able to track the usage of resources real-time and automate the processes to reduce consumption. These processes can vary from automatic turning ON/OFF of lights, stopping water leakage, automatic temperature adjustment based on number of occupants etc.

IoT Enterprises:

IoT technology has lot to offer for industries and business firms too. With the help of smart and connected technologies, industries are able to automate a lot of process that results in better productivity and increased operational efficiency. IoT technology greatly helps industries in manufacturing processes, supply chain managements, customer/user engagement, performance tracking etc.

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