What is a IoT based Project?

IoT, the Internet of Things is transforming the way we live our lives. From homes, offices, streets to cities, everything is being transformed to become smarter. Even the simplest electronics devices are being made smarter by integrating them with IoT. Since IoT enables the data transfer to the cloud, the technology provides valuable insights to make the devices more efficient and productive.

In short, IoT is an integrated technology that offers a platform where large amounts of data collected from various resources can be stored and analyzed. This is highly important for industries to implement in their operations as it greatly assists them to make the right and efficient decisions.

What are the components of IoT?

IoT technology requires a microcontroller to process the data, WiFi integration to send data to the cloud, and actuators to control operations. The data collected and sent will be stored in the cloud platform for later analysis. This data can be accessed by any user from any part of the world to get valuable insights.

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