What are the latest IoT based electronic gadgets?

What are the latest IoT based electronic gadgets?

Here is a sneak-peak about the latest IoT based electronic gadgets which you can own and make your life smarter

August Smart Lock: If you are having hard time remembering whether you had locked your door or not? Then, this device will come in handy for you. The device can tell you the status of your lock using an IoT App. And it also can provide key codes to your friends and family if you are unavailable at that time. Plus, it supports auto lock feature which gets activated once you leave the house. Super cool isn’t it?

Tile: Today, the number of things (keys, phones to laptops) that we carry to our work routine had increased. And most of us go into panic mode checking whether everything is in the right place or not. Tile can help you intelligently in this using IoT. It is so small that you can have it as your key chain. Which means you can embed this to your laptop, mobile, wallet etc. and have real-time tracking with the help of IoT based mobile application. You can also loudly ring a lost item and find it by sound.

GreenIQ: Love to farm and harvest vegetables in your backyard? Then, GreenIQ is a must have device for you. This electronic device can sense the weather & soil conditions and irrigate the field using IoT. It will not only help you to save water but notifies the status of crops, harvesting schedule, environment conditions etc.

Keen Home: If you are on the lookout for the best home automation device, your search ends with this device. Keen Home can facilitate room-by-room control for temperature, smart devices, lightings, ventilations etc. And you can monitor this using your mobile phone itself from anywhere on earth, using an IoT based mobile application.

Neurio: Raise your hands, if you always had to tackle with charging various electronic devices that you use daily. Neurio can provide you with an efficient solution for this. The device monitors the energy consumption of all the devices that you use and notify you real-time with the IoT based mobile application. This will also provide you with valuable insights about the smart devices that you use in day to day routine.

Ecobee: You might have heard about the Amazon Alexa and its varied applications. Ecobee is a similar device that has built-in Alexa voice and can be controlled with your voice. You can use this gadget to set a timer, hear latest news, get score updates, adjust temperature and lot more by giving voice commands. It also comes with an IoT App, with which you can check the home environment conditions.

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