What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things in short IoT, is a trending technological field that converts any electronic device into a smarter one. A lot of industries are beginning to adopt this technology in their operations to increase their productivity and improve efficiency.

Even the simplest electronics devices are being made smarter by integrating them with IoT. Since IoT enables the data transfer to the cloud, the technology provides valuable insights to make the devices more efficient and productive.

Internet of Things is slowly penetrating into all of our day-to-day devices and transforming them into smarter devices. It is predicted that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to become a trillion-dollar market by 2020 and an estimated of 2 billion devices are to be connected to the internet via IoT by that time.

What are the benefits of IoT?

As IoT's applications are endless, they can be integrated into almost all the electronic devices. It facilitates the connection between the device and user through the internet and provides them with the data which can be accessed from a remote location, facilitating very less or no human interaction with the systems.

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